Nuit De La Glisse’ 2015 New Film: New Film Leading The Extreme Sports ‘don’ T Crack Under Pressure ‘

TAG Heuer, a pioneering avant-garde precision watchmaking brand in Switzerland since 1860. This unique, easy-to-understand motto # Dontcrackunderpressure # (Don’t be afraid of challenge, achieve self) has been a slogan closely linked to the brand for decades and has become part of its long history. It is not only a slogan, it is also a state of mind!

   Relying on intelligent innovation, keen insight and superb skills to continuously push the limits, respect the basic values, fear no challenge, and move forward-this is the brand philosophy that has been spurring and guiding the development of TAG Heuer since the brand was founded more than 150 years ago Will continue to push this Swiss watchmaker beyond the tradition of watchmaking, creating extraordinary watches for those who love to subvert the tradition.

   The same philosophy naturally became the main theme of Nuit de la Glisse’s 2015 new film. Don’t Crack Under Pressure, this title says it all.
   With the common expectation of everyone to share, with the return of the new grand system produced by Thierry Donard, TAG Heuer continues to increase its participation in winter sports, supports emerging sports and helps develop more traditional sports, At the same time maintaining its development strategy of more than 30 years: pay tribute to those who like to subvert traditions, uphold the same philosophy and the same values ​​as the brand, pursue excellence, love challenges and maverick, and elegant style and attitude.

   Sharing values ​​is more evident in the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer luxury sports watch. The film ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ has become a wonderful platform for expression and dialogue. In sports such as skiing, surfing, winged flying, fast riding, and rowing in the water, passionate and outstanding athletes, extreme sports elites, upholding responsibility and environmental awareness, bring wonderful performance. In all corners of the world, this film has become a benchmark for elite players who are accustomed to constantly challenge their limits in the extreme environment that requires control of space and time. TAG Heuer, the master of timing.