Tag Heuer Monaco Blazing Prosperity

On the eve of the world’s most glamorous racing event, on a luxury yacht with the unique color of the TAG HEUER brand moored in the port of Monaco, TAG HEUER hosted an annual VIP feast to warmly treat the world All members of the McLaren Mercedes team, a long-standing partner in Formula One. On the second day, the Formula 1 Grand Prix Monaco race was held as scheduled on the track with the TAG HEUER banner. In the TAG HEUER luxury box with invincible vision, TAG HEUER’s racing brand ambassadors and many celebrities have witnessed this exciting event. However, the cooperation between TAG HEUER, the world’s leading Swiss chronograph brand, and the official organizer of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, the Automobile Club de Monaco, goes far beyond that. The in-depth cooperation on this basis can be described as a long history.

TAG HEUER and the Monaco Automobile Club-Pioneers Changing the Age
 In 1911, the Monaco Automobile Club founded the Rallye de Monte-Carlo, which was the first time to gather racers from all over Europe to compete for the championship. In this winter event, vehicles using steam engines or internal combustion engines raced across the continent, and finally reached the terminal station, the famous casino Monte Carlo. In the same year, the ‘Time Journey’ dashboard chronograph developed by TAG HEUER was applied for and patented. This is the world’s first 12-hour dashboard chronograph designed for cars and aircraft. In 1916, TAG HEUER made another major breakthrough and launched the world’s first chronograph stopwatch accurate to 1 / 100 seconds. In 1929, the Monaco Automobile Club hosted the world’s first Formula 1 Grand Prix on downtown streets; and 70 years later, the Monaco Automobile Club organized the world’s first clean energy vehicle rally. Today, TAG HEUER is proud to be a partner of the 15th Rallye de Monte Carlo des Energies Nouvelles organized by the Monaco Automobile Club, which was successfully held in March 2014.
 In May this year, all eyes around the world turned to the historic Grand Prix de Monaco. This is also the 499th time for TAG HEUER and its multi-year partner McLaren Mercedes to participate in the Formula One World Championship. This event gives TAG HEUER the opportunity to once again consolidate and demonstrate its position as the pioneer of Swiss watchmaking at Formula One.

TAG HEUER global CEO Ste ́phane Linder and Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen

 TAG HEUER The world’s most established and traditional watchmaking brand in Formula One. From 2011 to the present, the official partner of the Monaco Automobile Club of the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.

This classic Monaco race provides a perfect platform for TAG HEUER’s new racing chronograph

TAG HEUER invents the watchmaking brand of motorsport chronographs
 TAG HEUER established the link between motorsports and watches at the earliest, and has continuously built up business over the years, and finally achieved its unprecedented luxury. Through many years of cooperation with top teams, racers and racing cars, TAG HEUER, a world-leading pioneering watchmaking brand from Switzerland, has continuously challenged and exceeded the limit of precise timing. 1/1000 second, or even 5/10000 second.

TAG HEUER and Monaco: watch brand and Monaco Automobile Club enter a new phase
 From Juan Manuel Fangio to Jenson Button, every world championship and every race has written the legend of TAG HEUER, but no race is as high-profile as the most famous and legendary Monaco Grand Prix. TAG HEUER’s position in the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​unique in the Swiss watchmaking industry. In the history of the Monaco Grand Prix, TAG HEUER has sponsored more champions than any other brand. These brand ambassadors include Niki Lauda, ​​Jody Scheckter, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen, David Coulthard, Kimi Räikkönen , Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton.
 In 2011, TAG HEUER and the Monaco Automobile Club signed a historic cooperation agreement to become the official partner of the Monaco Automobile Club and its most attractive Monaco Grand Prix watches, chronographs and glasses.

TAG HEUER and Monaco 2014: Keeping pace
 When working with all motorsport partners, TAG HEUER’s contribution has not been limited to hanging its own branded banner above the track or participating in celebrations after the players have won the championship. In fact, long before the start of the race, TAG HEUER went deep into the pits and equipment area of ​​the track, and worked side by side with the race drivers and team staff.

MONACO Calibre 6 self-winding watch 2014
 Decades of racing legends create epoch-making revolutionary designs. In 1969, TAG HEUER launched the Monaco series of watches, achieving two of the world’s best: the world’s first waterproof watch with a square case and the world’s first self-winding chronograph. A year later, the famous movie star Steve. McQueen is deeply attracted to its stunning design. What it wears in its representative work ‘The Speed’ is this Monaco series watch, which has given this watch its classic status. Far ahead of their time, Monaco’s latest Monaco Calibre 6 self-winding watch 2014 is still at the forefront of the era design.
 Like the stubborn Steve. McQueen, like the most prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, the 2014 Monaco Calibre 6 self-winding watch perfectly inherits the essence of the Monaco series. The new Monaco collection has an uncompromising design style and bold all-black colors. The black titanium carbide-coated case and crown are specially matte and polished, while the white luminous hour markers and the red small seconds hand contrast sharply with the black dial, and the hour markers around the small black counter It was milky-treated. The strap made of perforated calfskin reveals a red lining, which adds to the male masculine confidence.

 The MONACO Calibre 6 self-winding watch 2014 (37mm) has a bold all black color scheme, which adds a masculine and confident design style.

CARRERA Calibre 1887 Chronograph (43mm) Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition