Diamond Chronograph Shows The Sexy Charm Of A Woman Raising Her Hands

Originally considered to be a male-dominated sports watch field, more and more attention is being paid to the needs of women. Compared with the strength and speed of men, sports show the sexy side of women. Especially the chronograph models inlaid with diamonds are not only synonymous with nobility and luxury, but also show the sexy charm of a woman’s hands.
Happy Sport Chrono Chocolat Watch
    Chocolate ceramic case, 18ct rose gold rotating bezel, chocolate dial with 5 diamonds. Quartz movement, chocolate natural rubber strap and 18ct rose gold buckle, water-resistant to 30 meters. Limited to 3,000
    Chopard’s Happy Dia mond collection was born in 1967. Since then, the happy diamond that spins between the bezel and the dial is one of the most popular ladies’ diamond watch designs. However, it was not until 1993 that Chopard launched its sports model, Happy Sport. Jewellery watches have become very popular, but women’s sports watches have been delayed. The reason involves ideological factors, and it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions. The obvious point is that if women are chosen among talents such as beauty, wisdom, morality, and sports, beauty will always come first, and sports are rarely talked about. For women, beauty is a long-lasting dream, and exercise is just a way to gain beauty (including improving body and skin, of course). Therefore, the attention paid to the beautiful and noble appearance of sports watches far exceeds the requirements for dynamic elements. It is not surprising that the classic combination of diamond inlay and timing function has repeatedly appeared on women’s sports watches.
Boucherer’s Ma Lilong Single Button Chronograph Ladies Watch
    18K rose gold case, 35mm diameter, 10.5mm thick, bezel set with 50 diamonds (1.05 carat), screw-in sapphire case back; powered by Bucherer CF B1962 manual winding single-button chronograph movement, 42 hours Storage; dial set with 62 diamonds (0.22 carat), curved chronograph dial, mother-of-pearl small seconds dial and chronograph dial; white water snake leather with brown lizard skin, 18K rose gold buckle; water-resistant to 30 meters
    Bulcher’s Ma Lilong single-button chronograph women’s watch is a sports watch that is very pleasing to women. It follows the tradition of the Ma Lilong series, with a generous and decent design, giving people a bright and elegant feeling. The diamond inlaid on the bezel and dial has a strong artistic flavor, and it is self-evident. Most importantly, it is equipped with a CFB 1962 manual winding single-button chronograph movement independently developed by the manufacturer. The start, stop, and reset functions are completed by a single timing button on the top of the crown. Through the sapphire glass case back, carefully polished, decorated and rhodium-plated parts provide a panoramic view, dedicating the charm of the mechanical watch to the female wearer without compromise.
Parmigiani Pershing002 Chronograph Watch
    The case diameter is 42 mm and the thickness is 13.1 mm. It is available in stainless steel, white gold and rose gold. It is equipped with a PF334 movement. The bezel is set with 55 baguette diamonds (2.5 carats) and 17 baguette sapphires (weight 0.7). Carat); colorful mother-of-pearl dial, rhodium-applied hour-markers, luminous triangle hands, star-shaped small seconds at 3 o’clock, white calfskin or rubber strap with blue stitching, folding clasp; waterproof 100 metres
    Women’s sports watches are more than just setting diamonds on chronographs. Elegant and luxurious jewellery is mixed with highly professional timekeeping functions, and it may not be satisfactory on both sides, especially today the practicality of timekeeping functions is gradually being replaced by decoration. The Parmigiani Pershing002 chronograph watch is refreshing from the appearance to the function. Its speed bezel is not designed to 1000 meters, but to 50 meters, which is the length of a standard swimming pool. For women who love swimming and fitness, it undoubtedly has one more reason to be favored. In addition, the appearance and diamond setting of this watch are very particular. After all, now everyone is playing with the overall strength, a watch that stands out in some respects, and there may not be a watch like Pershing002 that can be enjoyed by most women. The 42-mm case is not ostentatious enough for men, but sexy enough for women.
    Unlike the experience of being excluded from the arena, women are not treated unfairly in the watch world. In a commodity society, any consumer demand will be met to the greatest extent. However, with the continuous improvement of women’s status in the society and the change in their roles, their demands for watches are also changing, affecting the appearance and function of products, so women’s sports watches have gradually come onto the stage. . However, if you want to make women’s watches as dynamic as men’s watches, it will take time.