Wear It And Go Around

There are always some amazing adventures, such as meeting you in the summer. This is a season suitable for backpacking and going around. I found different scenery on the road, and also met that place that always appears in dreams, that is fuzzy and clear, that person. Swiss Mido watches help the journey of discovery, launch a new GMT series of helmsman watches, rich colors, diverse styles, fashion, cool and classic, will definitely become a must-have item for men traveling around.

Mido Helmsman Series M038.429.11.041.00

Product model: M038.429.11.041.00
Domestic public price: 8000
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 13.39 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:
Product model: M038.429.36.051.00
Domestic public price: ¥ 8400
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 13.39 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: Stainless steel PVD black coating
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details:

Product model: M038.429.36.061.00
Domestic public price: ¥ 8400
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 13.39 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80
Case material: Stainless steel PVD rose gold
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, full chain can provide 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, and Mido has added an additional GMT function this year, this is also the first Mido equipped with dual time zone function The Caliber80 watch fully proves the extensibility of this movement and realizes rich and practical functions. While the time is right, it is better to choose a watch and go around.

Early Watch Manufacturing In Geneva And Neuchâtel

In 1760, two Vaud watch masters, Adol and Bernard, who had learned craftsmanship in Geneva, successfully established a watch company in Bern. At the beginning of the factory, they encountered serious problems. Short of funds and fierce commercial competition, the factory had to change hands to another Michaud from Vaud, and soon moved to Wichit town. The establishment of this factory symbolized an important attempt by the movement craftsmen to freely manufacture clocks in Vaud to escape the control of Geneva. But the company closed soon, for a simple reason, because outside of Geneva, it was difficult to find professional worker parts suppliers and skilled watchmakers.

   In 1775, many people have publicly issued a request to “Lemon’s Lake”, which is the area around Lake Geneva, which is well-known, “requesting the abolition of various ordinances issued by the“ Watch Industry Association ”not long ago. The irreversible severance of economic contact with the Geneva watch industry. The division of labor in the watch manufacturing process previously implemented can be unaffected and does not need to be changed. However, the overall manufacturing of the Swiss watch industry will be greatly expanded, and not only will it It is confined to Geneva. But this desire is far from being implemented as fast as expected. In the eastern part of Geneva, only the Jura region’s movement manufacturing industry stands out and has established an unshakable position. With solid steps, Permanent. The concept of cooperative production promoted by the ‘Clock Industry Association’ has not spread to this high mountain, relying on the outstanding contributions of the masters of clock masters with outstanding skills, and the unremitting efforts of core business people, the art of clocks Already deeply rooted in the villages and towns of the Holy Cross in Rugu, watchmaking masters abound here We only include one of the last name, the reader can understand the overall strength of the natural land, this one is Charles Auguste than the cover.

   The first thing the craftsmen are best at is a variety of movements, various ‘spring-snatch-and-alarm’ devices, large and small gears and wire rods of various sizes. The high level of the product convinced the Genevans to take it orally, and it won high prestige throughout the Nassdale region. For the emerging watch industry, the Jura mountain range in eastern Switzerland seems to be a “fengshui treasure” given by God, without any fetters, but I hope it can flourish and thrive. The mountainous land is short and hungry, and there are few natural products. The local people are poor but ingenious. The natural environment created by nature makes people here easily join the ‘smart and smart’ industry. In the long history before, people were engaged in ‘iron work’ or precious metal processing, and clock production is a traditional product in the local area. Extensive woven lace and printed fabrics in the Nassdale Valley and Mid-levels.

   All these have created the dexterous fingers of the local people, and they are more familiar with the clock and watch industry. When the first watchmaking workshop was set up here, apprentices were not required to practice the sensitivity of their fingers at all, because they each had a pair of ‘precision’ hands beyond imagination. The founder of the watchmaking road in both the Rockler and Lime Kiln areas was the famous Daniler who made Richard and since then the industry has become another important traditional industry in the area. Around 1785, the movement craftsmen settled in the Waldtravel region. The watch manufacturing industry in Nassadere was in Geneva’s sights, but it was ‘out of reach’, and it has developed tremendously. And continued to the east, reaching the town of Ergay on the French-Swedish border. During the second half of the eighteenth century until 1830, the town was a “reservation area” for the Nasadere watch industry.
   The artisans inside and outside Geneva clearly divided their work. At the beginning of the win-win situation of movement manufacturing and component assembly, the Geneva City Watch Association accepted this production process and method, and made a lot of profit. . The artisans in the city have left to themselves the most important, most critical, and of course, the most profitable processes. Here is an example: At the end of the eighteenth century, the average daily wage of an assembly master was outside the city. Six times the coresmith. In addition, this mode of production keeps the relatively low price of watch products, and enables the Geneva watch industry to operate normally.

   The only thing that is disturbing is competition from abroad. In 1763, several brothers of the Cassdale family in the Bourg-en-Bryce region of France wrote to King Louis: ‘The trade in watches and clocks in Geneva must be destroyed because this trade receives a huge amount of money from the Kingdom of France every year. Wealth. For this reason, a brand new watch company should be established outside Switzerland, and only the parts of Geneva watches should be imported, and then the French nationals will start to assemble it themselves. The production of watches with extremely low prices during the service period will completely disable the competitiveness of Geneva products. ‘. King Louis XVI of France fully agreed with this suggestion, and specifically issued a decree and officially ordered the construction to begin immediately. It is a good idea to start a new watch company to compete with Geneva, but it is not easy to implement, and the cost is very high. In the end, although some products were made and marketed, the price was still three times that of Geneva watches. According to the 1788 inhabitants survey, there were no official watchmaker titles in the Geneva area, but there were more than 600 foreign exiles still engaged in watchmaking. The ‘civilian’ movement craftsmen expanded unlimitedly and freely, first spreading to the outskirts of Geneva, then the towns of Rex and Fossini, and then down to the Savoie region and the Voula mountain in the Jura mountain. The capital is Lausanne. But in any case, Geneva has always been the confluence and collection center for watch parts in these regions.
    During the ups and downs of the French Revolution, because of a series of rebellious acts of ‘disordering anyway,’ many of the ‘privileged’ privileges were completely overthrown. The same ‘rebellion’ scene happened in Geneva near by. The movement craftsmen took the opportunity to ‘make waves and make waves,’ trying to liberate from the suffocation of the ‘industry guild’. Faced with a political movement that may end its monopoly privileges, the ‘Clock Industry Association’ will not budge, uniting all its members more and more closely and resolutely protecting its vested interests, even at the cost of the destruction of the entire clock industry At any cost. They declared: ‘The work system previously implemented between major workshops and factories is a comprehensive and long-term system, which is a settled fact and cannot be changed.’

  The ‘Industry Guild’ responded tit-for-tat to the challenges of the ‘rebels’, who demanded to maintain a certain level of equality among all watchmakers and reduce unnecessary competition between them. The ‘Industry Guild’ launched a fierce and stubborn counterattack across the country. The fighting originated in Geneva, and then it was launched in Basel, Nassdale, Bern, Soler and other places. One is more stringent than the other, one is stricter than the other, and one after another, rushing to the villages where foreign exiles gather, and where the ‘civilian’ population predominates. The purpose of the fight was only one: ‘to maintain the privilege of the Watch Association in the economic sphere.’ Many practitioners who had studied skills in Geneva and later became watchmakers or ‘first-class cooperative apprentices’, because they did not get the ideal development in the city, began to migrate to areas where the ‘bourgeoisie’ concentrated, trying to find new places Try your luck.
   At that time, watchmaking in the Nachadale region became the most profitable industry, and the situation in Vaud, another important center in the Jura Mountains, was similar. The craftsmen and masters of the two places can make all kinds of mechanical products as they wish. The brothers of the Mois Villermere family from Sagne village settled in the town of Tramland as ‘watchmakers’. David from Hexili also settled down in the script town, specializing in the manufacture of parts for the movement and the hand drive. The movement workshop of the Frésad family in Viellet opened in 1765. Later, a movement craftsman named Burkin was officially registered there, and he can still be found on the craftsman’s roster name. Movement workshops sprung up on this land like a ‘spring sprout,’ in Gultrali, St. Emil, Renan, Courgemont, everywhere. The situation described above is an overview of the Swiss watch industry during the French Revolution. Geneva has always maintained the ‘unstoppable’ central position, the center of elegant products, the center of products demanded by kings and nobles. The first choice of all products produced here is undoubtedly ‘luxury art’. The city does not produce movements, but can be sourced from the outskirts of Geneva and the surrounding Rex, Fossini, and Rugu valleys.

   Ru Guyin is located on the dividing line between the two forces, which not only meets the procurement needs of the city of Geneva, but also attracts the attention of a newly-rising watch center, Nasadare. The new center is not only the center of watch manufacturing, but It has also become the center of the watch trade. This center, which has risen in the mountains of Nassadere, will purchase a large number of semi-finished products from the east and south of the Jura region in the coming years. If the first center, Geneva’s products, is positioned as the center of ‘aristocratic elegant watches’, then the second center is the distribution center of ‘bourgeois’ watches. Because the latter did not have commercial priority, the free trade system made the ‘luxury clocks’ in that place not take any advantage, and the process and method of division of production seemed to be more suitable for them. It is also because of this division of labor that the Swiss watch manufacturing industry extends from Calvin’s city, Geneva, to the small town of Modir in the hinterland of the Jura Mountains. The watch industry employs about 10,000 practitioners. Half of them work in the city of Geneva. If calculated in proportion to the value created, this half produces far more value than the other half.

   The ever-changing watchmaking skills still use a lot of traditional tools, such as vices, hand pliers, tweezers of different sizes, small saws of different thicknesses, extrusion dies, and so on. It is also because of this working method that the production process of the movement is more perfected, and new gear cutting tools, flat gear grinders, ‘transmission chain sesame chain’ processing machines, gear quenching satin burners, and gear axis correction instruments have been produced. , Gear shaper, etc., etc., etc. Nowadays, the various processes of gear manufacturing, such as satin forming, and tooth polishing, are performed by professionals. Another technology worth mentioning, always occupies a ‘significant position’, which is the manufacture of watchmaking tools.

  When it comes to drilling holes in the movement’s original billet, the earliest craftsmen used the original manual ‘drilling bow’ and later changed it to a ‘pedal head’ drilling lathe. The professional needs of craftsmen in various processes are increasing, and they are becoming more and more detailed. The improvement and progress of watchmaking tools are ‘advancing with the times and becoming more sophisticated every day.’ To the needs of artisans. According to the earliest statistics, the average production volume of each Swiss watchmaker is 24 pieces per year, or two per month. However, in the initial stage of the implementation of the division of labor production system, the production volume was two per week, then four, and finally six or more. This shows the special advantages and advantages of this system.

The ‘cockpit’ Series Made A Stunning Appearance In Basel And Wrote The Long Kun Legend Again

At Basel this year, Lang Kun launched a new series of new products-COCKPIT WATCHES (‘cockpit’ series) watches. This series fits perfectly with Lang Kun’s brand spirit ‘Fortitude and Life, Immortal Legend’, and once it debuted, it received wide acclaim from the media and watch fans.
   According to the brand, the birth of the ‘cockpit’ series originated from the development history of the Lang Kun brand legend, and the design inspiration was derived from the original design of the watch in the cockpit of the aircraft. A tribute to the tireless flying dreams of mankind, as well as those immortal legends related to war.
The BELL X-1-commemorating the first plane to break through the sound barrier
   With the realization of the flying dream, mankind also began to pursue the speed journey. Soon, people discovered an invisible limit: ‘sound barrier’. The Austrian physicist Ernst Mach defined the concept of ‘Mach number’ to describe the ratio of speed to sound speed, and then began the journey to break through Mach 1. However, the closer we approached this goal, the more serious the problem appeared: the aircraft became unmanageable, and all physical laws seemed to fail. Until November 14, 1947, Chuck Yeager drove the Bell X-1 experimental machine with a rocket engine and succeeded at an altitude of 13,700 meters (45,000 feet). Break through the sound barrier. The plane’s nickname ‘Glamorous Glennis’ derives from Ye Ge’s wife’s name, Glennis. Yeg reached Mach 1.06, at a speed equivalent to 1080 km / h at this altitude.
   Interestingly, two days before the flight, Ye Ge and his wife broke two ribs while riding a horse and walking at night. He didn’t expect the fence to be closed on the way back. Worried about being banned from flying, he did not go to the hospital at his base. Instead, he sought a nearby veterinarian and only told his friend Jack Ridley about a broken rib. Due to injuries, Yege was unable to pull the X-1 hatch. So Redry gave him a lever converted from a broomstick, and Yege used it to close the hatch.
   Lang Kun’s BELL X-1 style is also to commemorate this milestone in the history of flight. The entire table is made of 316 stainless steel with all-black sandblast plating. Matt black surface, with fluorescent time scale and pointer, clear and brief. A high-grade gray nylon strap with the same material as the aircraft seat belt is used, which is full of toughness. The atmospheric inverted pumpkin bar crown makes it easier to adjust the travel time. Automatic mechanical movement with hardened sapphire glass and water resistance to 50 meters.
JU 52 commemorates German famous aircraft during and after World War II
   No aircraft is as closely linked to German history as the JU 52. JU52 was designed by German engineer Hugo Junkers. After its first flight in May 1932, the JU52 (nicknamed ‘Junker’) proved the reliability, quality, and safety of any other aircraft. With a wingspan of 29 meters, a length of 19 meters, and a maximum speed of 265 km / h, the JU52 is a milestone in the history of aircraft design. Because of its high comfort level, in the six years since the introduction of the JU 52 for the first time until the end of World War II, Lufthansa has always accounted for about 75% of the total in the civil aviation fleet. It produced 4,845 aircraft between 1932-1952, some of which are still flying today.
   Lang Kun’s JU52 style, LACO JU 52 combines the unique design of the first cockpit watch with the reliable quality of Juncker’s on your wrist. The entire watch also uses the all-sand blasting effect of 316 stainless steel and is equipped with a high-grade gray nylon strap that is consistent with the material of the aircraft seat belt.
   Unlike the BELL-X1, the matte black surface adds the decoration of German characteristic track patterns. The automatic mechanical movement is equipped with a small seconds at 6 o’clock, which reflects stronger functionality. It breaks the routine and is cleverly set between 4 and 5 o’clock. The hands and Arabic numerals are coated with a fluorescent layer, which can still be clearly recognized in the dark.
Spirit of Saint Louis Commemorates First Charles Lynby (American Pilot) Transatlantic Aircraft
   It all started with an airplane invented by the Wright brothers. However, this is not enough. Humans are unwilling to just jump in the air for a short time, but hope to use this brand new means of transportation to cross long distances.
   In 1919, entrepreneur Raymond Orteig invested $ 25,000 to reward the first direct flight from the United States to France. Charles Lindberg has wanted to cross the Atlantic from New York to Paris since 1926. He and the plane-building company Ryan found real supporters—the St. Louis industrialists. After only two months of research and development and construction, Ryan NYP (NYP for New York-Paris) was born. To pay tribute to its funders, Lin Bai named the aircraft the Spirit of St. Louis.
   To save weight, Lin Bai abandoned radios and sextants, using maps, compasses and clocks for navigation. At 7:54 on May 20, 1927, after filling with 1705 liters of fuel, Lin Bai took off from New York Roosevelt Airport and began a historic single flight with a theoretical mileage of 6,437 kilometers. After 5808.5 kilometers and 33.5 hours of flight, Lin Bai, known by the media as ‘Flying Fool’, made a safe landing at Paris Bourget Airport. With this feat, Charles Lindbergh has a history, and Laco Transatlantik lets you wear this watch with a pioneering spirit on your wrist. The entire watch is dominated by a black tone, with a mechanical movement and a penetrating design. The strap continues the grey nylon strap of the ‘cockpit’ series. The crown is set at 10 o’clock, and a small seconds dial is added at 12 o’clock, making the entire watch quite different. Fluorescent hands and scales, sapphire glass and 50 meters water resistance. The standard configuration of these series allows the watch to have sufficient performance guarantee.

Hublot Launches The Classic Fusion Series ‘ashes Cup’ Limited Chronograph

In 2015, Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot served as the official timekeeper of the Cricket World Cup, becoming the first luxury brand to establish a partnership with the International Cricket Council. Previously, Hublot has expanded its long-term partnership with the International Cricket Council, including this year’s Champions League and Women’s World Cup. As part of its partnership with cricket, Hublot announces its partnership with Cricket Australia to participate in the Ash Cup event from November 23, 2017 to January 8, 2018.

   To pay tribute to the sport and celebrate the partnership, Hublot has created the classic fusion series ‘Ashes Cup’ limited chronograph. At an exclusive event hosted by the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground, Hublot brand ambassador Michael Clarke unveiled the mystery of the new watch, talked about his awesome cricket career and served as a commentator for the Ashes Cup member. Friends of the brand share their lunch with media partners, and they will be the first to experience the new watch in the iconic member pavilion.

   Numerous subtle details give this watch a unique personality. The dial is decorated with some exclusive symbols directly related to cricket: the pointers in the two sub-dials are shaped like cricket bats, the triple scale at 12 o’clock reminiscent of the three-post gate on the cricket court, and the sapphire crystal strap Emblem Cup logo, dial and strap are decorated in ashes, and the calfskin strap is sewn in the same way as cricket. Hublot’s classic fusion series ‘Ashes Cup’ chronograph is limited to 32 pieces.

Tuduo Led Submersible Spot 39,800, Very Distinctive Belt Spot 23,500, And Even More Open Time Black Plate 42,300

Beijing’s temperature is getting colder and colder, and winter comes quietly. Little friends, how is the weather there? If it’s cold, you should pay attention to changing your clothes and be careful about catching a cold. The continuous haze days will naturally dissipate when encountering wind and rain. Taking advantage of this good period, it is also good to go shopping with friends. Recently, when I visited the Hengli World Famous Watch Center (Beijing Xidan Shopping Center), I learned that there are many Tudor styles here, as well as classic dive watches, unique belt watches, and chronograph black dial watches. Favorite cousin, don’t miss this opportunity!

Fashion watches
Tudor PELAGOS 25600TB watch

   The Tudor Pelagos, a collection of exquisite craftsmanship and innovation, has a water-resistant depth of 500 meters (1640 feet) and a power reserve of about 70 hours. The long power and high waterproof level show the sporty design and reliable performance of this watch. Will meet the needs of marine and diving enthusiasts. The Tudor Pelagos is not only an excellent diving watch, but also a perfect combination of exquisite craftsmanship and reliable mechanical properties, which can be worn on casual or formal occasions. In addition to showing many classic details of Tudor history, this watch is one of the most representative models of the brand. With its extraordinary watchmaking technology, Tudor makes Pelagos watches embark on the journey of exploring the ocean and further expands a wider field of vision.
Tudor North FLAG 91210N belt watch

Watch back display

   The North Flag series is a new series of models introduced by Tudor in 2015. In two years, rock climbing challenges were held in different cities across the country to promote the spirit of exploration expressed by this watch. This shows the significance of the watch for the brand. quite big. Of course, the most important thing is that it is equipped with Tudor’s first self-produced movement, which is a major milestone achievement, which essentially enhances the actual meaning of the Tudor tool table. After the launch of the model, this watch was welcomed by the global market for its innovative design and good appearance. According to the author’s actual operation and feeling, the beautiful and strong face of the watch is indeed very attractive. The watch has a good texture and a moderate thickness. I believe that it can add points to your unique temperament whether it is outdoor or indoor.

Tudor HERITAGE Multifunction Timepiece Series 70330n-95740 Black Dial Watch

   As early as 2010, the Tudor HERITAGE series has been ‘born out of nowhere’. The collections are inspired by the brand’s glorious history and reinterpret the most classic of them. The polished and frosted steel case with a diameter of 42 mm has a fine texture. According to the author’s own experience, the timekeeping operation of the watch is simple, and the timing reset button feels good. The watch as a whole shows a strong sports style, and its style is relatively new, but it is an excellent chronograph.

TUDOR counter of Henry World Watch Center (Xidan Shopping Center, Beijing)

Summary: During the visit, I also learned that several of Tudor’s more famous chronographs are also in stock. When I left, I saw the previous orange and blue dragon watches, which were also pretty. Its storefront is close to the subway station and the transportation is convenient. If you like these watches, please visit the store for more information.
More details:
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
[Dealer Name]: Hengli World Watch Center (Beijing Xidan Shopping Center)
[Dealer Address]: Xidan Shopping Center, No. 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-66011216

Hole Hollow Watch Highlights Elegant Style

Hollow watch subverts the internal mechanical structure of the watch. The outline of the watch body is fresh and simple, full of dynamic, carefully polished parts and the polished case that echoes it are from the Amy’s own manufacturing plant. Black PVD-coated graduation indexes and titanium-plated small seconds and small seconds dials are distributed on the surface of the sapphire crystal. All these elements stand out against the black PVD coating of the entire table, highlighting the modern and elegant style.
Craftsmanship Skeleton Watch
  The discrete design of the ML134 movement, the three-quarters of the splints and the detents are bold and creative. The tantalum-colored polished PVD plywood is carefully embedded by black PVD-coated screws, rubies and gold-plated gears … all this is exquisite The crystallization of science and technology together created another fine series of Le Méridien: ingenuity series hollow watch.
完美 Perfect interpretation of natural colors
  Containing feminine charm and feminine elegance, women’s jewelry watches have always been Amy’s highly regarded strengths. Today, Le Méridien’s new DivinaFlower’sCaress women’s watch is full of taste and style, with graceful, fluent and smooth curves, colorful and dazzling diamonds, creating a classic again.
The designer’s inspiration is from nature, and the rich colors are taken from the colorful flowers in the field. The DivinaFlower’sCaress case is made of white gold. It uses a large number of precious diamonds and multi-colored gemstones to blend and show the delicate color changes of the flowers. It is beautiful and dazzling. The extremely luxurious design style shows a unique artistic creation, which can be called a wonderful work in a watch. It is reported that DivinaFlower’sCaress has several different colors, each of which is a perfect piece of jewelry, each limited to 30 pieces.

Light Up Her Wrist! Hublot Hublot 2019 Mother’s Day Big Bang “One Touch” Watch

They are independent and confident, and have their own fashion ideas. They are elegant and charming, always glowing the extraordinary charm of women. The mother of the 21st century can be an eclectic fashion pioneer, a career elite with a unique style, or an avant-garde woman with a flamboyant personality.

  On Mother’s Day 2019, HUBLOT Hublot presents a pair of BigBang “one-button” watches that show noble temperament. It can also be matched with a variety of new straps to achieve a personalized personality that changes with your heart, and it will become a dazzling light on the mother’s wrist Light!

  The BigBang ‘One-Click’ King Gold Diamond Watch and the BigBang ‘One-Click’ King Gold White Pavé Watch both use a 39mm diameter case, and the overall shape is stylish and elegant. The bezel and case of both watches are made of 18K king gold. This unique material developed by Hublot shows a distinguished and noble atmosphere. The bezel is set with 42 diamonds, which add a touch of brilliance to the watch. BigBang’s ‘One-Click’ King Gold White Pavé Watch is also decorated with 160 gorgeous diamonds in a dense setting on the case. The star-like light shines on the wrist, helping mothers stand out at every important moment and become a crowd. The shining focus!

  At the same time, both watches are equipped with a ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system. By changing straps of different colors or materials, it adds magic to women’s daily life.

  The new strap series launched in spring and summer of 2019 was born with the support of Bischoff embroidery workshop from St. Gallen, Switzerland. This family of embroidery is famous for making precious fabrics for celebrities in the fashion industry and high fashion industry. These embroidery styles have three color schemes-mauve / Bordeaux red, green / pink, green pine / blue, and are equipped with tweed pattern or national style pattern. There are a total of six straps in pursuit of changing and colorful fashion life. Contemporary women provide a casual wear experience.

  On Mother’s Day 2019, let Hublot interpret her self-style for her mother, create every moment of her charm, and create her brilliance on the wrist!

Big Bang ‘One Click’ King Gold Watch · Black Diamond
Number: 465.OX.1180.RX.1204
Dial: Matte black dial
Case: Big Bang-39mm diameter, satin and polished 18K King Gold
Movement: automatic movement HUB1710, date window at 3 o’clock
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Number of jewels: 27
Case back: brushed satin-finished steel, sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 100 meters or 10 ATM
Bezel: Polished 18K king gold, set with 42 diamonds, weighing 1.00 carat
6 H-shaped titanium screws, polished and locked
Strap & Buckle: Black engraved natural rubber strap with ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system
18K King Gold and Black Plated Titanium Folding Clasp

Big Bang ‘One Touch’ King Gold Watch · White Pavé Diamonds
Number: 465.OE.2080.RW.1604
Dial: Matt white dial
Case: Big Bang-39mm diameter, 18K King Gold set with 160 diamonds (1.84 carats total)
Movement: automatic movement HUB1710, date window at 3 o’clock
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Number of jewels: 27
Case back: Satin-finished 18K King Gold, sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 100 meters or 10 ATM
Bezel: 18K King Gold with 42 diamonds (total 1.00 carats)
6 H-shaped titanium screws, polished and locked
Strap & Buckle: White engraved natural rubber strap with ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system
18K King Gold Folding Clasp

It Is Another Year Of Queen’s Day, Three High-value Watches Are Recommended To You

In March, the exclusive festival for female compatriots is about to be ushered in. Do you want to send any gifts to yourself? Today, the Watch House recommends three high-value wrists. Watch as a reference, I hope you all have a happy holiday, always 18 years old.
Cartier key series WSCL0016

Product model: WSCL0016
Domestic public price: ¥ 33000
Watch diameter: 31 mm
Case thickness: 11.04 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Comment: As a practical and good-looking gift, the watch is the most suitable for the little fairies who buy it for themselves or for their fellow men. If you like which one, you can consider starting.

Tissot—2010 Iihf Ice Hockey World Championships Officer Of The 2010 International Hockey World Championships

Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1853, will once again become the official timekeeper of the 2010 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships. The competition will be held in Germany from May 7th to May 23rd. This collaboration will also demonstrate Tissot’s commitment to sports timing.
When winter comes and everything in the world is white, everyone is concerned about ice hockey and actively participate in it. Tissot has long been a partner of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships and has been the official timekeeper of the game since 1996.

François Thiébaud, President of Tissot, said: ‘It is important for us to cooperate with major sports events because it reflects the dynamic development of our brand and the perfect precision and high performance of our products. Worldwide, we Timing more than 63 sporting events, we look forward to continuing to participate in such grand events held in Cologne, Mannheim and Gelsenkirchen. Germany is a crucial market for our brand. The provision of basic timing equipment at the event will also make Tissot customers and partners in this region proud. ‘
Source: Tissot
[email protected]

Rolex Commemorative Bracelet, What Is It Commemorating?

Rolex five-bead chain commonly known by domestic players. The official name of Rolex is a commemorative bracelet. Although I have been in contact with famous watches for many years, the five-bead chain has also been called for many years, but for a long time, I have been wondering why the five-bead chain is called a commemorative bracelet. What is it in memory of? I finally knew it, so today we will focus on the Rolex commemorative bracelet.

Rolex commemorative bracelet, commonly known as five-bead chain. Steel case blue and black circle GMT with commemorative bracelet.
The commemorative bracelet is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Rolex.
 Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Weissdorf. After the end of World War II in 1945, Rolex decided to mark the 40th anniversary of the brand. To commemorate the 40th anniversary, Rolex has introduced a new type of bracelet. This newly designed bracelet is completely different from the previous Rolex bracelet. The new bracelet has five links, two of which are on the edge of the bracelet and three on the middle. The three small links in the middle are polished, and the large links on both sides are brushed. The new bracelet is an all-gold bracelet, and for some time, it has been an all-gold bracelet. This bracelet launched in 1945 is a Rolex commemorative bracelet, which is also known as the ‘five-bead chain’.

Rolex Memorial Bracelet
 It can be seen that the Rolex five-bead chain is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Rolex, so it is officially named a commemorative bracelet. But we can also see that there are still some differences between the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) in history and the current one. At the beginning, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) is a gold chain, and there is no gold or steel version. But that changed a few years later.

Rolex Head Bracelet
 In 1956 (also known as 1955), Rolex introduced the head of the bracelet, which is now used by Rolex DAY DATE bracelet, the bracelet has three curved links, polished in the middle, brushed on both sides, only the gold version. Before the commemorative bracelet was also the gold chain. After the appearance of the all-gold heads bracelet, the role of the Rolex commemorative bracelet began to decline, starting to appear between gold and steel version of the commemorative bracelet. As a result, the heads-type bracelet became the top Rolex bracelet, and the commemorative bracelet became a widely used regular bracelet.

From top to bottom, Rolex oyster bracelets, commemorative bracelets and heads bracelets.
 From the appearance, the Rolex commemorative bracelet has not changed since its birth. However, in terms of structure and technology, the Rolex commemorative bracelet was upgraded. There are two relatively large upgrades:
 1. Upgrade the hollow bracelet to a solid bracelet (the models currently on sale are all solid). Rolex commemorative bracelets (including oyster bracelets) have been hollow for a long time. Starting with Rolex’s 6-digit model, it was replaced with a solid bracelet. For example, the 6-digit numbers 11XXXX, 21XXXX, and 12XXXX are solid bracelets. The previous 5 digit numbered tables, such as the 1XXXX table, 16610 are hollow.

The buckle of the old commemorative bracelet is a rectangular buckle.
 2. Replace the buckle. Earlier Rolex commemorative bracelets used a rectangular buckle with the Crown logo printed on it. Later, starting with 6-digit models (such as 116233, 116234, etc.), they were replaced with hidden buckles. The buckle only showed a small crown, which looked good. After that, starting from the log of the new generation 3235 movement (such as 126333, 126233), it was replaced with an oyster buckle, which was unified with sports. The hidden buckle is only used on DAY DATE, and the five-bead chain is no longer used.

DJ using a memorial bracelet (top) and DD using a heads bracelet (bottom).
 It should be noted here that the Rolex with a hidden buckle can be a commemorative bracelet or a heads bracelet, because the buckle is a small crown, and you need to pay attention when the small crown is opened. Because someone accidentally snapped that little crown out before. If it is lost, you need to change the entire bracelet where the crown is located, which is still more expensive.

Rolex hides the small crown on the clasp, which needs attention to prevent it from being buckled.
Rolex commemorative bracelet, ‘heat’ rose.
 In the past two years, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) has been a hot topic for Rolex. The reason is that as Rolex launches new GMT, including steel case five-bead chain red and blue rings, steel case five-bead chain blue and black rings, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) returns to Rolex sports models (formerly antique sports labor Used), and became the main bracelet on the new Rolex GMT.

A steel case five-bead chain with a red and blue ring and a steel case five-bead chain with a blue and black ring.
 According to Rolex’s latest plan:
 1. The Rolex GMT will be a two-color bezel. The previous models of single-color bezels will be discontinued.
 2. Rolex GMT will only use steel shell, rose gold and platinum materials. GMT no longer uses gold.
 3. Rolex GMT steel watches will no longer use oyster bracelets, steel case GMT will use five-bead chains. In the future, Oyster chains will only be used on all-gold and inter-gold GMT.

The blue and red rings on the oyster bracelet above are all white gold.
 That is to say, in the future, when you see the GMT of the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain), you can recognize it as a steel case GMT at a glance. Whenever you see the GMT of an oyster bracelet (here refers to the new two-color circle model, not including the old discontinued model), then it is definitely a model with gold (all gold or gold). It is important to note that if you see a GMT that is metallic silver, but it is an oyster chain, there is no doubt that this GMT is platinum (here refers to the new two-color circle model, not including the old discontinued model).

Memorial bracelet (five-bead chain) with oyster clasp.
 Among the Rolex currently on sale, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) has been used from DJ to the sports GMT, and has become a major identifier of Rolex GMT. Compared with other brands of watches, Rolex has certain rules and attention to watch heritage, identification, and various combinations of elements. The commemorative bracelet has now become an important identification mark and basis of judgment after several floats.