Extreme Luxury Review Of The Rolex Day-date Ii Watch With Diamonds

The Weekly Calendar II watch, which debuted in 2008, continues the unique tradition of the original weekly calendar model and is the first watch in history to have a complete week display. The Day of the Week Model II is available in multiple languages ​​to choose from for leaders in different countries. Its clever mechanics ensure that the day of the week and date can jump instantly at the same time, ensuring the high-precision operation of Rolex watches. Today’s Watch House brings you a brief review of a Rolex Day Calendar II watch. The official watch model is: 218348A-82318.

 Day of the Week II is a symbol of nobility and purity. Its oyster case is crafted in 18K yellow gold. Triangular pitted diamonds on the outer ring. At the same time, the calendar type II has a series of exquisite surfaces in different colors and different materials, which can be selected according to the personality, taste and needs of the wearer.


The Oyster case is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), and its unique middle case is cast from a solid piece of 18K yellow gold. The triangular-shaped bottom case is screwed tightly by Rolex’s special tools to completely seal the case.


The winding crown uses Rolex’s patented double-lock waterproof system, which can be firmly screwed on the case. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The fully sealed Oyster case gives the precise Rolex movement the most precise protection from water, dust, pressure and shock.


The strap with a half-ring type three-piece chain link was specially created for the Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar type introduced in 1956. As a representative of noble quality and comfortable wearing timepieces, the unique weekly calendar watch is not only made of selected precious materials, but also comes with a carefully designed headband. In addition, this strap can also be found in some precious metal diary models. Each headband is equipped with a hidden crown buckle.


In addition to a small window showing the calendar, the day calendar type II also has an arc window at 12 o’clock, which can display the full writing of the week. Every time at midnight, the day of the week and the calendar change at the same time instantaneously. The disc system that controls this function shows a subtle mechanical process.


The watch is designed with a diameter of 42 millimeters, and the day of the week at 12 o’clock is available in 26 languages ​​for selection; the convex enlarged calendar window can magnify the calendar number by 2.5 times. The winding crown allows quick adjustment of the day and date.


The watch uses a self-winding caliber 3156 developed entirely by Rolex. The movement is certified by the Swiss Official Accreditation for Timepieces, which is specifically awarded to precision watches that successfully passed the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) test. Like all Oyster movements, the construction of this movement ensures its unparalleled reliability.


The movement’s balance swing component is the heart of the watch and is equipped with a stable balance wheel. Its inertial oscillation period is precisely adjusted by the gold MICROSTELLA fine adjustment screw. The balance swing assembly is installed in the PARAFLEX cushioning device and is firmly supported by a parallel plate bridge with adjustable height. The PARAFLEX cushioning device was independently developed and patented by Rolex, which can increase the shock resistance of the watch by 50%.


Summary: Rolex weekly calendar watches are all a series made of precious metals. There are no base metal models. It can be seen that this series of watches were created for some prominent successful people, and this diamond design is more It is to raise the watch to a new level. At present, the watch is priced at 419,500 yuan in Beijing Guanya Watch City. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)
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