Heuer New Concept Cool Watch Monaco V4 For Only 150 Pieces Worldwide

TAG Heuer announced the official launch of its most bold and innovative mechanical chronograph with a timing accuracy of one hundredth of a second, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer. As the first high-end mechanical watch born in the new millennium, TAG Heuer Monaco V4 may be the first outstanding contribution in the field of watchmaking innovation in this century. It represents a radical overthrow of tradition and a pioneering spirit in the field of mechanical watches. This industry-leading belt-driven watch was first introduced as a concept watch at BaselWorld 2004, and is now officially launched at TAG Heuer’s factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds Produced. The new TAG Heuer Monaco V4 platinum watch is entirely hand-crafted, highlighting its unique luxury, with only 150 sold worldwide.
In 2004, TAG Heuer invented the world’s first belt-driven watch with a linear balance wheel and ball bearings, the Monaco V4 watch. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer, TAG Heuer announced Monaco V4 as a commercial product and released the model for sale to the public. This was once considered impossible by many in the industry. Obtained two patents, 100% TAG Heuer Monaco V4, to show its legend to the world. This is a transcendence of TAG Heuer’s glorious history. This eclectic technical masterpiece has changed people’s concept of watches. With its unparalleled quality, it not only reflects the tradition of luxury and noble Swiss watchmaking, but also completely subverts this tradition. This bold design masterpiece once again highlights TAG Heuer’s declaration of leading design innovation and confirms its world-famous motto: ‘Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860’.
The technology used in the design, prototype and production of the Monaco V4 watch is also used to develop complex aerospace systems. The tools, technologies, and expertise involved are derived from the full integration of different disciplines, such as the automotive and IT industries, applied mathematics, chemistry, climatology, computer engineering, and micromechanics. TAG Heuer specially manufactures new processing equipment and methods, including exclusive software (TAG Heuer is an industry pioneer in 3D modeling and digital synthesis), automatic miniature optocouplers, and rheologically controlled high-pressure injectors.
Today, the Monaco V4 is manually assembled by the famous watchmaker Denis Badin, who has been awarded the ‘Best Master Craftsman of France’ by Heuer, ensuring that the watch is flawless: combining the most advanced cutting-edge technology today with the longest-standing traditional craftsmanship. .
独一无二 This unique luxury watch is made of 950 platinum and will be listed on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of TAG Heuer. It is limited to 150 pieces worldwide and sells for RMB 650,000.