Brother Helps Marbella Russian Culture Week

Among the events of Marbella Russian Culture Week, the most charming and memorable is the ‘Flower Ball’ (Flower Ball). This party has been held every year since 2010. Hundreds of high-class Russians were invited to participate.

   Different from previous years, with the support of Baodi, this year’s party hosted a unique fashion show. Models appeared on the catwalk in fancy flowers, all designed and produced by Russia’s top designers and flower experts.

   Breguet also invited more than 30 VIP VIPs from Russia to visit the Puerto Banus boutique and showed them the latest inventions of the brand. One of them is the Magnetic Pivot, a patented invention of Breguet, and the key to tame the magnetics of the Classique Chronométrie series.

“The Year Of Er Li” China Shenzhen Watch & Clock Exhibition

What should the Chinese watch fair be like? Watch enthusiasts who are concerned about the watch industry may know SIHH Geneva International Watch Fair, BASEL Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. What you may not know is that China also has its own international watch exhibition. Recently, the 30th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair was held in Shenzhen as scheduled. Today, the Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair and the ‘Year of Era’, the Watch House has also been to Shenzhen for many years and participated in the feast of Chinese watches and clocks in this hot land. What exactly do we Chinese watch exhibitions look like? Then look down.

Inside Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Exhibition Hall

The 30th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

   The full name is China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF), which is the largest professional watch and jewelry exhibition in Mainland China. It was founded in 1988 and has been held for 30 consecutive years. It is well-known for its comprehensive, organizational specialization and internationalization.

The 30th Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair will be held from 6.20-6.23

   Since 2010, the China Watch Association and Shenzhen Watch Industry Association have reached a consensus. The China (Beijing) International Watch Exhibition and the China (Shenzhen) International Watch Exhibition are integrated into one, fully integrating domestic and overseas resources, and perfectly interpreting China’s only domestic market. International large-scale professional watch exhibition and international watch fashion trading platform.

The opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Watch Fair

Visitors to the exhibition

    The Chinese have not formally entered the modern watch industry for a long time. In this century-long history, we are more drawn from Western watchmaking culture and can be used for our watch skills. But until now, Swiss watchmaking has occupied the top spot in fine watchmaking. Our Chinese local brands are still following the people-friendly route. From the perspective of positioning and route, Chinese watchmaking and Swiss watchmaking are fundamentally different.

 Young people visiting watch exhibitions this year show an upward trend

Consumers who watch watches carefully at the Porsche booth

   What is the difference between the ‘thirties’ Shenzhen watch exhibition and the ‘twenties’ Shenzhen watch exhibition? ‘Rejuvenation’, ‘Product refinement’ and ‘Facing pain points’ are the biggest differences in my experience this time.

I. Rejuvenation
  In fact, the rising trend of young consumer groups in luxury and high-end consumption did not start in the past two years. Some research studies show that the consumption power of the younger generation in China is catching up with the ‘post-60s’ and ‘post-70s’, but this is only the result of data display and survey research. We are more likely to be middle-aged in the watch market People-oriented group. At this year’s Shenzhen Watch Fair, there were significantly more young faces coming to watch the show.

Young people outside the Fiyta booth

Young girls in front of the Dickies booth

   What attracted these fresh faces? Of course, fun, novel, and youthful products can attract these young people here.

Venue layout of Marvel elements

Hello Kitty is more attractive to girls with a girly heart

     In the layout of the pavilion, Fiyta’s aviation theme this year has made a good fusion with the flying murals in Dunhuang, China. It is also more lively and younger than the previous arrangement.

Aviation Elements in the Fiyta Pavilion

The flying pigeons representing the brand culture have also joined the aviation element design

   In addition to the youthfulness of the venue layout, the products launched by the brand also cater more to the aesthetics of young people. Including more ostentatious design, practical performance and price that is more acceptable to young people.

The design of ROMAGO is mainly based on the square case and large-diameter design.

The design of Fiyta aviation watches is inspired by aviation

Beijing Watch launched a replica military watch this year, priced at 1,980 yuan

Women’s Watches

Conceptual female watch from Porsche
    Rejuvenating and focusing on the female market is a key point in this year’s national watch trend. The prices of these watches are relatively close to the people. This is one of the reasons why it is more attractive to young people.
Second, the product is more detailed
   The term product refinement is also very well understood. I have been to foreign watch and clock exhibitions, because most of them are mainly mechanical watches, so in the product details, we have done a better job in China. At the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, you can not only see brand pavilions of different styles and positioning, you can also see showcases of accessories such as mechanical movements, watch bands, mirrors and so on.

Smart wearable products have also become a highlight of the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair

Miota movement exclusively for Citizen

   If the main venue is the “battlefield” of the mainstream domestic watch brands, then the watch accessories of the subsidiary hall will become more attractive to consumers and investors interested in the accessory market. Due to its unique geographical environment and political policies, Shenzhen’s handicraft manufacturing industry is more developed than other regions in China.

Exhibitors introduce their products to consumers

Targeted and selective watch exhibitions are also the choice of many people

This year’s main push for women’s watch series

    In terms of product refinement and direction refinement, Shenzhen Watch Fair’s performance is impressive. Regardless of the concept of the brand or the planning of the watch exhibition itself, these exhibitors and consumers, as well as those who visit the watch exhibition, have provided relatively great convenience. This allows us to find what we are looking for in the exhibition more quickly and easily.
Facing pain points
   This is the most profound point I felt at this exhibition. The ‘pain point’ euphemistic expression is to face our shortcomings. First of all, there must be a congenital deficiency in the Chinese watch industry. Our history of entering the modern watch industry is still too young compared to Western countries. Advanced watchmaking technology and professional watchmaking talents lag far behind abroad. These are the places we still need to improve and chase, and at this exhibition, I heard a neutral, fair and free voice.

Shenzhen Clock and Watch Fair held forum activities on different topics

Independent watchmakers also set up a special display area at the watch exhibition

30th Anniversary Celebration

   Among the forum speakers on these different topics, the president of the Watch Association, the pioneer of the wearable device industry, and the media people freely expressed their opinions. Regarding the development of Chinese watches and clocks, the person in charge of the Watch and Clock Association told us that in addition to ‘watches’, we have greater advantages in ‘clocks’ and the potential for development may be broader; when it comes to wearable devices, this is not entirely In the area of ​​horology, industry pioneers said that maybe everyone on the road in the future will wear smart products that bring them convenience …

The venue center also has a live broadcast room

   Facing the pain points and speaking for the present and future of Chinese watches and clocks, instead of ‘smugly complacent’ with some small achievements, this made me see the hope of Chinese watches and clocks. More and more people are paying attention to Chinese watches and clocks precisely because we are beginning to realize the shortcomings, constantly improve, and constantly optimize our products and mechanisms.

Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair with full media coverage and live broadcast

   In the past, when people talked about national watches, many people might talk about ‘feelings’. This is also a point I once made. At the time, I simply thought that the development of national watches only left ‘feelings.’ But today, at the Shenzhen Watch Fair, which I was standing, I saw a lot of things beyond feelings. I saw the possibility, hope, and future. This is the result of the joint efforts of Chinese watchmakers. Maybe we started late, but I am proud to say that we are working hard and we will move towards a better tomorrow.

Extreme Art Clock Making Knowledge Introduction

More compact
 Since the design of magnificent large-scale clocks in the Middle Ages, watch technicians have continued to make every effort to reduce the mechanical structure of the clock to make it more compact. In 1929, Jaeger-LeCoultre took an important first step in this field, launching the world’s smallest movement at the time, the & mdash; & mdash; 101 movement (Figure 1). So far, this movement is still not available. Beyond, still maintains the world record for the smallest movement, and is still being produced and assembled. The movement has a total of 74 parts (currently 96 parts), 14 mm in length, 4.8 mm in width, 3.4 mm in thickness, and a volume of only 0.28 square millimeters. The volume of a standard thimble is about 1 square millimeter. You can see it. In the following years, the watchmaker challenged a new goal: to make the world’s thinnest movement! In 1955, Vacheron Constantin launched the ultra-thin movement, numbered 1003 (Figure 2), produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre, and launched a engraved version in 2010. However, the slimline re-launch this time is completely Produced by Vacheron Constantin, with a thickness of only 1.64 mm, it is the world’s thinnest manually wound movement. The world’s thinnest self-winding movement is the 12P movement (Picture 3) produced by Piaget in 1957. It is only 2.3 mm thick and has been included in the Guinness des Records. , Its gear train is almost thinner than hair.


 (Jeger-LeCoultre) The Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement is not only the smallest movement in the world, but also the lightest movement: it weighs less than 1 gram. And Richard Mille’s new model RM 027 (Figure 4) is the world’s lightest finished mechanical watch: including the strap, its total weight is less than 20 grams. The tourbillon movement is made of titanium and patented alloy LITAL & reg; which is a lithium alloy containing aluminum, copper, magnesium and zirconium, which is mainly used in the aerospace field. It is the use of high-tech lightweight materials that make large movements (30.2 X 28.8 X 7 mm) as light as wool and weigh only 3.83 grams. The case is made of composite carbon, which is light and sturdy, so the entire watch (excluding the strap) weighs only 13 grams, making the wearer feel light and comfortable!
More ambitious

 The Panerai (Panerai) Radiomir & ldquo; Egyptienne & rdquo; watch (Figure 5), designed for the Egyptian navy soldiers in the 1950s, is undoubtedly the most magnificent round watch in history. In 2009, the brand launched a re-engraved style with a matte titanium case with a diameter of 60 mm, which is equivalent to the diameter of a 33 cl can, and only a strong and powerful wrist can match it! Regardless of the timeless classic watch, looking at the ‘alien’ models that have emerged in recent years, we should firstly introduce the DeWitt WX-1 concept watch grandly launched by DeWitt in 2008 (Figure 6), its inspiration From the post-modern literary genre ‘Steampunk’ (Steampunk), the watch can be opened like a drawer. When opened, the watch has a length of 15 cm and a width of 4.9 cm. It is just like a modernist art treasure, also known by experts The ‘talking piece’ (artwork showing my own style) was very popular as soon as it was launched.

More complicated

 The most complicated function of clocks is the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 movement (Figure 7). This movement displays 33 different time-related functions with 24 hands, including Easter date display (Easter day is different every year), sunrise and sunset display, and leap year display. This movement is carried in a pocket watch with a diameter of 9 cm, a thickness of 4 cm, and a weight of 1.1 kg. Only four pocket watches are produced, which is precious and luxurious. The watch with the most complete display function should be the Hybris Mechanica & agrave; Grande Sonnerie watch (Figure 8) by Jaeger-LeCoultre (Figure 8). This watch was launched in 2009. One of the masterpieces of timing. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Trilogy masterpiece brings together 55 complications, and this watch already has 26 complications. Its Jaeger-LeCoultre 182 floating tourbillon movement, consisting of more than 1,300 parts, can provide loud or crisp ringtones at the same time; it also has a flyback perpetual calendar display with time equation. From now until 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre plans to launch 30 sets of trilogy masterpieces, each set for sale in a 1-ton safe.

More depth

 With its Hydro Challenger watch (Figure 9), Bell & Ross has become the world record holder for watch depth. This watch is filled with a transparent fluorinated oil called Hydroil & reg; which can withstand an atmospheric pressure of 1110 bar, which is 1110 kg per square centimeter. It was included in the Guinness Book in 1997. However, this feat, which can only be achieved in the hyperbaric chamber, is overshadowed by Rolex’s pioneering pioneering masterpiece. It was Rolex who invented the ‘screw-in’ crown and officially launched the first waterproof watch in 1926. Later, Rolex named this flagship series Oyster. In 1960, Rolex was determined to break the watch’s water-resistant depth record, specially created an oyster watch (Figure 10), and installed it on the deep-sea observation submersible Trieste d & rsquo; Auguste Piccard, and dived with it. The Mariana Trench reaching 10,916 meters. The watch withstood up to one ton per square centimeter of pressure, and eventually returned to the surface intact, making the industry amazing.

 From a mechanical point of view, the watch structure consists of three major parts: the power mechanism (spring barrel), the transmission mechanism (gear train) and the speed regulation mechanism (escapement). Finding the best solution for each of these institutions is exactly what the watch technicians will always deserve. For example, the latest research and development achievements in the field of escapement (composed of balance wheel, escapement fork and escape wheel) have once again greatly improved the accuracy of watches. Most existing escapement vibration frequencies are 3 Hz or 4 Hz, or even 5 Hz, which is 36,000 times per hour. Breguet is unique, making its Type XXII model (Figure 11) a vibrating frequency of up to 10 Hz, or 72,000 times per hour. The second hand advances one division every 20th of a second (almost invisible to the naked eye), and is the smallest unit of time that a mechanical movement can measure so far. TAG Heuer has taken a different approach and set about improving friction and energy consumption. The newly introduced Pendulum concept table (Figure 12) replaces traditional hairsprings with four magnets. The magnetic field formed by the magnets converts linear power into curved power of the balance wheel swing, which is unique! However, the problem that remains to be solved is the effect of temperature on magnets.

Circulating Human Space Dreams Tag Heuer Helps China’s Mars Exploration Project

On August 23, 2016, Tag Heuer Glory became a partner in the ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ event, and became the first Swiss watchmaking brand to enter space. The name and graphic logo of the Mars exploration project The global solicitation was officially launched at this press conference, while revealing the long-awaited design of China’s first Mars rover. Leaders of the competent engineering department and the two general engineers: Liu Jizhong, deputy chief engineer of the ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’, Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer of the ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’, and the president of the watchmaking department and the CEO of Tag Heuer of Raviz Group -Mr. Jean-Claude Biver attended the press conference together.

Press conference scene
 As early as 1962, Tag Heuer accompanied the American astronaut John Glien to successfully launch the “Friendship 7” spacecraft and flew around the earth for three full weeks. It was from Tiger that John Glien wore on his wrist. TAG Heuer’s 2915A chronograph.

Jean-Claude, president of the watchmaking division of Rovixuan Group and CEO of TAG Heuer
Mr. Biver)
 Regarding the Mars exploration project in China, Jean-Claude
Mr. Biver said: ‘Mars exploration is one of the most ambitious goals of humanity in conquering space. Tiger Heuer assisted this event and is a strong support for humanity’s grand space dream. Let the continuous breakthrough of Tiger Heuer and Wu The Chinese astronauts who are afraid of challenges work together to pass on the spirit of this challenge and look forward to the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration. ‘

Mr. Liu Jizhong, Deputy Chief Commander of China’s First Mars Exploration Mission and Director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center
 Liu Jizhong, deputy commander-in-chief of China’s first Mars exploration mission and director of the Lunar Exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center, said: ‘I am very happy to cooperate with the first Swiss watchmaking brand to enter space. The concept of time is indispensable for the aerospace industry. Tiger TAG Heuer’s accurate timekeeping, especially fearless and courageous in the face of challenges, is also the life tenet of Chinese astronauts. According to the plan, China will land on Mars around 2020. Although the road ahead is difficult, Chinese astronauts will be fearless The spirit of making history makes us look forward to this exciting moment together. ‘

Mr. Zhang Rongqiao, Chief Designer of ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’
 China’s first Mars exploration will achieve ‘circle, move, and patrol’ in one step, which was not the first Mars exploration mission in the United States and Russia. China’s Mars landing patrol will be separated from the orbiter shortly after orbiting Mars. This places higher requirements on the autonomy of the Mars rover after landing. The orbital design must take into account the requirements of landing and orbiting. It is also more complex, making the task more difficult. This spirit of fearlessness fits perfectly with TAG Heuer’s brand declaration # DontCrackUnderPressure # (Don’t be afraid of challenge and achieve self), and it is also an eternal power for human development and continuous progress.

Tag Heuer Glory Becomes Partner of ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ Campaign
 Unlike the moon soft landing patrol detection, the moon is about 384,000 kilometers away from the earth on average, while Mars reaches 400 million kilometers when it is farthest from the earth. Distant distances require higher data transmission speeds, which will make the future measurement and control of the Mars rover more complicated than the control of the moon rover. On the other hand, the light intensity of Mars is small and the atmosphere of Mars can reduce the sunlight. Therefore, Mars The vehicle’s energy supply is also more difficult than a lunar rover.

China’s first Mars exploration project charges hall
 Despite difficulties, China has unprecedented ambitions for its first Mars exploration scheduled for 2020. It is necessary to investigate not only the shape, soil, environment, and atmosphere of Mars, but also the water ice distribution, physical field, and internal structure on Mars. If the lunar exploration project has opened the curtain of China entering deep space exploration, Mars exploration is the completion and realization of a real deep space exploration mission.
Summary: Tag Heuer has repeatedly set precise records and exceeded the limits of watchmaking. This cooperation with ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ has once again achieved a major challenge and fulfilled the human space dream. After the press conference, I followed Tag Heuer’s visit to the Mars Exploration Project accusation hall and pilot training grounds, and felt that the Chinese astronauts were fearless and brave in the face of challenges. Finally, let us look forward to the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration.

Iwc Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch Evaluation

In 1985, the Da Vinci watch was first designed with a round case and a striking double-bezel bezel. From the present point of view, the classic design style of the 1980s is very in line with the current retro pop trend. So, in 2017, this classic style was reproduced.

 IWC’s designers reinterpret Da Vinci’s iconic round design and give it more modern colors, continuing the classic double-bezel bezel, round crown and button elements and simplifying them, such as changing the bezel Narrower and flatter to meet today’s aesthetics, men’s and women’s watches with different functions are introduced. In this case, the women’s wristwatch with a moon phase of 36 millimeters brings its new Da Vinci round soft lines to the extreme.

 Recently, the Watch House also got a Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch with a 36 mm case and three different materials and colors. The watch house got one of them (model: IW459307), made of stainless steel, silver-plated dial, inlaid with a ring of fine diamonds, and the many colors of the alligator leather strap of Santoni make this watch More feminine.

 The silver-plated dial is surrounded by 54 diamonds set on the bezel, and the stepped dial inner ring design makes the dial look more vivid and three-dimensional. The layout of the hour markers on the dial is striking. The old version of the Da Vinci watch did not have Arabic numerals, while the newer version uses embossing technology to make the golden hour markers clear and easy to read.
 The gold-blue moon phases at 12 o’clock show the finishing touch of this harmonious overall picture of the dial. Although the actual operating cycle of the moon is 29.53 days, the gear train designed with this classic moon phase profit and loss can be rounded to 29.5 days. The gear train automatically pushes the display disk forward one gear every day to correctly display the moon phase profit and loss. As needed, the wearer can update the display at ‘2 o’clock’ with the included pin.

 The semi-circular crown is beautiful and easy to use. There is a moon phase adjustment pin above the crown, which requires special tools to operate.

 Santoni crocodile leather strap, whether it is workmanship, texture, dyeing or wearing comfort is an undoubted enjoyment. This watch is equipped with a dark brown alligator leather strap, with a jumping orange in the strap to highlight the beauty of women, and a polished stainless steel folding buckle.

 The thickness of the case is 11.5 millimeters. It can be seen from the side that the two layers of the case are polished and matte to make the case more distinct.

 The unique design of the new Da Vinci series of lugs not only unique but also pays attention to practicality. The lugs can move on the fixed shaft of the raw ears, making the watch fit the wrist of the wearer more.

 The bottom of the table is engraved with the ‘Flower of Life’ pattern, which is also the iconic pattern of the new Da Vinci. It is a geometric shape with multiple overlapping rings. IWC uses this to define its new aesthetic definition of the Renaissance. Contributions. Equipped with a 35800 self-winding movement, equipped with a central seconds hand with a stop device and a moon phase display function, it provides a 42-hour power reserve.

 For this watch, we used a professional instrument to perform a six-direction accuracy test under full strings. At the same time, in order to give a reference to our watch friends, we also asked a woman in the editorial department (wrist circumference 14 cm) to wear this watch for shooting, and you can see the effect of the upper wrist.

Summary: The new Da Vinci Moon Phase Watch 36 is available in three styles: red gold-bronze alligator leather strap, stainless steel-dark blue alligator leather strap, and diamond-dark brown alligator leather strap . The 36 mm case size is a relatively large size for women’s watches, which is more in line with the trend of women’s neutral choice of watches, highlighting the strong side of women’s elite. This stainless steel diamond watch is priced at 106,000 RMB and is already available in China.

Luxury Brand Watches At Baselworld

No one thinks that fashion luxury is just the supporting role of BASELWORLD. The world’s watch industry, once dominated by professional watchmaking brands, has now been given a share of fashion luxury. CHANEL, GUCCI, and BLVGARI steadily occupy a considerable position on the first floor of Hall 1 of Baselworld. The air clock launched by HERMES, the tourbillon of CHANEL and the minute repeater of BLVGARI have strongly confirmed the fashion luxury brands. The determination and achievements to enter the professional watchmaking industry.

 Inheriting the brand’s exquisite and fashionable culture, creating a brand’s iconic exterior design, while equipped with professional, top-level, and complex movements, this is the ‘exquisite time’ shining on BASELWORLD.

 The entry of fashion luxury goods into the field of watchmaking dates back to the 1970s. At that time, the quartz movement hit the Swiss watchmaking industry. Because of its low price, accurate travel time and easy maintenance, the quartz movement was sought after by the market. Quartz movements have no technical requirements, as long as they have a good appearance, they can get good sales. And design is the strength of fashion brands. Relying on innate advantages, fashion luxury with fashion and jewelry as its main product lines, in order to expand its accessories and product lines, it has begun to enter the field of watches.

 At this time, most of the top French and Italian fashion and jewelry brands started to produce watches in the form of commissioned processing.

 In the past ten years, with the revival of the mechanical watch market, the export volume of Swiss watches has soared. Fashion and jewelry brands that have already started to cry in the watch market and have certain market experience are aware of the trend of the mechanized return of watches. Determined to go one step further in the manufacture of movements and gradually move towards the field of fine watchmaking.

 ‘The advantage of fashion luxury brands is their strong capital. They integrate the resources of the Swiss watchmaking industry well and can be quickly integrated into the field of high-end watches.’ Chang Wei, editor-in-chief of Perfecttime, said, ‘Each of these brands had It was cooperating with a Swiss watch factory, but at that time the resources were scattered, the industry was not systematic, and there was no complete series. Later, they began to acquire peripheral resources, such as watch band factories and watch case factories, to improve themselves through controlling shares. The watchmaking path. ‘

 In 2000, Bvlgari restructured the new company after acquiring the top Swiss high-end watch manufacturing brand, and began to focus on the development and production of movements. The previous watch business was basically design. In 2005, Bulgari once again acquired CadransDesign, a Swiss-made dial, and Prestiged ‘Or, which produces steel bracelets and precious metal bracelets, and established its own complete watch production line. By 2007, it acquired 100% of FingerS.A. Later, Bulgari finally established itself in the development and production of high-end complex watches.

 Hermes also gradually occupied the fine watchmaking industry with a similar strategy. From the establishment of a watchmaking workshop in 1978, to the launch of a Dressage watch with Hermes H1928 movement in cooperation with the Vaucher movement factory in 2003, the company invested 25 million Swiss francs in 2006 and bought a 25% stake in the Vaucher movement factory. Last year, it acquired a 32.5% stake in JosephErard, a well-known Swiss watchmaking company with a history of more than 125 years. Hermès finally consolidated its position in the fine watchmaking industry.

 With the backing of fashion luxury brands backed by the group, it is relatively easy to enter the field of fine watchmaking. For example, Louis Vuitton and DIOR of LVMH, although they have not entered the field of professional watchmaking for a long time, but because of the integration of resources and technology of professional watchmaking brands such as Zenith and TAG Heuer, plus their own design advantages, Quickly entered the fine watchmaking industry.

 This year is the third time that Louis Vuitton has participated in BASELWORLD. Since 2002, Louis Vuitton has entered the glorious watch industry and launched the Tambour series. This year is the eleventh year. In 2013, it participated in the third time at BASELWORLD to launch the TamborTwinChrono double. The chronograph seconds display is the first in the world. The first mechanical movement to achieve dual chronograph seconds displays its strength in the field of professional watchmaking.

Beautiful timepiece

Dior VIII GrandBal

 The DiorVIIIGrandBal watch collection is a wonderful choice for gorgeous party and ball gowns. The design is inspired by the dress styles designed by Mr. Dior in the 1950s, such as: in and out of social circles with delicate lace, or with embroidered silk and lace evening dress. This watch is equipped with a unique Dior Inversé movement designed and manufactured by Soprod, which embodies the symbolic meaning of poetry and painting, and the patented practical rotor is looming, becoming an exquisite decoration on the dial. Gemstones are set in golden holes, and some are also decorated with feathers-the delicate and delicate decoration used in this Montian Street studio design dress. The never-ending swing of the Dior Inversé movement is reminiscent of a ball gown dancing.

Louis Vuitton


Dual chronograph seconds

 This watch is equipped with a unique function developed by LaFabriqueduTemps, a watchmaking workshop owned by Louis Vuitton, and has achieved the world’s first dual chronograph time difference watch. It is limited to 30 pieces. This innovative technology that displays the difference in time between two chronographs on the dial is hailed as an important milestone in the history of the chronograph.

 The dial is designed by the high-end dial workshop of Léman Cadrans under Louis Vuitton. Through the translucent dark blue large fire enamel covering the platinum dial, you can see the delicate carved pattern on the dial.

 With blue as the background, red and white hands, scales and minutes are very eye-catching. It is the first large fire enamel dial.


Arceau PetiteLune Watch

 This year, Hermès first applied its self-produced movement to the design of women’s watches, and launched the ArceauPetiteLune 38mm women’s watch with moon phase display function, adding feminine charm. The asymmetrical lugs highlight the shape of the stirrup and the unique curve, which has become the iconic design of Hermes watches.

 The new moon phase watch series is available in two versions of shiny white and black mother-of-pearl, retaining the original italic Arabic numeral hour mark. In addition to the hour and minute display, the dial also has two complex functional areas decorated with rhodium-plated wire frames. This timepiece follows Hermes’ traditional leather craftsmanship, with a crocodile leather strap, available in three shades of dark blue, gray and black, and hand-stitched with the brand’s famous saddle stitch method.


New Mademoisele Privé jewelry watch

 This new jewelry watch series unveiled the mysterious veil of Ms. Chanel’s private world, and also showed her favorite iconic symbols and indispensable elements in life. The Coromandel Oriental screen dial captures the Chinese ebony lacquered screen pattern in Ms. Chanel’s apartment, using traditional Geneva techniques and the ‘big fire’ enamel process to create exquisite micro-painted patterns. The dial depicts a beautifully decorated painting swimming in a quiet river, rocky shores and plants on the shore in golden clothes, a scene of prosperity. In addition, the 18K white gold case is set with 524 diamonds (about 4.3 carats) in a snowflake style, making the watch more brilliant and exquisite.


Men’s Dive Watches

 This watch movement is a ‘Swiss Made’ GP3300 self-winding mechanical movement produced by the SOWIND watch factory, with a minimum power reserve of 46 hours-the highest in GUCCI watches. The interior of the watch consists of 241 components, including an automatic rotor that is decorated with GUCCI diamonds and set with 27 gems. Surface with hour, minute and date display, power reserve indicator at 5 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. The required one-way rotating bezel is a luminous triangle mark at the ‘zero’ position to indicate the dive start time. This watch dives up to 300 meters (1,000 feet).


Ultra-Complex Ladies Watch IlGiardinoTropicalediBulgari

 This is the first time that Bulgari has launched an ultra-complicated ladies’ watch. The design is inspired by the richness of nature and combines two art forms that Bulgari is best at: jewelry and micro-painting. The intricate tourbillon movement of this exquisite watch is clearly visible through the window where the parrot inhabits, and the dial and precious stones highlight the luxurious taste. This watch is a rare and limited edition with only 50 pieces available.

Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre Master Compressor Watches

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Master Compressor Extreme LAB watch this year, at first glance, it is like a beautiful woman wearing a layer of black gauze, hollowed-out dial, partially hollowed-out hands, solid small dial and looming movement Intertwined, forming a dreamlike effect. It seems naked, and it seems that there is a layer of veil, so you can’t see it clearly.
一切 All of this is like a long-planned seduce, using the latest research results of high-tech, cutting-edge materials and watchmaking to conspire, it is difficult to resist this temptation. The movement is placed in a sturdy case made of TiVan 15 alloy. TiVan 15 alloy is composed of two metals, vanadium. It is light and wear-resistant. Its scratch resistance is 15% higher than that of traditional alloys. Tough and harsh environment. The hollow dial allows you to appreciate the structural details of the movement through the sapphire crystal. Many of the movement components are coated with black PVD, which contrasts with the white digital hour markers and gold hands of the watch, and also enhances the translucent visual effect.
In daily life, the watch is exposed to many different magnetic fields, which affects the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. In order to protect the movement from magnetic fields, the traditional method is double-layer case technology, that is, a layer of case is added to the outer case. But if you use this degaussing technology, you can’t leave so many cutouts on the dial to achieve a dreamlike effect. Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers have developed a non-magnetic silicon escapement that keeps the most critical parts of the movement from being affected by magnetic forces. After countless trials, Jaeger-LeCoultre engineers and watchmakers worked with physicists to use a special alloy to make gear parts that moved before the escapement ran.
The choice of this alloy reduces the risk of the movement being magnetized. Because of this, the antimagnetic ability of this watch is as high as 140 Gauss, far exceeding other existing mechanical watches, without the need to place the movement in a thick double-layer case. The glamorous see-through outfit was made possible by the high technology and new materials behind it.

Brm Simona De Silvestro # 78 Limited Edition Indycar

Simona De Silvestro drives # 78 Team Stargate Worlds / HVM Racing to join the IZOD IndyCar Series. In her first IndyCar IndyCar Championship, she shocked the judges at a leading speed. In just a few short races, her unparalleled speed and calm calmness on the field made the reviewers praised.

BRM decided to pay tribute to the rising star by launching a limited edition watch. 78 is Simona’s race number and also the number of this beautiful watch.

This race-inspired watch has a titanium case with a black PVD coating. The carbon fiber dial makes it look more racelike overall. The strap is covered with Nomex polyamide fiber, which is used in competitions and fire protection clothing.
Source: BRM / Racewatches

Integrating Things, Gorgeous Collisions, Bucherer Arrival Series Limited Jewelry Women’s Watches

In the ancient East, orange is one of the skin colors of God, and it also represents courage and sacrifice dedication. Ruby represents power and dignity. Hard diamonds are supreme. The symbol of power stands for eternity. This place full of mystery and charm has made the European countries far from the West to worship, and also made Swiss watchmaker Bucherer look forward to longing.
  Every piece of limited-edition jewellery and watch art came into being. From the panel, case, and strap, Bucherer is inlaid with precious orange stones, rare gems of various colors, and top diamonds. Each gem has been carefully selected, hand-crafted by highly skilled experts, and designed by a watchmaker from Bucherer to fit a watch worn by a woman of noble status. The attention has always been the innate qualities of the royal family and the nobles.

Qinzhu is refined and not charming

  In the Chinese millennium tradition, bamboo has always symbolized wealth, happiness, and long-term vitality. For Buddhism, Taoism, and artists, the delicate and delicate lines of bamboo are folded without bending, and the hollow structure is ‘moderate and self-sustaining’, which has extremely profound meaning and principles of life.

Bauchi Laiya Lijia Bamboo Qinzhu limited jewelry watch

Model: 00.10706.02.99.12
Movement: quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 18K white gold, curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 31.35mm x 45mm
Strap: Top orange crocodile strap and 18K white gold leather folding buckle
Limited: 25 pieces

  Inspired by the mysterious qualities of colored gemstones, Bucherer created a limited edition jewelry watch called the Bamboo Qinzhu by combining the oriental bamboo culture. The curves of the side of the Ariega series case are reminiscent of the feminine waistline. The top diamonds and colored gems are arranged in perfect arcs, and the case and strap are also set with gorgeous gems. In addition to hand-selecting the highest quality gemstones, the watchmaking experts of Bucherer must carefully cut out different sizes and set them perfectly on the case according to the curve. Makes the watch distinctive and beautiful.

Night Elf Deadly Attraction

 In Japanese culture, cats are generally considered to be spiritual and have even become a symbol of ‘fortune’. Cats are said to have appeared in the court as pets for the first time. To this day, the night elves still have a strong aristocratic flavor.

 Bucherer Arrivals Wildcat Limited Jewellery Watch

Model: 00.10706.01.99.12
Movement: quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: 45.00 x 31.35 mm 18K yellow gold, set with 181 black, yellow, and orange stones (3.6 carats)
Dial: 18K yellow gold, set with 150 black, yellow, orange gems (2.0 carats)
Strap: Devil fish (pearl fish) leather strap, 18K yellow gold pin buckle set with 4 FC TW vvs real diamonds (0.10 carat)
Crown: 1 black sapphire
Limited: 25 pieces

  Bucherer, who is well versed in jewellery design and inlaid art, presents agile and charming designs on the wrist through exquisite and charming hand inlays. The limited edition jewellery wildcat jewelry watch sublimates the superb craftsmanship, with 332 top-quality gemstones and 18K Gold material echoes the wild animal print on the surface and case. In addition, the clasp part is specially designed into a cat claw shape, highlighting the unique charm. It is a rare luxury watch in the world, with a limited production of 25 pieces worldwide.