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The original pocket watch designed by Breguet for Queen Mary to collect all the complicated functions of the year. The original product is unknown. Now this one is at the request of Mr. G. Hayek, former president of the Swatch Group. Full version reprinted in 2004
    When it comes to the era of true watch customization, time can be traced back centuries ago. Under the technological conditions at that time, mass production of clocks can be said to be an impossible task, so most clocks are considered Unique, but also has a strong personal nature. As early as the end of the 18th century, the legendary giant of the watchmaking industry, Mr. Breguet, received an order from the Guardian of Queen Marie Antoinette of France: Customizing one piece with all the details as much as possible made of gold, all the time Complicated pocket watch. Because there was no requirement for the time of making this watch, and the technology of the watch was too strict, the watch was not completed until 1827, and at this time, both Queen Mary and Master Breguet had already told others It must be said that it is a bit of regret left in history. In addition to this legendary work, the birth of the world’s first watch was also created in response to custom requirements: In 1810, Mr. Breguet was invited by Caroline Murat, Napoleon’s sister, Queen of Naples In accordance with her requirements, she designed a female clock with a bracelet as the basic shape, which has both the decorative effect of the bracelet and the timekeeping function of the clock. It is such a very individual creative idea, which has made a broader path for the development of the watch industry, and has brought tremendous influence. To commemorate this event, Breguet named its most famous women’s watch series-Reine de Naples with ‘Queen of Naples’. Until now, this series of watches is still leading Breguet’s women’s watches, occupying a large share of Breguet’s product sales.