Long-acting Kinetic Energy Real Shot Hublot Big Bang Mp-11 Watch

At this year’s Basel International Watch & Clock Fair, Hublot launched a super long power watch, the new Big Bang MP-11 watch, which has a very unique shape. The movement is equipped with seven barrels in series, which can provide continuous power for two weeks. The in-line drum time display is housed in a black carbon fiber case, adding a dynamic future.

   The Big Bang MP-113D carbon black watch is made of smoky black composite material, which makes the black PVD-treated movement and polymer composite watch form a consistent color tone. The use of new 3D three-dimensional carbon fiber technology broke the setting of the inherent flat surface mirror, creating an unprecedented three-dimensional carbon fiber case for the watchmaking industry.

   The 45 mm case, 3D carbon fiber has an extremely lightweight and solid three-dimensional structure. Including the strap, the entire watch weighs only 90 grams.

   The black rubber strap and buckle echo the color of the case.

   The dial layout is reasonable, with a barrel and power reserve indicator in the lower part, and a time dial in the upper part. The front uses a hollowed out process, and some movements can be seen on the front.

   The Big Bang MP-11 has several innovative mechanisms. Seven horizontal in-line mainsprings provide power storage for up to two weeks, and the power status of the mainspring can be grasped at any time through the linear power display. Secondly, the power transmission uses the extremely rare vertical 90-degree helical gear transmission system in the watchmaking industry, which allows the clockwork power to be smoothly transmitted to the gear system that displays the hours and minutes. The balance wheel design placed on the side of the face plate is in harmony with the helical gear.

   In addition to 3D black carbon fiber, this watch also introduced a sapphire case model, limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Through the case, you can see every detail of the movement in a panoramic view, 360-degree viewing angle.
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