Cool Black Tudor 20500n Men’s Watch Appreciation

Tudor’s feeling is rustic and steady, just like the black and red color matching of the logo, it is stable but passionate. From brand logo to watchmaking process, Tudor respects its own aesthetic rules, And attention to detail, conciseness and generosity, it is most appropriate to use the words ‘show style’ to summarize.
 Almost every Tudor watch is related to the royal family, but this is not the case with the Grantour series. It is a new product line launched in 2009. It is a key product in cooperation with Porsche. Although it does not have a sense of history, it will definitely become a pillar in the future , This calendar type introduced today, the official price is 20,300 yuan.

 It uses a stainless steel case, and the 42 mm size is more suitable, which is enough for a single-finger sports watch. Its bezel is black lacquered and has a calendar window at 3 o’clock on the dial. The crown is also screw-in, making the water-resistant effect of 150 meters better.
 Its movement is the ETA2824 movement, which is also one of the more basic movements. Although not outstanding, it is very classic, and after Tudor did not use a Rolex movement, the ETA movement also gradually entered the Tudor processing plant.

 This watch should be the work of Tudor last year. There are many styles in the same series, mainly chronograph. This is just one of the most basic styles. The 42mm size is very appealing to men. The black main color is also good and looks cool. It can be equipped with a variety of straps, which is good for changing styles and is not expensive. The cooperation between Tudor and Porsche is also nicknamed the cooperation of two shields. The watch design style also borrows racing elements, which is a good choice for men who like sports.
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