Interpreting The Art Of Enamel Jacques Dross Star Collection Watch Tasting

Jacques Dro is the earliest outstanding representative of the Swiss watch industry and has more than 200 years of watchmaking history. The watches and clocks made by Jacques de Lore are widely acclaimed in the European court and the royal family, especially known for the famous fire enamel crafts. This has not only become the logo of the Jacques de Lore brand, but also a heritage of ancient culture and history. Today the editor will introduce to you a star series watch with a famous fire enamel dial, the official model: J012613200.

   This watch combines watchmaking technology and aesthetic concepts, and applies enamel art to the watch, showing a distinctive beauty and temperament, while also showing the advanced watchmaking spirit of Jacques Dro.

  The round case of the watch is made of 18K rose gold. The 39 mm diameter is the best size to wear. The sapphire crystal glass is processed by the watchmaker into a rounded arc and is perfectly embedded in the case. Through the mirror we can clearly see the layout inside the dial.

  The 12.7 mm thick case has a tough and dignified feel. The 18K rose gold crown is located at 3 o’clock. The lugs are unique in shape and combine with the strap to form a perfect circle.

  The side without the crown can more truly feel the outline of the watch. The case is polished and polished carefully by the master watchmaker, which is bright and bright with a strong metallic texture.

  The dial continues the essence of Jacques Droe’s watchmaking. It is made of ivory famous fire enamel. The dial design is simple and there is no excessive decoration. The time display uses black bar scales, and Arabic numerals are used to display the date. A curved hand with a half-moon-shaped end and the dial number display the date of the day; the 12 o’clock position is the Jacques de Lo logo; the month and week are below Display window; 6 o’clock position is flyback moon phase display.

  The watch uses a flyback moon phase display. The flyback moon phase is composed of eight small stars made of 18K rose gold and a full moon. It looks like a wonderful picture, which is full of imagination. Through the white moon phase The pointer dial blocks the moon pattern to display the moon phase. The moon phase wheel rotates once to complete a moon phase cycle, and the white disc pointer will fly back to the starting point and follow the trajectory again, as if a beautiful shooting star gracefully draws the night sky. This design increases the surface of the disk. Dynamic and more artistic.

  The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece, also made of 18K rose gold, with natural curvature and a perfect combination with the strap.

  The 18K rose gold crown is located at three o’clock. The design of the crown is stylish and beautiful, and the edges are designed with exquisite gear patterns. It has a good feel during the mediation process. The top is engraved with two stars, which highlights the romance of the Star series watches everywhere element.

  The bottom case of the watch adopts a semi-transparent design and is equipped with an automatic winding movement. The 22K white gold oscillating weight powers the watch. The movement has a number of 28 gems and a frequency of 28,800 times per hour, which can provide 68 for the watch. Hours of kinetic energy reserve.

Summary: This watch is not only a simple timing tool, but also presents Jacques de Lo watchmaking philosophy and spirit. The unique dial creativity brings a sense of fashion and romance, especially the unique creative flying The retro moon phase display function makes people shine.