Seagull Watches Are Famous In Switzerland 25% Of The World’s Watches Use Seagull Movement

From manufacturing in China to creating in China, from self-sufficiency to exporting spare parts, the famous brand company located in Binhai New Area-Haiou Watch Group has taken a difficult road of development. At the recent Basel exhibition in Switzerland, Seagull received orders worth more than 40 million yuan, not only showing its strength, but also using the movement to achieve cooperation with many international brands.
著名 At the 2011 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in Switzerland, famous watch brands from various countries can be seen everywhere, and many of them use the ‘Chinese core’ manufactured by Tianjin Seagull Watch Group. ‘One out of every four watches in the world uses movement components made by Seagull. Today, Seagull watches not only have an advantage in the number of productions, but also continue to seek new expansion in cooperative brands. Such production scale and brand The influence continues to expand at this year’s exhibition. ‘Lu Jun, general manager of Tianjin Seagull Watch Group, introduced that the exhibition group has achieved the expected results, receiving more than 350,000 orders and intentions, the amount of more than 40 million yuan, the business value Doubled from last year.
The Basel exhibition lasted for a week, and the exhibitors received by the Seagull watch booth were endless. Many of them were new friends and many old partners who had cooperated with Seagull for many years. Ma Suwen, CEO of Darbon Co., Ltd. has worked with Seagull for more than eight years. This year, he ordered more than 50,000 movements and watches from Seagull. ‘It started in the United States and Spain, and now we have sales in Japan, Malaysia, and the Middle East.’ Masuwen said. A Swiss exhibitor told reporters that the Seagull watch is a Chinese famous brand, the price is very reasonable, and the quality is high, so I specifically came to talk about the tourbillon cooperation project.
At this year’s exhibition, Seagull also set a new task for itself: actively seeking to cooperate with Swiss high-end manufacturers representing the highest quality in the international watch industry, integrating advanced Swiss watch elements, materials and parts into Seagull’s movements. To make seagulls ‘Made in Switzerland’. After active contact, Shanghai Ou has reached the intention of developing new products with two Swiss companies at the exhibition. ‘We hope to have a deeper cooperation with Seagull in the future to produce new products as a manufacturer,’ said Hans, CEO of ALFEX in Switzerland.
‘In the near future, everyone will be able to see, use and feel the cooperation between the parts of the Seagull and the Swiss brand.’ Lu Jun said that taking the Basel exhibition as a stage, the Seagull has turned gorgeously from a famous Chinese watch brand As a star in the world’s watch industry, Haiguo, the Tianjin brand, will also show its Chinese charm in a wider world.
It is understood that the Basel World Watch Fair began in 1917 and is now the world-renowned watch and jewelry exhibition. Every time this year, new products in the watch industry are gathered here, known as the ‘Oscars in the luxury industry’.