Tennis Genius Olga Danilovich Joins The Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Family Of Friends

As young as 16 years old, Olga Danilovic has already battled the elite of the tennis world. TAG Heuer welcomes this talented young girl to visit La Chaux-de-Fonds to join the family of brand friends.

   Training, matches and other activities, Olga Danilovic’s schedule is all around tennis. As an avant-garde, the 16-year-old female athlete is a prominent representative of the new power of women’s tennis and has won in important international competitions.

   TAG Heuer is pleased to invite her to visit the watchmaking factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, to show her exclusive watchmaking skills to this new brand friend.

   ‘This is my first visit here and it’s great to be able to witness how they make their watches and see every detail. The watchmakers have impressed me and they are so efficient.’

   The young athlete was obsessed with the craftsmanship of the watchmaker and even picked up his loupe and tools to try it himself. This rigorous form of work is familiar to Olga Danilovic, who is engaged in tennis.

   With a height of 183cm and a powerful two-handed backhand, Olga Danilovic perfectly combines strength and precision. Olga Danilovic has these two essential qualities of tennis, while still insisting on daily training, and strive to further increase the upper limit.

   Currently, Olga Danilovic ranks sixth among international tennis federation young athletes. We can see her every tour and every game. Olga Danilović is determined to take his performance to the highest level.
   There is no doubt that the perseverance and determination of Olga Danilovic will help her gain a place among the best athletes in the world.