Not Only Smoking And Drinking, But Also Riding And Rocking The Watch

Smoking, drinking, and burning your head seem to be a way of life that is not accepted by mainstream society. But this is the favorite of a cross-talk artist in the Quartet. Speaking of this, I believe many people have already guessed his name. He is the teacher Yu Qian who is unique in the music industry by virtue of these three hobbies. But what you don’t know is that in addition to smoking, drinking, and burning your head, Yu Qian also loves rock, horseback riding, and of course, playing table.

 The name of the vice-chairman of the Rock Association, Yu Qian seems to be incompatible with cross talk performer Yu Qian. But in addition to standing on the crosstalk stage, Yu Qian’s favorite is the rock scene. He used to show in a variety show that he has loved rock since he was a teenager, and has also formed a band. Think about the age of the teacher. Born in Beijing in 1969, when Cui Jian was so hot in the 1980s and Chinese rock had its own era, it influenced people like Yu Qian.

 Some time ago, such tidbits also appeared at the scene of the shooting of the advertisement. Teacher Yu Qian held a puppy as a guitar-the spirit of rock is not dead.

Yu Qian wears Hermes DRESSAGE series W037801WW00 watch

Teacher Yu Qian and Love Horse

Sun Yue wears Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series 116500LN-78590 white dial watch
 In addition to rock, the most we see on Teacher Qian’s personal Weibo is that he is always on the racetrack. Not only riding on his own, but also bringing his friends in the entertainment circle. Here, the sharp-edged watch editor has seen Mr. Sun Yue wearing a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona series white plate on the racetrack. The combination of the tattoo of Mr. Sun’s arm and Daytona is not what we often say about diving. Table master ‘standard’? It seems that every ‘puppet’ on the crosstalk stage has an unruly soul and a free heart in private.

 Speaking back to Teacher Yu Qian, as an actor, he has starred in many movies we are familiar with and even box office champions, including ‘sewing machine band’, ‘wolf 2’ and other well-known movies and TV series. The watch on his wrist also changed with the change of identity in the play, including during the ‘Sewing Machine Band’ movie road show, he also wore different watches according to different dresses.

Teacher Yu Qian wears this Hermes DRESSAGE series W037801WW00 watch for the ‘Sewing Machine Band’ movie roadshow.

 Tissot T-CLASSIC watch (similar) worn in the poster

Teacher Yu Qian wears Patek Philippe chronograph series 5131J gold watch (similar) in the TV series

 In another still, we saw another watch of the same model. Did the 5131 in gold and platinum be accepted by the teacher?

 Teacher Yu Qian wears Patek Philippe chronograph series 5131G white gold watch (similar)

Yu Qian and Guo Degang
Summary: The relaxation of Teacher Yu on the stage has a lot to do with his way of life. If you like it, go for it. You don’t need to pay attention to the label that others originally gave you. Who says that comic artists cannot sing rock and roll, and who says that comic artists cannot tattoo? So it’s most important to live a comfortable life.