“The Year Of Er Li” China Shenzhen Watch & Clock Exhibition

What should the Chinese watch fair be like? Watch enthusiasts who are concerned about the watch industry may know SIHH Geneva International Watch Fair, BASEL Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. What you may not know is that China also has its own international watch exhibition. Recently, the 30th China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair was held in Shenzhen as scheduled. Today, the Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair and the ‘Year of Era’, the Watch House has also been to Shenzhen for many years and participated in the feast of Chinese watches and clocks in this hot land. What exactly do we Chinese watch exhibitions look like? Then look down.

Inside Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Exhibition Hall

The 30th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

   The full name is China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF), which is the largest professional watch and jewelry exhibition in Mainland China. It was founded in 1988 and has been held for 30 consecutive years. It is well-known for its comprehensive, organizational specialization and internationalization.

The 30th Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair will be held from 6.20-6.23

   Since 2010, the China Watch Association and Shenzhen Watch Industry Association have reached a consensus. The China (Beijing) International Watch Exhibition and the China (Shenzhen) International Watch Exhibition are integrated into one, fully integrating domestic and overseas resources, and perfectly interpreting China’s only domestic market. International large-scale professional watch exhibition and international watch fashion trading platform.

The opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Watch Fair

Visitors to the exhibition

    The Chinese have not formally entered the modern watch industry for a long time. In this century-long history, we are more drawn from Western watchmaking culture and can be used for our watch skills. But until now, Swiss watchmaking has occupied the top spot in fine watchmaking. Our Chinese local brands are still following the people-friendly route. From the perspective of positioning and route, Chinese watchmaking and Swiss watchmaking are fundamentally different.

 Young people visiting watch exhibitions this year show an upward trend

Consumers who watch watches carefully at the Porsche booth

   What is the difference between the ‘thirties’ Shenzhen watch exhibition and the ‘twenties’ Shenzhen watch exhibition? ‘Rejuvenation’, ‘Product refinement’ and ‘Facing pain points’ are the biggest differences in my experience this time.

I. Rejuvenation
  In fact, the rising trend of young consumer groups in luxury and high-end consumption did not start in the past two years. Some research studies show that the consumption power of the younger generation in China is catching up with the ‘post-60s’ and ‘post-70s’, but this is only the result of data display and survey research. We are more likely to be middle-aged in the watch market People-oriented group. At this year’s Shenzhen Watch Fair, there were significantly more young faces coming to watch the show.

Young people outside the Fiyta booth

Young girls in front of the Dickies booth

   What attracted these fresh faces? Of course, fun, novel, and youthful products can attract these young people here.

Venue layout of Marvel elements

Hello Kitty is more attractive to girls with a girly heart

     In the layout of the pavilion, Fiyta’s aviation theme this year has made a good fusion with the flying murals in Dunhuang, China. It is also more lively and younger than the previous arrangement.

Aviation Elements in the Fiyta Pavilion

The flying pigeons representing the brand culture have also joined the aviation element design

   In addition to the youthfulness of the venue layout, the products launched by the brand also cater more to the aesthetics of young people. Including more ostentatious design, practical performance and price that is more acceptable to young people.

The design of ROMAGO is mainly based on the square case and large-diameter design.

The design of Fiyta aviation watches is inspired by aviation

Beijing Watch launched a replica military watch this year, priced at 1,980 yuan

Women’s Watches

Conceptual female watch from Porsche
    Rejuvenating and focusing on the female market is a key point in this year’s national watch trend. The prices of these watches are relatively close to the people. This is one of the reasons why it is more attractive to young people.
Second, the product is more detailed
   The term product refinement is also very well understood. I have been to foreign watch and clock exhibitions, because most of them are mainly mechanical watches, so in the product details, we have done a better job in China. At the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, you can not only see brand pavilions of different styles and positioning, you can also see showcases of accessories such as mechanical movements, watch bands, mirrors and so on.

Smart wearable products have also become a highlight of the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair

Miota movement exclusively for Citizen

   If the main venue is the “battlefield” of the mainstream domestic watch brands, then the watch accessories of the subsidiary hall will become more attractive to consumers and investors interested in the accessory market. Due to its unique geographical environment and political policies, Shenzhen’s handicraft manufacturing industry is more developed than other regions in China.

Exhibitors introduce their products to consumers

Targeted and selective watch exhibitions are also the choice of many people

This year’s main push for women’s watch series

    In terms of product refinement and direction refinement, Shenzhen Watch Fair’s performance is impressive. Regardless of the concept of the brand or the planning of the watch exhibition itself, these exhibitors and consumers, as well as those who visit the watch exhibition, have provided relatively great convenience. This allows us to find what we are looking for in the exhibition more quickly and easily.
Facing pain points
   This is the most profound point I felt at this exhibition. The ‘pain point’ euphemistic expression is to face our shortcomings. First of all, there must be a congenital deficiency in the Chinese watch industry. Our history of entering the modern watch industry is still too young compared to Western countries. Advanced watchmaking technology and professional watchmaking talents lag far behind abroad. These are the places we still need to improve and chase, and at this exhibition, I heard a neutral, fair and free voice.

Shenzhen Clock and Watch Fair held forum activities on different topics

Independent watchmakers also set up a special display area at the watch exhibition

30th Anniversary Celebration

   Among the forum speakers on these different topics, the president of the Watch Association, the pioneer of the wearable device industry, and the media people freely expressed their opinions. Regarding the development of Chinese watches and clocks, the person in charge of the Watch and Clock Association told us that in addition to ‘watches’, we have greater advantages in ‘clocks’ and the potential for development may be broader; when it comes to wearable devices, this is not entirely In the area of ​​horology, industry pioneers said that maybe everyone on the road in the future will wear smart products that bring them convenience …

The venue center also has a live broadcast room

   Facing the pain points and speaking for the present and future of Chinese watches and clocks, instead of ‘smugly complacent’ with some small achievements, this made me see the hope of Chinese watches and clocks. More and more people are paying attention to Chinese watches and clocks precisely because we are beginning to realize the shortcomings, constantly improve, and constantly optimize our products and mechanisms.

Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair with full media coverage and live broadcast

   In the past, when people talked about national watches, many people might talk about ‘feelings’. This is also a point I once made. At the time, I simply thought that the development of national watches only left ‘feelings.’ But today, at the Shenzhen Watch Fair, which I was standing, I saw a lot of things beyond feelings. I saw the possibility, hope, and future. This is the result of the joint efforts of Chinese watchmakers. Maybe we started late, but I am proud to say that we are working hard and we will move towards a better tomorrow.