Diving King Ocean Legend Blancpain’s New Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe

‘I’m trembling all over … I can’t stop shaking my hand … I glanced at my watch: dived 192 meters in 10 minutes. I’m going to rush out of the darkness of the ocean floor and bring back this deep dive Trophy. At this moment, I sneaked into the deepest part of the earth to capture the image … trembling and ecstatic. ‘
 Laurent Ballesta, a famous French marine biologist

 If 60 years ago, Blancpain’s classic Fifty Fathoms series has successfully served the navy divers of various countries and is well-known in history, then the Bathyscaphe watch born out of Fifty Fathoms has dived with human beings to the deepest place on the planet-Mariana The ultimate goal of the trench is closely related, and it can be called a legend in the legend. Recently, the Bathyscaphe watch family has once again ushered in a new member-Bathyscaphe. Inheriting the classic elements of the family, with unique and distinctive features, Blancpain has given the deep dive submersible Bathyscaphe an improved 1315 movement (men’s) and 1150 movement (women’s), a silicon spring with optimized accuracy, and a strong and stable Liquid metal scale, with the passion for innovation and extraordinary craftsmanship, continues the legendary journey of the diving king.

New deep dive Bathyscaphe
The new deep submersible Bathyscaphe, the overall outline continues the original clear and clear style, family classic elements: fluorescent scales, engraved hands, engraved dial design, etc., as if bringing people back to about 1956, that Bathyscaphe watch was just born .

New deep submersible Bathyscaphe for men

New deep dive women Bathyscaphe
At the time, Blancpain’s then president, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, met Swiss explorer Jacques Piccard after a diving conference. Mr. Picard has been working on a submersible between a diving bell and a submarine and named it Bathyscaphe. After unremitting efforts, the third model of the submersible Trieste successfully dived into the Mariana Trench, creating outstanding achievements. As a result, Mr. Fichte, who was extremely keen on the current tide, was inspired and combined with the trend of the watch to create a small diameter Bathyscaphe watch. Over the next three decades, the Bathyscaphe watch family flourished, with different models emerging.
 Back today, the prestigious new deep submersible Bathyscaphe men’s watch, equipped with the first improved version of the 1315 movement, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The movement is equipped with three main barrels and cardless springs, providing a power reserve of up to 5 days. In order to ensure the perfection of this underwater timepiece movement and to cope with the strong magnetic field of the diving environment, Blancpain uses a silicon hairspring to enhance its accuracy. As a non-magnetic element, silicon has anti-corrosion function and strong anti-wear and anti-aging characteristics. For a long time, it is the best solution for watchmakers to optimize timeliness. Fine watchmaking. Today, Blancpain hides it in a diving watch and gives it a unique aesthetic structure-through the sapphire crystal case back, it has a magnificent view. In another technique, liquid metal (Liquidmetal®) is filled into the wear-resistant ceramic bezel to form the scale. When it is cooled to a solid state, the hardness of this amorphous metal alloy can be three times that of stainless steel. The perfect combination of the two materials gives the bezel a strong anti-wear and anti-corrosion ability.

New Women’s Bathyscaphe Watch with 1150 Movement
 The new deep submersible Bathyscaphe is water-resistant to 30 bar, which is equivalent to a depth of about 300 meters. It is equipped with a three-ring NATO military strap adopted by the British Ministry of Defence in the 1960s. It is large in size and extremely practical, just like the watch itself is reliable and tough. The white women’s model equipped with 1150 movement, together with the advent, not only enriched the style dimension of Bathyscaphe family, but also reflected the continuous attention of Blancpain to the development of women’s diving watches. In addition to the same use of silicon hairsprings and liquid metal scales, the white ceramic bezel, case and strap specially designed for women have a pure and gentle temperament, which makes women lovers at first sight.
Diving King’s Ocean Legend
The appearance of the new deep submersible Bathyscaphe, like a boulder, has stirred up layers of stories about Blancpain’s oceanic love.
 Perhaps the relationship between Blancpain and the ocean is not the earliest. However, Blancpain’s marine legend as the king of diving has already made history. The spotlight returned to Mr. Fichte, then President of Blancpain. He loved diving and, driven by his passion for diving, created a suitable watch for himself. Based on his diving experience, he defined the functional requirements of this timepiece and also defined seven industry standards for modern diving watches.
Mr. Fichte, then CEO of Blancpain, wears Fifty Fathoms on vacation with diving instructor

Early Fifty Fathom Design Drawings
 Undoubtedly, water resistance is the main feature of the first, so he developed a double sealed crown. Since the crown is not a tightly fixed part, the watch is exposed to the risk of water leakage when it is suddenly pulled out underwater. At this time, the second seal inside will protect the watch. Mr. Fichte also applied for a patent for this invention.
 The second required element is a unidirectional rotating bezel for diving timing. Mr. Fichte’s idea was to turn the bezel to the opposite position of the minute hand by turning the bezel at the beginning of the dive; this way he could read the timing information directly under the time scale on the bezel under water. At the same time, considering safety and preventing accidental rotation of the water bezel, he developed a bezel locking system and also applied for a patent for this technology. The locking system originally conceived by Mr. Fichte was to control the rotation of the bezel by installing a button on the bezel. This not only prevents accidental rotation of the bezel, but also protects its operation from salt and sand.
 The third patent relates to screws on the back of the watch. The shortcoming of the locking system is that when the case back is tightened, the ‘O’ ring sealing the case back may be distorted or deviated. In response to this problem, Mr. Fichte designed and developed another system: a special groove on the back of the watch, and an ‘O’ ring fixed in it with an additional metal ring. It is guaranteed not to cause misalignment, and the double-layer barrier is tightly waterproof.
 The legibility of timing information is a key feature of diving watches, especially when exposed to dark waters. Mr. Fichte’s watch is large in size, with contrasting black and white colors, and clearly recognizable fluorescent hands and indicators.
 The automatic winding function of the movement is also a crucial factor in Mr. Fichte’s timepiece concept. It can minimize the wear of the crown and its sealing device by manual winding.
 Finally, due to the existence of various magnets in deep diving environments, Mr. Fichte also equipped the timepiece with a soft iron inner case to protect the movement from the residual magnetism.
 Since then, the above six points and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters (usually the limit for human freediving) have become the standard for the entire industry to interpret diving watches. This passionate watch was named ‘Fifty Hundred’ according to Shakespeare’s poems. In the era when watch design’s attention was all concentrated on the field of aviation watches, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms set aside the mist of the moment, and resolutely and visionarily created a new era of diving watches.
 The deep source of emotions and the watchmaking attitude that does not follow the market trend determine the following sixty years. Blancpain cannot simply replicate the deep-water measurement performance everywhere in the diving watch field, and make a diving watch with peace of mind. . From fifty cents, five hundred cents, to X cents, Blancpain continued to push the effective limits of mechanical sounding, but this is only a small part of the achievement. New materials such as anti-radiation luminous paint, brushed titanium, liquid metal, and silicon are used skillfully by Blancpain. What is even more amazing is that Blancpain has brought complicated functions such as a floating tourbillon, flyback chronograph, full moon phase calendar into the deep sea, and pushed the production of diving watches to an unprecedented height.

500 噚 Dual Time Zone Dive Watch (2009)

X 噚 Top Dive Watch (2011)
 Strong abilities often create a sense of responsibility. Blancpain believes that the vast and mysterious underwater universe deserves human exploration, because only by knowing nature better can we respect and protect this part of human culture, so that we can better grasp our own destiny. Blancpain supports a number of important scientific research projects, including Blancpain and National Geographic’s ‘Pristine Seas Expeditions’, which combines exploration, research and protection, Lun Ballesta’s Coelacanth Expedition Research project, and Mr. Ballesta was the winner of the 2013 Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award. In recent years, Blancpain has also partnered with free diving record holder Gianluca Genoni and the diving school in Etoile Bleue, Monaco. In 2012, Blancpain became the chief sponsor of the first World Oceans Summit hosted by Economist.

 At the time of the birth of Fifty Fathoms, Mr. Fichte, then President of Blancpain, echoed the song of Ariel in Shakespeare’s famous book ‘The Tempest’-‘Five Fathoms lies in the depths of the water. Into corals. ‘ Blancpain’s diving watch family has flourished in the past sixty years. Due to Blancpain’s unwavering watchmaking beliefs, strong watchmaking ability and pragmatic watchmaking attitude, and its care for exploring passion and marine culture, it is destined to become a deep blue world The equally immortal masterpiece is here, and its author is the ‘founder of classic timepieces’-Blancpain.