Five Collection Platinum Watches

Platinum has always been a symbol of nobility and elegance, and platinum watches have also been favored by watch lovers. Today, I will introduce five platinum watches worthy of collection.
Patek Philippe REFERENCE 5951P platinum watch

 The cushion-shaped case popular in the Art Deco period is an exclusive feature of Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe knows that platinum is the highest precious metal, so the case is made of platinum to pay tribute to the extraordinary movement inside. This slim movement is only 7.3mm thick and features a single-button timing device. In addition to this unique feature, there is also a sophisticated perpetual calendar.
 Case: cushion-shaped platinum case, sapphire crystal transparent cover, which can show the movement of the movement, interchangeable platinum case back. Interchangeable platinum case back.
 Dial: black dial, leaf-shaped hands, short stick hour markers.
 Movement: Mechanical movement with manual winding, 400 parts, 27 jewel bearings, 48-hour power reserve, 21,600 vibrations per hour.
 Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, perpetual calendar, day / night display.
Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY TRADITIONNELLE CALIBRE 2253 platinum watch

 In addition to ultra-complex mechanical watches, Vacheron Constantin also launched a limited edition series of only 10, all in platinum case. The watch has many complex functions, including a perpetual calendar and a time difference adjustment, which can show the difference between the real time of the natural cycle and the regular time. The watch also shows sunrise and sunset times at the location the buyer chooses.
 Case: Round platinum case with sapphire crystal case back, which shows the movement of the movement.
 Dial: Frosted platinum dial, crown prince hands, short stick hour markers, double minute scale.
 Movement: Manual-winding mechanical movement with tourbillon, 457 components, 30 jewel bearings, 14-day power reserve, 18,000 vibrations per hour.
 Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve display, perpetual calendar, time difference display (with sunrise and sunset time display).
IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Platinum

 With its wide popularity, the IWC Portuguese series is unique in its classic dial and flying tourbillon with a 7-day power reserve display. This model originally appeared in 2004, but IWC in Schaffhausen offers a platinum model this year and adds a retrograde analog date display. When the pointer points to the last day of the month, it will automatically jump back to the starting point.
 Case: Round platinum case, sapphire crystal case back, showing movement movement
 Dial: black ruthenium-plated, leaf-shaped hands, Arabic numerals.
 Movement: Calibre 51900 self-winding mechanical movement, a flying tourbillon with 81 components, 44 gemstone bearings, a 7-day power reserve, and a frequency of 19,800 vibrations per hour.
 Functions: hours, minutes, retrograde date, power reserve.
Harry Winston CLUSTER OF TIME Platinum Watch

 This masterpiece by Harry Winston is one of the most famous timepiece collections of this American jeweler. This pendant pocket watch, originally popular in the 1930s, can be used as both a timepiece and jewelry. The case is made of platinum, perfect for precious timepieces. The Cluster of Time platinum watch is set with more than 1,000 diamonds and weighs 57 carats. The cut types include oval, marquise and brilliant.
 Case: Teardrop-shaped platinum case with diamonds on the dial and case back.
 Dial: pavé diamonds, short stick hands, no hour markers.
 Movement: Quartz Electronics.
 Function: hours and minutes.
Graff GALAXY Women’s Platinum Watch

 This exquisite evening watch is beautiful, and its classic case design is derived from the most classic jewelry tradition. Based in London, Graf chose platinum to create a small, elegant round case and bracelet. This natural pure white precious metal is irregularly set with 30 carats of diamonds and blooms with extraordinary brilliance.
 Case: Round platinum case with diamonds.
 Bracelet: Platinum bracelet with diamonds. Dial: pavé diamonds, short stick hands, no hour markers.
 Movement: Quartz Electronics.
 Function: hours and minutes.
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