Seiko Launches The World’s First Gps Solar Watch

The world’s first watch with revolutionary GPS solar technology is officially born! Japanese watchmaker SEIKO (SEIKO) recently held a press conference on the listing of the new SEIKO ASTRON in Taiwan, attended by the brand spokesman international superstar Wang Leehom, and officially launched the world’s first pointer watch equipped with the revolutionary GPS solar technology ‘SEIKO ASTRON GPS solar wrist watch’ Watch ‘, can grasp the user’s location through more than four satellites, automatically identify 39 time zones around the world, and automatically adjust to obtain the local time. This new technological breakthrough symbolizes the future of quartz timing, and will move towards a new generation based on ‘100,000-year error one second’. The new ‘SEIKO ASTRON GPS Solar Watch’ is a boutique luxury watch tailored for the business people of Universe. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you can see the sky, you can accurately pass Four or more satellites perform time correction, ‘looking at the sky, knowing time’, SEIKO ASTRON merges ‘time’ and ‘space’ into one, and ‘world time’ is from your wrist.
SEIKO ASTRON GPS solar watch, the entire series of six watches will be listed globally in late September. ASTRON high-density white titanium models SAST003G, SAST005G, black plated models SAST007G, ASTRON stainless steel models SAST009G and SAST011G. The ASTRON 2012 limited edition commemorative SAST001G, specially created to celebrate global listing events, was released simultaneously, with a global limit of 2,500.
World Time Automatically aligns with you in 39 time zones around the world
With the advent of globalization, people’s need for time is no longer limited to a single geographical space. The new SEIKO ASTRON GPS solar watch is born in response to the world’s elite and global business environment. SEIKO ASTRON is the world’s first watch that actively recognizes 39 time zones around the world and keeps the time always accurate. Through SEIKO’s exclusive GPS module, SEIKO ASTRON can automatically or manually receive the signals from more than four GPS satellite waves. The atomic clock signal obtains information such as altitude, latitude and longitude, calculates the user’s location, and advances the ‘GPS global satellite positioning technology’ to a new milestone of ‘miniaturization, energy saving, and high reception performance.
Drive by light, make time never stop
Combining SEIKO solar technology and GPS receiving technology is a revolutionary research. Unlike ordinary radio watches, SEIKO ASTRON driven by solar energy has developed a GPS receiver with low power consumption. The biggest breakthrough lies in the power required by the SEIKO GPS module. Only 1/5 of the average. The SEIKO ASTRON GPS solar watch is driven by light. It can receive all kinds of light sources and turn it into a kinetic energy source through the faceplate. There is no need to replace the battery. At the same time, the hands with power reserve display can show the state of energy storage, and become a never-ending Watch! Even if you are in a geographical location where standard radio waves cannot transmit, you can still maintain high accuracy with satellite radio.
Epoch-making taste innovation
The appearance of the new SEIKO ASTRON is inspired by the lightweight structure of GPS satellites. In addition to the crown and push handles on the side of the case, the new lightweight groove is used as a design to strengthen the three-dimensional layer. The bezel is strengthened. And use ceramic materials with rich gloss. The SEIKO ASTRON 2012 limited-commemorative watch combines metal ceramics with a black base dial. Its delicate rose gold hands and hour markers contrast the dial with night black, exuding a gentleman’s luxurious fashion taste; white titanium models Made of lightweight white titanium, it has a beautiful luster and excellent abrasion resistance. It is the most suitable model for business people. The stainless steel model uses a new reinforced silicone strap. Durability, combined with a stainless steel case, creates a strong personalized sports style. SEIKO ASTRON’s unique six watches allow gentle and elegant people to exude confidence and personality charm in their hands, symbolizing the ultimate taste of boutique watches.
SEIKO’s original automatic correction of the position of the pointer can automatically detect the position of the pointer on a regular basis to avoid pointer displacement caused by external force or magnetic influence. At the same time, you can easily adjust the DST daylight saving time by simply pressing the handle; the perpetual calendar function of SEIKO ASTRON can always display the correct date until February 2100, and it is not affected by leap years. SEIKO corrects time based on location information, significantly reduces power consumption, and realizes two elements of advanced functions and beautiful exterior.
Smart Multi-indicator
The small hand at 10 o’clock on the faceplate has the following functions:
→ Satellite reception instruction
→ Power reserve indicator
→ Flight mode switch indication
→ DST daylight saving time switch indication
全新 SEIKO’s new revolutionary technology
In 1969, the world’s first ASTRON started the quartz revolution, bringing an unprecedented chronochronic era with “years of seconds”. SEIKO relies on the ability of self-made chips and vertical integration to produce quartz watches worldwide. Win in the development competition. With the development of quartz watch-related ICs, stepping motors and LCDs, technologies have been successfully applied to industrial and home appliances, SEIKO’s outstanding contribution to the world was finally recognized by the IEEE International Electromechanical Association in 2000. Best Milestone Award. ‘ Today, the new SEIKO ASTRON brings a new breakthrough, and the accuracy of quartz watch timing in the future will again reach a new milestone, reaching the atomic clock standard of ‘100,000 years error 1 second’, and can automatically adjust the time zone. The launch of the new SEIKO ASTRON proves once again that integration is always one of the keys to success.
Due to SEIKO’s expertise in superior technologies such as “energy saving, miniaturization, and high precision”, and its ability to successfully integrate the four watchmaking capabilities of machinery, quartz, human power, and Spring Drive, SEIKO has created the world’s first Connected to the GPS global satellite network, and accurately adjust the time and time zone of the solar watch, just like the world’s first quartz watch released in 1969, SEIKO will once again challenge the standards of the watch market, realize and open up a new realm of watches It truly deserves to be a ‘living legend’ with the leading technology in the watch industry. As founder Kintaro Hattori has always been one step ahead of SEIKO, SEIKO engineers and watchmakers will have the courage to face the challenges of time in the new generation, push the watchmaking technology to the limit, and amaze our next generation!
High-Density White Titanium Black Plated Case / High-Density White Titanium Black Plated Strap / Tri-Fold Pressing Buckle / With Tough Silicone Strap / 2012 Limited Commemorative Model / Global Limited 2,500, Taiwan Limited 80 Exclusive watch box and certificate / GPS satellite wave reception / automatic time correction / time forced correction / reception result display / ceramic bezel / hand position automatic correction / flight mode (receiving closed) / solar charging (full charge can be 6 months of energy storage) / Power reserve display / Power saving mode (about 2 years) / World time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / Perpetual calendar (until February 28, 2100) / DST daylight saving time setting / two places Time / daily life waterproof 10 standard atmosphere / sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating) / diameter 47mm / thickness 16.5mm
High-Density White Titanium Case / High-Density White Titanium Strap / Tri-Fold Pressing Buckle / GPS Satellite Radio Receiver / Automatic Time Correction / Time Force Correction Mode (receiving closed) / solar charging (full charge can store 6 months of energy) / power reserve display / power saving mode (about 2 years) / world time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / perpetual calendar (until 2100 2 28th) / DST daylight saving time setting / time between the two places / daily life waterproof 10 bar / sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating) / diameter 47mm / thickness 16.5mm
Stainless steel black plated case / Tough silicone strap / Tri-fold push buckle / GPS satellite radio reception / Automatic time correction / Time forced correction / Receiving result display / Ceramic bezel / Automatic hand position correction / Flight mode (Receiving closed) / Solar charging (full charge can store 6 months of energy) / Power reserve display / Power saving mode (about 2 years) / World time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / Perpetual calendar (until February 28, 2100 Day) / DST Daylight Saving Time Setting / Two Places Time / Daily Water Resistance 10 Bars / Sapphire Crystal (Super Anti-glare Coating) / Diameter 47mm / Thickness 16.5mm
High-Density White Titanium Black Plated Case / High-Density White Titanium Black Plated Strap / Tri-Fold Push-button Clasp / GPS Satellite Radio Receiver Automatic correction / Flight mode (receiving closed) / Solar charging (full charge can store 6 months of energy) / Power reserve display / Power saving mode (about 2 years) / World time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / Perpetual calendar ( Until February 28, 2100) / DST daylight saving time setting / time between the two places / daily life waterproof 10 bar / sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating) / diameter 47mm / thickness 16.5mm.
Stainless steel case / Tough silicone strap / Tri-fold push buckle / GPS satellite radio reception / Automatic time correction / Time forced correction / Reception result display / Ceramic bezel / Automatic hand position correction / Flight mode (received) Letter closed) / Solar charging (full charge can store 6 months of energy) / Power reserve display / Power saving mode (about 2 years) / World time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / Perpetual calendar (until February 28, 2100) / DST daylight saving time setting / time in two places / waterproof 10 atmospheres of daily life / sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating) / diameter 47mm / thickness 16.5mm.
Stainless steel black plated case / Tough silicone strap / Tri-fold push buckle / GPS satellite radio reception / Automatic time correction / Time forced correction / Receiving result display / Ceramic bezel / Automatic hand position correction / Flight mode (Receiving closed) / Solar charging (full charge can store 6 months of energy) / Power reserve display / Power saving mode (about 2 years) / World time (39 time zones, 26 cities) / Perpetual calendar (until February 28, 2100 Day) / DST Daylight Saving Time Setting / Time in Two Places / Waterproof 10 atmospheres in daily life / Sapphire crystal (super anti-glare coating) / Diameter 47mm / Thickness 16.5mm.

Longines Kate Winslet Elegant Appearance

The second LONGINES Ladies Awards ceremony was held at dusk in the Grand Stables of the Princes of Condé in the magnificent Chantilly Castle. That night, Kate Winslet, the ambassador of LONGINES’s elegant image, presented a prize to the equestrian elite judges and guests to Sylvie Robert, Criquette Head-Maarek, Jing Li and Bo Derek in recognition of their contributions to the equestrian sport.
 The LONGINES Ladies Awards ceremony was held at Chantilly Castle the evening before the LONGINES French Oak Competition. The famous Swiss watch brand LONGINES held this award ceremony to pay tribute to the winners for their equestrian career and share their passion for equestrianism. At the same time, the brand also awarded this honor in recognition of outstanding women who actively made positive impacts and extraordinary contributions in equestrian sports. This year, the jury of the LONGINES Ladies Awards consists of Louis Romanet, president of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, Nathalie Bélinguier, president of the International Federation of Gentlemen and Lady Riders, and International Equestrian Federation (Equestrian Federation) Secretary-General Ingmar de Vos and Kate Winslet, ambassador of LONGINES. The jury also issued the LONGINES Ladies Award 2014 to Sylvie Robert, Criquette Head-Maarek, Jing Li and Bo Derek.
 Witnessed by the guests present, Sylvie Robert was awarded an award in recognition of her contribution to the promotion of equestrian sport in Europe. She hosted the LONGINES FIFA World Cup obstacle course in Lyon, France last April, attracting top jockeys from all over the world; Criquette Head-Maarek received this honor for her great contribution to the art and breeding of horse racing. In addition, she is the only woman to win two Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe titles and three LONGINES Prix de Diane Longines titles. Last year, her trained pony Treve won the first place in the LONGINES World Best Foal.
 Jing Li has won awards in recognition of her contribution in Asia; particularly in China to promote equestrian sports. She hosted the LONGINES Beijing International Equestrian Masters at the Beijing Olympic Stadium, the first large equestrian obstacle course in China, and attracted international jockeys. Bo Derek won the award in the United States for promoting and maintaining the welfare and safety of horses. She has worked closely with the Animal Welfare Institute and has been the spokesperson for the Breeders’Cup World Championships and a member of the California Horse Racing Board. Longines’ passion for equestrian sports dates back to 1878, when the brand produced a chronograph engraved with the image of the jockey and his horse. At LONGINES French Oaks Contest 2014, the brand will present a Conquest Classic women’s stainless steel watch with a case set with 30 sparkling diamonds, lined with a white mother-of-pearl surface and diamond hour markers. The unique elegance of this event.

Charles Villoz, Vice President and International Sales Director of LONGINES, Nathalie Bélinguier, President of the International Amateur Male and Female Jockey Association, Sylvie Robert, winner of the LONGINES Ladies Awards, Kate Winslet, ambassador of the LONGINES Ladies Awards and members of the jury of LONGINES Ladies Awards The winners took a group photo at the LONGINES Ladies Awards. (Left to right)

Four winners of the LONGINES Ladies Awards 2014: Patricia Laffon-Parias, Jing Li, Bo Derek and Sylvie Robert, the receiving representatives of Criquette Head-Maarek. (Left to right)

Kate Winslet, LONGINES Elegant Ambassador and member of the LONGINES Ladies Awards jury, took a photo before the awards ceremony.

Female Chinese Heroes Patek Philippe 7150/250r-001 Women’s Watch

Since Patek Philippe launched the first manually wound chronograph watch 7071 specially designed for women in 2009, it has been 10 years since then. This watch has been produced until 2016. This year, Patek Philippe brought The newly designed 7150 ladies watch has a completely different case than the previous one, and a more beautiful dial. It presents a unique and outstanding artistic experience for women who love machinery. The 7150 has the style of a men’s classic chronograph watch, and the thin shell elements make her a little more delicate, the diamond setting is more pleasing. The 7150 watch gives a new image to the chronograph watch loved by extraordinary women.

   The elegant 38 mm diameter rose gold round case replaces the previous pillow case with a bezel set with 72 diamonds. Exquisite vintage details highlight classic, stylish designs, such as beautifully curved grooved lugs, round chronograph buttons with hand-engraved patterns, and rounded “box” sapphire crystals.

   The silver-white dial also combines modern fashion style with classic craftsmanship aesthetics, and the Breguet hour and minute hands carved in rose gold make the dial clear and easy to read. The pulsometer scale of the watch can help the owner to control his heartbeat. It seems to be a control of a very dynamic modern life and a tribute to the tradition of classic chronographs.

   The compact case is equipped with a hand-wound Caliber CH 29-535 PS movement with a 30-minute jump-jump chronograph, which incorporates six patented innovations in its classic structure. Through the box-shaped sapphire crystal caseback, you can admire its exquisite decoration. The shape of the casetop perfectly matches the contour on the back of the bezel.

   The new Ref. 7150 / 250R-001 is the only chronograph in Patek Philippe’s existing women’s collection. Shiny mink gray alligator strap with rose gold pin buckle set with 27 brilliant diamonds.

   Who said that women’s watches can only show their appearance, independent women know how to appreciate the fascinating mechanical rhythms in mechanical watches, and also enjoy the warmth that the craftsmen give to watches.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Long Power Is The Last Word

Over the past ten years, the power reserve of mechanical watches (PowerReserve) has gradually increased, although this trend is slow but firm. The long power reserve is simple and convenient, once considered a feature, and it is becoming more common today.

   For a long time, mechanical watches usually had a two-day power reserve. At that time, most people only had one watch and wore it every day, so the short power reserve was not a problem. At the time, the watch and the movement were small in size, and there was not enough room for a large-capacity spring, so it was difficult to achieve a long power reserve.

Grand Seiko 9S65 caliber has a power reserve of up to 72 hours
   For most of the 20th century, watches with long power reserves were rare. LeCoultreCalibre124 is one of the few examples. The movement has an eight-day power reserve and was produced in the 1930s and 1940s. It is supplied in small quantities to brands such as Patek Philippe and Cartier. On May 14, 2014, a Patek Philippe with Calibre124 movement sold 93,750 Swiss francs at Sotheby’s. In 2005 and 2009, two Cartier tank watches with Calibre124 movement were sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s for 84,000 Swiss francs and 99,000 Swiss francs.

   In the early 2000s, the long power reserve suddenly became popular. Several manufacturers, including Patek Philippe, IWC, Parmigiani, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Chopard, launched movements with a power reserve of one week or more. Most of these movements are manually wound, and Calibre 5000 movement of IWC is a special case. At that time, the watch equipped with a long power reserve movement was very special, and the watchmaker described its advantages in the press release. For example, in 2000, Patek Philippe launched the Ref. 51000 ‘Devil’s Fish’ watch to commemorate the new millennium, which is equipped with a newly developed Calibre 28-20 / 220 movement with a power reserve of up to ten days.

   Interestingly, the gradual increase in power reserve coincides with the popularity of “big” watches (the standard diameter of men’s watches increased from about 35 mm to 40 mm and above). The larger case provides more space for the movement and fits longer springs. There are also watches with power reserves that are beyond practical use, such as the Lange (A. Lange & Söhne) with a 31-day power reserve, the Rebellion T-1000 with a 41-day power reserve, and 51-day power. Reserve Hublot Ferrari watches.

   A month or longer power reserve is a special case, but a long power reserve is very practical and will become more common. The standard power reserve of modern mechanical watches is still 48 hours. The next three days or longer, a power reserve sufficient to spend the weekend will become the norm. One reason is convenience. Today, watches have evolved from practical instruments to personal accessories or luxury goods, and it is common to have multiple watches. Alternating wear requires repeating the winding and adjustment operations, except for automatic watches placed on the winder.

   Once a complex timepiece with a calendar function is stopped, it is particularly inconvenient to recalibrate, especially those calendar watches with multiple buttons. The new-generation GrandSeiko movement all has a 72-hour power reserve and is specially designed and developed. The watch owner can remove the watch on Friday and not have to wear it all weekend. When work started on Monday, the watch was still running and no adjustments were required. The three-day power reserve is extremely convenient and is likely to become the new standard.

   Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to achieve a three-day power reserve even for relatively affordable watches. Advances in metallurgical technology have made springs thinner and more flexible, so that barrels of the same specifications can store more energy. This is important because the increase in watch case size has stagnated, and the average diameter of men’s watches is about 39 mm to 42 mm.
   Without changing the size or architecture, a number of well-known modern movements have achieved power reserve upgrades. The new-generation Calibre L951.6 movement in the Lange Datograph watch has a power reserve of 60 hours, which is higher than the original 36 hours. The same is true of the Hamilton H-21 movement, which is an improvement on the Valjoux 7750. The Valjoux 7750 movement can operate for 42 to 44 hours, while the H-21’s power reserve is 60 hours, a 36% increase.

   The popularity of silicon parts (especially in escapements) also helps to improve the power reserve because it means a reduction in friction losses. For example, silicon components (and other improvements) extend the power reserve of the Patek Philippe Caliber 240QP movement by 50%. The Cartier IDTwo concept watch has a power reserve of 32 days despite its unusual size (42 mm). This watch has several features, including a frictionless escapement, a vacuum case, and the most interesting four small springs made of fiberglass (coated with parylene). Perhaps the only drawback of this progress is that it makes watches with a power reserve of seven or eight days from novelty to ordinary. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Dior Chiffre Rouge D02 Watch

Stainless steel bezel, screw-in crown, unique crown protection arm, black shiny brushed dial, large hands and luminous numerals at 6 and 9 o’clock, date display window at 4 o’clock, stainless steel Case, polished and polished diving extension chain, red transparent double-coated case back, case size 42 mm.
Recommended reason:
     Don’t stay in the mindset of Dior’s only jewelry watch. This ‘powerful’ diving watch in front of you clearly shows you the other side of Dior. If you don’t see it, Dior just launched the technically complicated sapphire splint tourbillon. This watch is a microcosm of Dior’s efforts in recent years to explore watchmaking technology.

Extreme Art Clock Making Knowledge Introduction

More compact
 Since the design of magnificent large-scale clocks in the Middle Ages, watch technicians have continued to make every effort to reduce the mechanical structure of the clock to make it more compact. In 1929, Jaeger-LeCoultre took an important first step in this field, launching the world’s smallest movement at the time, the & mdash; & mdash; 101 movement (Figure 1). So far, this movement is still not available. Beyond, still maintains the world record for the smallest movement, and is still being produced and assembled. The movement has a total of 74 parts (currently 96 parts), 14 mm in length, 4.8 mm in width, 3.4 mm in thickness, and a volume of only 0.28 square millimeters. The volume of a standard thimble is about 1 square millimeter. You can see it. In the following years, the watchmaker challenged a new goal: to make the world’s thinnest movement! In 1955, Vacheron Constantin launched the ultra-thin movement, numbered 1003 (Figure 2), produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre, and launched a engraved version in 2010. However, the slimline re-launch this time is completely Produced by Vacheron Constantin, with a thickness of only 1.64 mm, it is the world’s thinnest manually wound movement. The world’s thinnest self-winding movement is the 12P movement (Picture 3) produced by Piaget in 1957. It is only 2.3 mm thick and has been included in the Guinness des Records. , Its gear train is almost thinner than hair.


 (Jeger-LeCoultre) The Jaeger-LeCoultre 101 movement is not only the smallest movement in the world, but also the lightest movement: it weighs less than 1 gram. And Richard Mille’s new model RM 027 (Figure 4) is the world’s lightest finished mechanical watch: including the strap, its total weight is less than 20 grams. The tourbillon movement is made of titanium and patented alloy LITAL & reg; which is a lithium alloy containing aluminum, copper, magnesium and zirconium, which is mainly used in the aerospace field. It is the use of high-tech lightweight materials that make large movements (30.2 X 28.8 X 7 mm) as light as wool and weigh only 3.83 grams. The case is made of composite carbon, which is light and sturdy, so the entire watch (excluding the strap) weighs only 13 grams, making the wearer feel light and comfortable!
More ambitious

 The Panerai (Panerai) Radiomir & ldquo; Egyptienne & rdquo; watch (Figure 5), designed for the Egyptian navy soldiers in the 1950s, is undoubtedly the most magnificent round watch in history. In 2009, the brand launched a re-engraved style with a matte titanium case with a diameter of 60 mm, which is equivalent to the diameter of a 33 cl can, and only a strong and powerful wrist can match it! Regardless of the timeless classic watch, looking at the ‘alien’ models that have emerged in recent years, we should firstly introduce the DeWitt WX-1 concept watch grandly launched by DeWitt in 2008 (Figure 6), its inspiration From the post-modern literary genre ‘Steampunk’ (Steampunk), the watch can be opened like a drawer. When opened, the watch has a length of 15 cm and a width of 4.9 cm. It is just like a modernist art treasure, also known by experts The ‘talking piece’ (artwork showing my own style) was very popular as soon as it was launched.

More complicated

 The most complicated function of clocks is the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 movement (Figure 7). This movement displays 33 different time-related functions with 24 hands, including Easter date display (Easter day is different every year), sunrise and sunset display, and leap year display. This movement is carried in a pocket watch with a diameter of 9 cm, a thickness of 4 cm, and a weight of 1.1 kg. Only four pocket watches are produced, which is precious and luxurious. The watch with the most complete display function should be the Hybris Mechanica & agrave; Grande Sonnerie watch (Figure 8) by Jaeger-LeCoultre (Figure 8). This watch was launched in 2009. One of the masterpieces of timing. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Trilogy masterpiece brings together 55 complications, and this watch already has 26 complications. Its Jaeger-LeCoultre 182 floating tourbillon movement, consisting of more than 1,300 parts, can provide loud or crisp ringtones at the same time; it also has a flyback perpetual calendar display with time equation. From now until 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre plans to launch 30 sets of trilogy masterpieces, each set for sale in a 1-ton safe.

More depth

 With its Hydro Challenger watch (Figure 9), Bell & Ross has become the world record holder for watch depth. This watch is filled with a transparent fluorinated oil called Hydroil & reg; which can withstand an atmospheric pressure of 1110 bar, which is 1110 kg per square centimeter. It was included in the Guinness Book in 1997. However, this feat, which can only be achieved in the hyperbaric chamber, is overshadowed by Rolex’s pioneering pioneering masterpiece. It was Rolex who invented the ‘screw-in’ crown and officially launched the first waterproof watch in 1926. Later, Rolex named this flagship series Oyster. In 1960, Rolex was determined to break the watch’s water-resistant depth record, specially created an oyster watch (Figure 10), and installed it on the deep-sea observation submersible Trieste d & rsquo; Auguste Piccard, and dived with it. The Mariana Trench reaching 10,916 meters. The watch withstood up to one ton per square centimeter of pressure, and eventually returned to the surface intact, making the industry amazing.

 From a mechanical point of view, the watch structure consists of three major parts: the power mechanism (spring barrel), the transmission mechanism (gear train) and the speed regulation mechanism (escapement). Finding the best solution for each of these institutions is exactly what the watch technicians will always deserve. For example, the latest research and development achievements in the field of escapement (composed of balance wheel, escapement fork and escape wheel) have once again greatly improved the accuracy of watches. Most existing escapement vibration frequencies are 3 Hz or 4 Hz, or even 5 Hz, which is 36,000 times per hour. Breguet is unique, making its Type XXII model (Figure 11) a vibrating frequency of up to 10 Hz, or 72,000 times per hour. The second hand advances one division every 20th of a second (almost invisible to the naked eye), and is the smallest unit of time that a mechanical movement can measure so far. TAG Heuer has taken a different approach and set about improving friction and energy consumption. The newly introduced Pendulum concept table (Figure 12) replaces traditional hairsprings with four magnets. The magnetic field formed by the magnets converts linear power into curved power of the balance wheel swing, which is unique! However, the problem that remains to be solved is the effect of temperature on magnets.

Dimitrov And Harrison Are At Their Best (Official Website Update On July 23)

Longines Bulgarian tennis star, Grigor Dimitrov is at its best. After his semifinal last week at Bastaad, he once again reached the (Switzerland) semifinal at the ATP tournament in Gstaad. Dimitrov has now reached his third SF in ATP in 2012. His opponent in the semifinals is Thomas Bellucci, the future winner of this event. He lost two tie breaks to 7-6 7-6.

   In Atlanta, Ryan Harrison of Matthew Ebden of Australia won the double title. They beat 6/3-3/6-10-6, Marisse and Michael Russell. After winning their first Newport title last year, players from both sides won their second doubles title together. Congratulations to our new Longines tennis star.

Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Flagship Store Reinstalls Sheng Qi Brand Spokesperson Wu Yifan Shines On The Scene

[June 19, 2018, Shanghai] During the Shanghai International Film Festival, the flagship store of the Bulgari Hang Lung Plaza was reopened. The new decoration style originates from the gorgeousness, exquisiteness and enthusiasm of Italy. Mr. Kolia Neveux, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, Mr. Wu Yifan, the spokesperson for the Bulgari brand, and Ms. Ludovica Murazzani, the business consul of the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, attended the opening ceremony.

Bulgari Greater China Managing Director Collia and Brand Spokesman Wu Yifan Debut

  Brand spokesman Wu Yifan wore a Bvlgari antique collection series gold emerald diamond long necklace sparkling debut, with a high jewelry platinum diamond ring and Octo Finissimo watch on his wrist, demonstrating Bulgari’s ‘classic but also new life’ style attitude. Wu Yifan is a representative of the strength of the new generation of fashion ICON, or cool handsome charm, or trendy fashion, innovative, changeable and full of personality characteristics, is exactly where he fits with Bulgari. More than 130 years of Bulgari’s splendid culture and the younger generation of the East will collide with more sparks.

Bvlgari brand spokesperson Wu Yifan interprets ‘classic also has new life’
  A wonderful lion dance performance was the ‘eye-catching’ opening, expressing the best wishes for the future. The lion dance, meaning auspicious meaning, is a classic symbol of oriental culture, while Bulgari is a business card of the splendid culture of Italy. The collision between the two is exactly a portrait of the harmonious and beautiful cultural exchange between China and Italy.

(From left to right) Coria, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, Wu Yifan, Bvlgari’s Brand Spokesperson, Mu Landuo, Commercial Consul, Shanghai Consulate, Italy
  The new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store has more than 230 square meters of retail space. The decoration of the store is permeated with elegant styles originating from the Mediterranean and Italy. It is like a magnificent Roman street, opened in the essence of Rome that condenses over 2700 years of history. An intoxicating journey. The designer selects the typical marble and other stones commonly found in ancient Roman architecture, and uses modern methods to interpret the charm of classical geometric art, presenting a continuous fusion of innovation and classic.

Brand new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store
  The shop also features classic Condotti windows, Pantheon grids, octagonal stars and other Bulgari iconic elements, as well as the classic design of the brand, which make it feel like being in the Bulgari art gallery. Part of the furnishings were carefully selected by the famous architect Peter Marino and designed by the Italian designers who have deep roots in Bulgari’s history, highlighting the classic new life and avant-garde fashion style. Six huge shop windows are lined up outside the shop, rendering the eternal city of Rome in the modern city of Shanghai.

Brand new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store

Brand new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store
  Shanghai is a fashion capital that blends eastern and western cultures for hundreds of years. Here, fashion styles from around the world are gathered. The refurbishment of the flagship store of the Bulgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza this time has more wonderfully demonstrated Bulgari’s Italian style and artistic personality, and fully conveyed Bulgari’s passionate life aesthetics.

Circulating Human Space Dreams Tag Heuer Helps China’s Mars Exploration Project

On August 23, 2016, Tag Heuer Glory became a partner in the ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ event, and became the first Swiss watchmaking brand to enter space. The name and graphic logo of the Mars exploration project The global solicitation was officially launched at this press conference, while revealing the long-awaited design of China’s first Mars rover. Leaders of the competent engineering department and the two general engineers: Liu Jizhong, deputy chief engineer of the ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’, Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer of the ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’, and the president of the watchmaking department and the CEO of Tag Heuer of Raviz Group -Mr. Jean-Claude Biver attended the press conference together.

Press conference scene
 As early as 1962, Tag Heuer accompanied the American astronaut John Glien to successfully launch the “Friendship 7” spacecraft and flew around the earth for three full weeks. It was from Tiger that John Glien wore on his wrist. TAG Heuer’s 2915A chronograph.

Jean-Claude, president of the watchmaking division of Rovixuan Group and CEO of TAG Heuer
Mr. Biver)
 Regarding the Mars exploration project in China, Jean-Claude
Mr. Biver said: ‘Mars exploration is one of the most ambitious goals of humanity in conquering space. Tiger Heuer assisted this event and is a strong support for humanity’s grand space dream. Let the continuous breakthrough of Tiger Heuer and Wu The Chinese astronauts who are afraid of challenges work together to pass on the spirit of this challenge and look forward to the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration. ‘

Mr. Liu Jizhong, Deputy Chief Commander of China’s First Mars Exploration Mission and Director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center
 Liu Jizhong, deputy commander-in-chief of China’s first Mars exploration mission and director of the Lunar Exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center, said: ‘I am very happy to cooperate with the first Swiss watchmaking brand to enter space. The concept of time is indispensable for the aerospace industry. Tiger TAG Heuer’s accurate timekeeping, especially fearless and courageous in the face of challenges, is also the life tenet of Chinese astronauts. According to the plan, China will land on Mars around 2020. Although the road ahead is difficult, Chinese astronauts will be fearless The spirit of making history makes us look forward to this exciting moment together. ‘

Mr. Zhang Rongqiao, Chief Designer of ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’
 China’s first Mars exploration will achieve ‘circle, move, and patrol’ in one step, which was not the first Mars exploration mission in the United States and Russia. China’s Mars landing patrol will be separated from the orbiter shortly after orbiting Mars. This places higher requirements on the autonomy of the Mars rover after landing. The orbital design must take into account the requirements of landing and orbiting. It is also more complex, making the task more difficult. This spirit of fearlessness fits perfectly with TAG Heuer’s brand declaration # DontCrackUnderPressure # (Don’t be afraid of challenge and achieve self), and it is also an eternal power for human development and continuous progress.

Tag Heuer Glory Becomes Partner of ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ Campaign
 Unlike the moon soft landing patrol detection, the moon is about 384,000 kilometers away from the earth on average, while Mars reaches 400 million kilometers when it is farthest from the earth. Distant distances require higher data transmission speeds, which will make the future measurement and control of the Mars rover more complicated than the control of the moon rover. On the other hand, the light intensity of Mars is small and the atmosphere of Mars can reduce the sunlight. Therefore, Mars The vehicle’s energy supply is also more difficult than a lunar rover.

China’s first Mars exploration project charges hall
 Despite difficulties, China has unprecedented ambitions for its first Mars exploration scheduled for 2020. It is necessary to investigate not only the shape, soil, environment, and atmosphere of Mars, but also the water ice distribution, physical field, and internal structure on Mars. If the lunar exploration project has opened the curtain of China entering deep space exploration, Mars exploration is the completion and realization of a real deep space exploration mission.
Summary: Tag Heuer has repeatedly set precise records and exceeded the limits of watchmaking. This cooperation with ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ has once again achieved a major challenge and fulfilled the human space dream. After the press conference, I followed Tag Heuer’s visit to the Mars Exploration Project accusation hall and pilot training grounds, and felt that the Chinese astronauts were fearless and brave in the face of challenges. Finally, let us look forward to the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration.

A Hundred Years Of Craft Tasting 2017 Sihh Athens Gold Enamel Gold Rooster Watch

In order to welcome the 2017 Chinese Lunar Year, Athens introduced the Golden Rooster Watch with Chinese New Year and Zodiac Filled with Enamel. The Athens watch has been using enamel technology for more than 25 years to make dials. It is also one of the few watchmaking brands specializing in this century-old technology. The master of craftsmanship gave the majestic rooster a new life and incorporated it into the watch. Let’s take a closer look at the enamel-filled golden rooster watch in Athens. The official model: 8152-111-2 / ROOSTER.
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

   The watch uses an 18K rose gold case, which complements the ocher gold color of the dial. The overall tone and texture reveal a noble and elegant temperament. A watch with a diameter of 40 millimeters is medium in size and will increase the comfort of the wrist when worn on the wrist.

   The watch dial is the biggest highlight of the entire watch. The master of crafts in Athens first captured the natural power and beauty of the rooster according to the pattern and texture of the golden rooster, first carved the grooves on the metal dial with a chisel, and then reconciled the enamel glaze. Fill in the liquid, bake it through high temperature baking to set the color, and then polish and polish the dial. This is the last very delicate process. The sculptor will carve all the metal dividing lines on the dial to enhance the visual effect. Coupled with the anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass, it is finally able to present such a dazzling gold-plated golden chicken dial, showing the depth of the craft.

   The waterproof crown on the side of the watch is also one of the details of fine craftsmanship. The crown is inlaid with sparkling sapphires and is engraved with the Athens brand logo, showing extraordinary high-quality technology. With a black leather strap and rose gold pin buckle, it looks elegant.

   The watch is equipped with the Swiss official observatory-certified UN-815 movement, which has an automatic winding function and a power reserve of about 42 hours. Combining a very unique movement with superb enamel technology, we sincerely launch a limited edition of 88 gold-plated golden rooster watches. This elegant watch is a must-have for successful brave and confident people Loved and respected by collectors.
Watch House will continue to follow the latest developments of SIHH 2017 and update more, better and more comprehensive content simultaneously. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva: