Radar Table Leading High-tech Ceramic Material

Swiss Radar HyperChrome series watches set a new benchmark in the field of high-tech ceramics, using precision injection molding technology to create an integrated high-tech ceramic case, which has become the main structure of the finished watch. What makes this single-structure case different is that it completely integrates the lugs and surrounding structure into a high-tech ceramic. The HyperChrome series has a classic black or pure white style with a hardness of up to 1250 Vickers. The dials of this series of watches are wrapped in a variety of metallic brackets, echoing the dial details that complement each other, highlighting the time scale, chronograph ring and chronograph button design.

ADORADO Swiss Radar HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph Black
时间 The time in the brackets truly unifies the 27 powerful family members of the RADO HyperChrome series watch, which are as elegant and smooth as the brackets on both sides of the watch. Fully reflecting the innovative materials created by RADO’s pioneering heat-intensive process, this series of watches harmoniously combines high-tech ceramics, Ceramos titanium carbide cermets and diamonds into one. From the hardened gold metal style to the silver stainless steel style, the same groundbreaking structure is used to create a brand new alternative in the field of watches. From automatic chronograph models to junior models or quartz models, everyone offers the best answer to different tastes of time. A variety of watch sizes, regardless of gender, can meet their favorite styles.

ADORADO Swiss Radar HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph White
完美 The design of the perfect circular frame around the dial of the HyperChrome series watch is inspired by the mysterious ring pattern surrounding Saturn. Each new model in this collection showcases RADO’s outstanding technology in blending classic watch shapes with modern innovative materials, bringing ultimate comfort, durability and Swiss-made precision for the future. The HyperChrome series is the expected result, and it is inspired by its famous predecessor, the Swiss Rado Horse series.