Dior Launches La Mini D De Dior Jewelry Watch

As a member of the Dior Fine Jewelry family, La Mini D de Dior is covered with gold, and the dial is decorated with bright and bright-colored decorative stones. Lapis lazuli, Su Jishi and turquoise complement the La D de Dior collection. Each is limited to 50 pieces.

When you look at the DiorLa Mini D de Dior high-end jewelry watch for a long time, you will unconsciously emerge the scene of flowers blooming in spring. It does not need to have powerful high-complexity functions, as long as the unique decorative stone mirror surface matches the elegant DIOR Gold, the dial as a whole, pure tenderness.

The new Dior Fine Watch exhibition area will be unveiled for the first time at the 2013 Baselworld 2013 on April 24. The exhibition area has an area of ​​900m2 and is divided into two floors, so the exhibition space has doubled compared with previous years. Every year, Dior high-level watches participate in the International Basel Watch Fair (Baselworld) to enhance its popularity and prestige in the luxury watchmaking world.