This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot Watches Witness The Epic Heroes Of The Nba Playoffs

The greatness of the 2018 NBA playoffs is enough to go down in history. This is a milestone year. The old and new dynasties in the east have changed. The traditional heroic showdown in the west has countless dramatic and miraculous hero stories. In the end, the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east defeated the Green Army and defended the eight-year dynasty after life and death; the defending champion Golden State Warriors in the west defeated the No. 1 Rockets in the regular season in the tiebreaker, and bravely entered the final threshold. On the playing field, they control every moment of themselves, make every effort to create history, and also create the glory of the next moment. As the official NBA timer, Tissot’s comprehensive basketball timing system has witnessed all the highlights of this legendary stadium. Tissot, as the official NBA partner, brings the passion and passion in this field to Porsche and Sprint. Series of NBA team special watch, heroic belief burns on your wrist.

Tissot Porsche Series / Speeder Series NBA Team Special

Fight for 48 minutes
   The wave of passion for the NBA East and West Finals has spread from Houston and Boston, reaching the other side of the ocean, touching the hearts of countless fans. The story of this series of games is based on heroes: ‘Emperor’ James led the knights to guard the eastern throne with iron will, even the young Celtic generals gave their full energy and vigor; Golden State Warriors The myth of the three-pointer is still continuing, coupled with Duran’s specific sea-god-like finishing ability, the new rockets under Paul and Harden also failed to stop their edge. At this point, the fate of the Cavaliers and the Warriors in the finals is another year.

Tissot Speeder Cavaliers / Warriors Special Watch

Tissot Celtic / Rockets Special Edition
   What does longing mean for a team? When you saw James, who was still suffering in the last second, struggled to climb up and rush to the opponent’s basket in the next second. Trek through the mire of position battles and you will understand how strong their desire is. They have a very clear meaning for the moment in their hands, and in the endless playoffs, every moment may be a ticket to victory. The ultimate desire to never give up and put all my efforts to the last moment is the ink for writing the epic of NBA heroes, and it is the sporting spirit that is engraved in the core of the Tissot watch forever.
   The Tissot watch is a team-specific watch launched by the NBA team, which combines this desire for victory with the control of time. The special series of the NBA team launched last year has incorporated all the features of the 30 teams into the design of the case back and strap. Presented on the unique dial design of the Su Chi series. Different from the colorful series of the Porsche series, the special section of the Speedway series NBA team is based on handsome and calm black, and the team’s color is quietly integrated into the ventilation hole of the leather strap. Never miss a wonderful moment of your favorite team.

Tissot Speeding Series New NBA Team Special
Decisive battle for 0.1 seconds The precise timepiece behind the legend
   At the top and side of the basket, on the Tissot chronograph, sharp numbers jump to 0.1 seconds at the same time. At this moment, James jumped for a shot at a 45-degree angle on the left and hit a two-pointer in basketball. In the playoffs, the fatal lore of the Cavaliers’ third game against the Toronto Raptors was imprinted on the hearts of countless fans. The gap between minutes and seconds is enough to determine the victory or defeat of the game, and even the fate of the players.

Tissot NBA official timer and lore moment
   Tissot watches have always stood behind the legend of the NBA, sketching the timing map with seconds. As the official designated timer of the NBA, Tissot watches break through the traditional timing role and become an integral part of the NBA. Since getting involved in sports timing in 1883, Tissot has been keenly capturing the subtle differences between minutes and seconds on the playing field and has never stopped perfecting its pursuit of sports timers. Tissot’s new timing and scoring system incorporates superb technology into the innovative interface, demonstrating its superb skills and professionalism in the field of timing.

Tissot NBA new timing and scoring system
   The new Tissot watch’s 24-second timer has an unprecedented hardware system including three modules of 24 seconds, pause and match time timer, which greatly facilitates the reading of different times by live players and spectators. The system software can simultaneously transmit the most accurate time information to all on-site score boards, relays, and information publishing equipment, and its highest accuracy can reach 0.15PPM (parts per million, that is, one millionth of a unit level), The shortest time that human eyes can capture is only 1/24 second. This allows the audience to receive the most accurate timing data, both on-site and in front of the television set thousands of miles away.

Tissot NBA new timing and scoring system
   The epic heroes of the playoffs have come to an end, but the passion and dreams they contain have not been continued. Tissot will also own all of it, grasp the minutes and seconds with accurate timepieces, and work with all basketball enthusiasts around the world to witness the legendary story of the finals together.

Montblanc International Paris Boutique Opens A New Record

One of the most magnificent boutiques in the world, Montblanc International opened in the Haute Joaillerie district in central Paris. This two-storey flagship store on Rue de la Paix occupies 1,640 square feet, next to the iconic Vendôme Square, reaffirming Montblanc’s global retail business.

Montblanc’s boutique on Rue de la Paix will be the largest boutique in Europe and one of the 15 ‘4810’ boutiques in the world. It mainly provides pre-order, limited edition and collector’s editions of high-end series such as high-end jewelry, high-end watches and high-end writing instruments.

Montblanc’s Paris boutique reflects its constant commitment to art and culture, and it will become a place for cultural exchanges. To show the brand’s support for art, Montblanc Montblanc will showcase its original artwork, the Cutting Edge art series, on a rotating platform. In addition, Montblanc will invite artists from around the world each month to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talents and display their contemporary works in boutiques.

Forum Friends Talk About How They Have Been Playing For 12 Years! Objectively Evaluate Each Brand

Today I was invited by my friends in the Blancpain group to write about my watch experience. In fact, it was the experience of chopping 30-40 hands … Mixed forums for many years, my younger brother is a secret for everyone. Today, the mystery is revealed. My brother is only 24 years old, but I have been playing watches for a full ten years (12 years). Q: ‘Why are you mostly diving watches?’ I: ‘I was only 12 years old when I first played a watch. Children, young and vigorous, not stable enough, and often participate in outdoor activities. Only the diving watch is sturdy and durable, and it won’t break the watch if it is touched. ‘Q:’ Why do you love watches so much? ‘I:’ Actually I was 12 years old and I was a Tissot PRS200. But I started to wear watches when I was 4-5 years old. At that time, I went to kindergarten. I was neither daycare nor lodging. I was sent to 8:30 in the morning. I was picked up. After the normal child was picked up at 4:30, I stayed with the teacher on duty until 8:30 (Why parents are busy with their careers, this knot was only unlocked 5 years ago), and I found it at home by accident I took an old watch and took it to the kindergarten to ask the teacher to teach me time. I watched it every day from 4:30. The block watch until 8:30 … For me, the watch is not only a tool for watching and an ornament on my wrist. In fact, the watch is already a part of my life. ‘Back to the topic, since I was invited, write something The objective evaluation of the various brands I bought, from the beginning, to the top. Casio, no one knows this brand, the most entry-level brand, (G-shock) has shaped the entire brand with durability Image. Seiko, the most entry-level style is much cheaper than Tissot. The high-end Grand Seiko is not inferior to labor. Talk about ordinary mechanical Seiko, which is as durable as Toyota cars. The movement is very strong in shock resistance, but the machine The stability of the core is not high, unlike Swiss watches, which are fast or slow, fast and slow, and when you are lucky, you can quickly and slowly achieve 0 errors. Tissot, everyone who knows this watch knows this. Brand, entry-level brand, the cheapest metal case Swiss watch, the Tissot of the Swiss national watch is indeed very cost-effective, and the ETA system is equipped with a solid and durable movement. Oris, the level is higher than the Tissot, no quartz watch And it can create complex functions, but most of them are equipped with red 腚, ETA or SW movements, and you can buy watches with complex functions for a small amount. TAG Heuer, sports watch brand, average domestic recognition, North American recognition A well-known brand, the movement has its own production and uniform equipment, a variety of styles, can meet the different aesthetics of various types of people. Longines (Longines), I have not bought this brand of watches, but this is a conscientious watchmaking A model, there is no one of the best brands polished at the same level and the same price. Recently, it is planning to start a 4-pin retrograde, spending the top brand’s fractional price to buy the top features of top watches. Bell & Ross), history is very short, it is not easy to enter luxury brands just by unique appearance. Most of them are integrated movements. They are sold in the same case as Panerai. The watch has a very low breakdown. Breitling ), The leading brand in aviation watches, although aviation calculators are long outdated, but this tradition continues in the aviation series, which can give pilots a well-prepared and harmless role. Breitling is also a model of diving watches, Seawolf 3000 The waterproof ability of meters is enough to prove their strength. It is a very cost-effective brand among watches of the same level. Zenith, the leading brand of chronograph movements, most people know Remania, FP, and the United States. Nine-hour movement, few people know the power of Zenith’s chronograph movement. In fact, Zenith has a half-time in making chronograph movements in luxury brands. Earlier Rolex purchased in bulk when it did not have its own chronograph movement R & D capabilities. The Zenith chronograph movement was modified … Today, the originator of the 3.6W high-frequency movement, coupled with its unique design, is very popular with the public.
 Now talk about the shortcomings, 3.6W high frequency, the watch is relatively delicate, a little reckless operation of the watch will certainly not stand, coupled with the high repair and maintenance costs are difficult to be accepted by people. Panerai, originally The military watch brand has now become a shell product, ‘two needles, 47mm, overseas Chinese, bubble mirror …’ These are all synonymous with Pei. Pei was saved by Li Feng and was also harmed by Li Feng. Li Feng was rescued by the military watch when it could not support it, and it was about to go bankrupt. But now it is just a fake. Without the quality of the military watch, it has a high price. Nowadays, there are generally two types of people who buy Pei. Is attracted by a unique shell, the other is ‘Army expression’. IWC, like Pei, belongs to Richemont, but loves a wide range of toilet styles, suitable for different people’s aesthetics, the advantage is recognition High, the disadvantage is expensive, everything is expensive, the price is high, the after-sales maintenance costs are also high, and there is always a ‘tax reimbursement’ overlord clause. The last maintenance cost 8k without replacing the parts. Omega (omega ), This is my favorite brand, brand recognition The knowledge is high and the cost performance is high. The progress of o has been obvious in recent years. The stealth stop of the 2500 movement has made o leaps and bounds. 8500, 9300 to now 8900, 9900, coaxial silicon material movement, super The high antimagnetic ability and decorative polishing have become a model of the same level of cost performance. The polishing and labor 3135 are the same as the third gear, but the aesthetics o definitely exceeds the labor.
 Then there is the maintenance cost that everyone is more concerned about, 8500, 9300 is 800 Canadian dollars, the exchange rate is 5, 2500 is 500 knives. Rolex, need not say more, high awareness, durable … I say a lot of people I don’t know, the 3135 movement is a pin-shaped oscillating weight. If the maintenance is not timely or subject to large vibrations, it will cause the oscillating weight of the oscillating movement.
 As for the maintenance cost, it is relatively reasonable. It is about 3,500 yuan, and the time is relatively fast. If you buy only one watch, Rolex is a good choice. Grasso (GO), go has always been a feeling of mine, like 5, 6 It’s been years, I have n’t bought it yet. I could n’t afford it before. Now it’s not good quality control. I dare not buy it. Although go only grinds the cover plate, taking 65 and 66 as examples, double gooseneck, Geneva stripe, The gold sleeve makes the movement attractive enough … JLC, big brand, strong movement research and development capabilities, but the movement is not very polished, looking at the golden light from afar, the levels are clear, and the movement is chamfered and polished near It is far from other brands of the top brands. Jacques de Ronaldo (JD), the brand is relatively niche, the recognition is not high, in line with the style of low-key and temperament I want, although most use Blancpain 1151 movement, but The movement was polished and even surpassed Blancpain, the Geneva radiation pattern and the inner arc chamfer made the movement amazing enough. Breguet, royal descent, whether it is the case or the movement is enough to keep improving, wearing a Breguet feels like you are Aristocracy, this is very Brands are incomparable. Blancpain (JB), the brand awareness is not high, but the exceptional excellence of the movement, fully embodies the authenticity of ‘Heaven and Earth Conscience’, taking 50 浔 as an example, is the originator of diving watches , Is the only choice for diving watch enthusiasts in the top brands, from the third hand to the calendar time is not comparable to other diving watches. The following has not purchased Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, high brand recognition, a movement polishing is not good enough one Lifeng was half-dead. In recent years, the stability of the two brands’ movements was not good, but because of the high brand awareness, many people paid for it. Patek Philippe (PP), the boss of the watch is undoubted, But it’s not suitable for my big wrist. I tried it on 5119 last time. Because my fingers were too thick to be wound, I missed it. Maybe I will consider A.LA, Owl, the brand I most aspire to, The style, whether it is the function or the polishing of the movement, reflects the top of the top. Inadequate, Richeman’s overlord clause ‘maintenance and tax’, please also think of ways to consider such top watches. The above personal nonsense nonsense blind vernacular, I implore you to help correct if wrong, thank you watch Friends Forum: Brian ¥¥¥ View Brian ¥¥¥ more original content: 01,639,814

Jing Bairan Wears The Jaeger-lecoultre Reverso Tribute Duo Dual Time Zone Flip Watch Series Attend The Movie ‘slightly Smile Very Charming’ Conference

On July 10, 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s best friend Jing Boran wore a Reverso Tribute Duo dual-time zone watch to attend the movie ‘Slightly Smiling’.

Jing Bairan wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Resoso Tribute Duo watch

   The fantasy love movie ‘Slightly Laughing and Very Charming’ was produced by Zhang Yibai, directed by Zhao Tianyu, and starred by Jing Bairan and Yang Ying. Xiao Nai, played by Jing Bairan in the film, is a master of Yushu Linfeng. This movie tells the love story of a pair of campus couples who are romantically in the game world and lucky to fall in love in reality.
    This Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duo dual time zone watch that accompanied Jing Boran attending the film conference, adopts the dual time zone design concept, is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement, and is equipped with a day / night display function, which is simple, subtle and distinctive. The white dial with blue hour markers perfectly matches Jing Boran’s white school grass shape.

Act Now And Start Your Own New Year’s Road-oris Aquis Relief Calendar Watch, Vibrant Red To Congratulate Hai Pig New Year And Promote Water Conservation

The arrival of the Year of the Pig, the Swiss independent watch brand Oris cooperates with wild adventure swimmer Ernst Bromeis to launch the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch, promoting the threat to the water environment and protecting the ocean, creating a Own New Year road.

Xishui sustains life and is also the soul of nature. However, the water environment is currently facing serious threats, and rivers and oceans are becoming increasingly polluted. A report from the Pacific Institute, a think tank for water resources, shows that in developing countries, about 90% of sewage and 70% of industrial wastewater are discharged into waterways without any treatment. The living environment of aquatic organisms is also not optimistic, and more and more dead sea creatures filled with plastic in their stomachs are found. The problem is intensifying and immediate action must be taken to protect the water environment.

Over the past few years, Oris has continued to work with non-profit organizations to create projects that can truly make a difference in the water environment, including artificial replanting of corals with the Coral Remediation Foundation and protection of endangered sharks with the marine charity Paligias Kkunja Together with environmentalists, applying for the World Natural Heritage status for Clipperton Island is a key node for the migration of many endangered marine life. At the same time, Oris also introduced a recycled plastic strap made of waste plastic.

豪 Today, Oris and the expedition swimmer Ernst Bromeis have reached a new cooperation, launched the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch, and held Baikal events. At that time, Ernst will wear the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch to swim across the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal, with an average water temperature of 10 ° C within 60 days, to promote water conservation to the world. Ernst said excitedly, ‘Oris is a brand that truly loves freedom. We share common attitudes and values, are inspired by good things and simple life, and stick to our own way. And I trust and appreciate Oris Workmanship and artistry, it will definitely do its job in Lake Baikal expedition swimming. ‘

ORIS Aquis Relief Calendar Watch, Grey Rubber Strap

Ernst Bromeis, an expedition swimmer and Oris Ambassador

Red is a color with a strong visual impact, which means auspicious, and also has a role of alertness. The second hand of the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch is specially designed to be red, reminding the importance of protecting water. The vibrant red rubber strap conveys the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year. The inner joy is radiated from the warm red and welcomes the Year of the Pig in a joyful atmosphere. The design of the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch is also inspired by the color and feel of water. The silver-white scale is like glittering water droplets, and the gray dial is reminiscent of the stormy sea. At the same time, the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch has the excellent performance and design aesthetics of the ORIS Aquis series diving watches. The relief design of the stainless steel bezel makes the model more delicate and three-dimensional, which is also the source of the term Relief. The stainless steel case is equipped with a unidirectional rotating diving bezel, which is water-resistant to 300 meters. Under the sturdy and durable sapphire crystal, the clear and easy-to-read hands and scale are coated with Super-LumiNova®.

ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch, red rubber strap

As an independent watch brand, Oris has always adhered to its own path, with a view to making quantifiable changes in water environmental protection. The launch of the ORIS Aquis Relief calendar watch is a new step taken by the brand in the promotion of water resources protection. It calls on more consumers to act immediately when the New Year is approaching and jointly open the way to protect water resources.

product features

Oris Aquis Relief Calendar

• Product No .: 0173377304153-07, 42466EB,
• Diameter: 43.5mm
• Oris733 automatic mechanical movement with 38 hours power reserve
• Central hour, minute, second, 6 o’clock position on the dial, calendar display
• Stainless steel embossed bezel
• Stainless steel case and screw-in crown, 300 meters waterproof
• Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the inside
• Stainless steel screw-in transparent bottom cover
• Gray-black dial, hands coated with Super-LumiNovaBGW9 luminous material
• Red rubber strap with stainless steel folding clasp with extension
• Recommended retail price: RMB13,200

Jacques Jaeger-lecoultre Flip London Special Edition

Since 2012, Jaeger-Lecoultre has launched different special editions with the theme of Reverso 1931. This year, with the grand opening of the Jaeger-LeCoultre flagship store in London, the new Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 is launched. Flip Watch Special Edition London flagship store. The dial is selected to represent the color of ‘Great Britain’-green, and the back is decorated with the Palace of Westminster and the famous Big Ben (engraved by Janek Deleskiewicz, Jaeger-LeCoultre). Big Ben), limited to 26. Jaeger-LeCoultre salutes the British Empire by combining Big Ben and the Reverso logo.

The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 Special Edition is the rarest model in the Reverso 1931 series. The color of the dial has chosen the color that best represents ‘Great Britain’-green, and the dial layout is Uses Reverso’s most classic two-hand version and silver hour markers. Stephane Belmont, Jaeger-LeCoultre Executive Director of Creative and Marketing, said: ‘This watch is limited to 26 pieces. After the bright red dial (Rouge) and the attractive chocolate dial, this London flagship store The dark green lacquer plate design is more legendary sports colors, and it does not remind people of the beautiful and charming rural scenery of Britain. ‘The back of the case has a dense bottom design, decorated with Weiss engraved by Janek Deleskiewicz Palace of Westminster and the famous Big Ben motif. Over the years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been deeply fascinated by the charm of Big Ben, such as the Duomètre a Grande Sonnerie designed by Jaeger-LeCoultre, whose rhythm is based on the original rhythm of the Big Ben. inspiration.

From the London World’s Fair in 1851, Jaeger-LeCoultre founder Antoine LeCoultre was awarded his first gold medal for his significant contribution to the development of the watch industry; to her crown in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II of England Japan also wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 watch. By 1931, the British company had designed the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most representative Reverso watch, and it also explained the profound relationship between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Britain. The Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 large-scale ultra-thin flip watch London flagship store special edition has begun to sell in the London flagship store, the limited edition of 26 special edition is believed to be another watch worthy of collection.

Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 Special Edition
Stainless steel material, hour and minute display
The back of the palace is engraved with the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben motifs
Water-resistant to 3 bar with Jaeger-LeCoultre 822 manual winding mechanical movement
Model: Q278853L, limited to 26 pieces worldwide
MSRP: £ 6,800, only sold in London, not priced in Taiwan

Olympic Feature: Special Event Watch Special Edition

Compared with China, consumers in Western countries are more enthusiastic about sports watches. The brand’s ancestry combined with the extraordinary temperament of elegant sports makes the watch not too much emphasis on the elegant and low-key part, but also moderate. Zhang Yang is definitely a versatile watch that can support various scenes.

Hublot 2012 European Cup Kings Extreme Official Watch
     Hublot’s two Kings Extreme UEFA EURO 2012 ™ limited edition watches: the Ukrainian version is made of king gold and ceramics, while using the Ukrainian flag blue elements; the Polish version is made of titanium and ceramics, with the red flag of Poland keynote. The colors of blue, yellow and red and white represent Ukraine and Poland, respectively, where the 2012 European Cup is held. The two Kings Extreme Chronographs with a diameter of 48mm have elegant sports lines and at the same time pay tribute to the field of football: the central 45-minute timer is specially designed for the European Cup-this is exactly the half-time football game time. The official logo of the 2012 European Cup is clearly displayed on the back of the sapphire mirror, and the football pattern inspired by this logo surrounds the inside and outside.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Limited Edition German Football Association
     The Euro 2012 football tournament, jointly organized by Poland and Ukraine, has entered the countdown phase. Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has successfully cooperated with the German Football Association for the third time. In the preparation phase of this grand event, it has already taken the lead: the large pilot series, the German Football Association limited edition staged a hat trick, and was officially designated as The third edition of the ‘Official Designation of the German National Team’ (‘OFFIZIELLE UHR DER DEUTSCHEN FUSSBALL-NATIONALMANNSCHAFT’). This watch will be limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

Jaeger-LeCoultre World Time Zone Chronograph
     The Polo Field World Time Zone Chronograph is a chronograph tailored for polo sports. The watch uses high-tech black ceramic to create the case, and titanium alloy to create the lugs that support the case, making the watch noble and elegant. And durable. The design of the case adopts a Jaeger-LeCoultre-style reversible design. The back of the case is engraved with the transparent discs of 24 city names, so that the exquisite movement with double barrels can be seen, and you can enjoy the dazzling movement. Oscillator, 39 rubies and 28,800 pendulums per hour.

Piaget Polo Forty Five Chronograph
     Since its birth in 1979, Jazz’s polo watches have become a very important product line of the brand. The brand has also established a close relationship with polo sports, appearing in various world-class polo events. This Polo watch has a titanium case, which is very light to use. It is equipped with Piaget’s 880P manual winding ultra-thin chronograph movement. It not only has the chronograph function, but also displays the time and date in the second time zone. It is a gentleman’s occasion A versatile style that can be worn.

Officine Panerai
     In 2011, the watchmaker launched the Luminor Submersible 1950 Regatta 3 Days GMT Automatic Titanio – 47mm diving watch for the 2011 Panerai Classic Sailing Challenge; the price was US $ 11,600 (about RMB 74,000). This watch case has a diameter of 47 mm and is made of matte titanium. It is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. This professional diving watch is water-resistant to 300 meters and equipped with a rotating bezel. The upper scale can calculate the diving time. This watch uses Panerai’s self-made P.9001 automatic winding mechanical movement, which has a power reserve of three days and the function of displaying the second time zone

Athens Releases New Whimsical Tourbillon Watch

Ulysse Nardin (Athens watch, hereinafter referred to as UN) produces only 30,000 watches per year, which is indeed not surprising in size, but it is such a Swedish company whose novel design is frequently Outside surprises. The founder Ludwig Oechslin (Ludwig-Oklin) inspired by his wild imagination, Freak series of watches is an immortal legend of UN.

AkFreak is a tourbillon watch, which was released in 2001. It abandoned the traditional ‘single-axis escapement’ and first adopted the ‘two-way escapement’. The case has also become an integral part of the watch’s operation, because the mainspring of the watch covers the entire case, and the winding mechanism can be driven by the rotation of the case. Although the mechanical device is complicated, it is hidden under the simple shape design. In the next few years, UN will use Freak watches as a platform to showcase its innovative craftsmanship, and will launch Freak DIAMonSIL and Freak Diamond HEART. Today, the new Freak Diavolo, based on Freak, is a testament to UN’s creativity. Freak Diavolo’s hairspring is made of silicon, and the newly developed excellent material LIGA (deep electroforming molding technology) nickel is used in the core part. Unlike the oscillators used in other Freak watches, Freak Diavolo is equipped with a flying tourbillon device with a seconds display. The flying tourbillon can be centered every 60 minutes with the support of two ball bearing devices. Rotate around.
Driven by UN’s continuous creativity, I believe there will be more and more fantastic Freak watches coming out one after another, let us wait and see.

Blancpain Blancpain Dive Watch Strap Class

No perfect watch can lack the backing of a strap or a chain. Although it does not carry the direct function related to time, it still has a significant meaning. The strap not only affects the overall appearance and wearing experience of the watch, but also the password of the wearer’s personal style. Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand and the founder of modern diving watches, deeply understands the philosophy of straps and continues to break through the traditional materials. Whether it is stainless steel, marine canvas, or NATO military straps, it will always be elastic and wearable. Comfort and practicality are the ultimate goals, helping men who love sports and different personalities find the style that fits them best and release their personal charm.
Stainless steel-tough men seeking pragmatism

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph
    Unlike gold’s eye-catching, the stainless steel strap is always the first choice for low-key, tough men. This Fifty Fathoms flyback chronograph can be used to enter and exit high-end business meetings, as well as daily casual attire, saving effort and effort for pragmatic men who work hard. At the same time, the material is not delicate, it is not only very cool on the hot summer day, but also easier to maintain after sweating. In order to highlight the best readability in all environments, all digital markings on the watch, including Blancpain’s patented equipment-60-minute diving-assisted countdown scale with unidirectional rotating bezel, trapezoidal hour markers on the black dial And all hands are covered with Blancpain’s Super-Luminova, which guarantees that the time can be read clearly in any dark environment. The neat dial layout and the smooth silver stainless steel bracelet give a refreshing and capable sportsman impression.
Nautical canvas-a passionate sportsman

Blancpain Bathyscaphe diving watch
   Nautical canvas is Blancpain’s most preferred strap material for the Fifty Fathoms series. It has been used since the birth of the first diving watch put into production in 1953 and has become one of the important symbols of Blancpain’s ‘Underwater Warrior’. In the initial use, it was more considered that the nautical canvas strap had high density, toughness and flexibility, which fully met the rigorous requirements in military operations, so as a professional standard equipment, it accompanied the multinational navy and submarine research teams to dive into the deep sea. . Since then, it has sweat-absorbent, easy-to-clean and abrasion-resistant, and the longer it is used, the more story-like unique style has won more and more people’s favor. Therefore, the men who choose the canvas strap must be enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts. They never care whether this watch can be matched with different dresses, and they value the professional functions and historical traditions it carries. It is undoubtedly a firm follower of the diving spirit. , Outsmarted athletes.
Barenia cowhide-the elegant gentleman who pays attention to details

Blancpain Fifty Fathom Automatic
   Sports watches are not destined to be missed. Compared with the traditional materials of Fifty Fathoms, Barenia’s matte calfskin strap clearly exudes a unique aura. A leather strap is not a regular choice for diving watches, but this strap innovatively mixes and matches the skin of the wrist with a rubber base, which is sensitive to moisture and has a good fit with the wrist. Elegant elegance and comfort are perfectly integrated into one, giving the wearer peace of mind. In appearance, the brown is calm and atmospheric, with the red gold case, it is not difficult to guess that its owner must be an extraordinary gentleman who pays attention to details.
NATO Military Straps-Slutty Adventurer

Blancpain Bathyscaphe diving watch
   Today, this kind of nylon strap with two stripe decorations has been popularly known as the ‘Band strap’; while those without stripe trims are called ‘NATO straps’, also known as NATO military straps. It is widely used in the military mainly due to the special structure of its double-layer strap-the watch body is provided with a non-slip drop clasp, even if the strap is pulled, as long as it does not pass through the ear needle part, the watch body will not immediately Lost and slipped. In addition, the nylon strap is thin and durable, and it can maintain excellent performance in dirty and wet environments. Even though modern watches no longer need to meet the harsh and harsh environmental requirements of the war years, NATO straps still have a large number of fans: they are unruly, adventurous, full of heroism, and often take a different approach. The matte black dial of this Fifty Fathoms watch with military green NATO strap interprets a different retro feeling, allowing the owner to instantly ride the time machine and return to the era of yellowing.

Audemars Piguet Celebrates Brand Ambassador Lebron James As Nba Mvp Of The Year

Audemars Piguet celebrates the brand ambassador LeBron James’s award as the Most Valuable Player of the NBA 2011-2012 regular season. Not only did LeBron James love basketball, he was also very passionate about fine watchmaking, wearing a Royal Oak offshore watch.
Lebron James loves Royal Oak Offshore
    This is the third time in four years that LeBron James has won the most prestigious personal award in basketball. This outstanding achievement has made him one of the greatest players in history. LeBron James has won this award twice during the Cleveland Cavaliers. After playing for the Miami Heat last season, he once again won the third MVP of his career. Prior to LeBron James, only seven players had won three or more MVP awards of the year.
    In the 2011-12 regular season ball season, LeBron James averaged 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists.
    The MVP Award (Most Valuable Player of the Year) is an award determined by 121 votes. Members of the voting team include sports reporters and media in the United States and Canada, one of which is a common vote for fans. LeBron James has a unique skill in the ball, which is both powerful and intelligent, making him stand out in the player vote of the year and winning the outstanding player award of the season. LeBron James scored 1074 points and won the championship with 85 votes.
    LeBron James has become Audemars Piguet’s brand ambassador more than a year ago. This outstanding athlete perfectly embodies the brand philosophy: To break the rules, you must first master them. Adhering to his passion for basketball, LeBron James has continued to improve on the court, creating the possibility of creating himself and exceeding limits. Not only did LeBron James love basketball, he was also very passionate about fine watchmaking, wearing a Royal Oak offshore watch.