Circulating Human Space Dreams Tag Heuer Helps China’s Mars Exploration Project

On August 23, 2016, Tag Heuer Glory became a partner in the ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ event, and became the first Swiss watchmaking brand to enter space. The name and graphic logo of the Mars exploration project The global solicitation was officially launched at this press conference, while revealing the long-awaited design of China’s first Mars rover. Leaders of the competent engineering department and the two general engineers: Liu Jizhong, deputy chief engineer of the ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’, Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer of the ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’, and the president of the watchmaking department and the CEO of Tag Heuer of Raviz Group -Mr. Jean-Claude Biver attended the press conference together.

Press conference scene
 As early as 1962, Tag Heuer accompanied the American astronaut John Glien to successfully launch the “Friendship 7” spacecraft and flew around the earth for three full weeks. It was from Tiger that John Glien wore on his wrist. TAG Heuer’s 2915A chronograph.

Jean-Claude, president of the watchmaking division of Rovixuan Group and CEO of TAG Heuer
Mr. Biver)
 Regarding the Mars exploration project in China, Jean-Claude
Mr. Biver said: ‘Mars exploration is one of the most ambitious goals of humanity in conquering space. Tiger Heuer assisted this event and is a strong support for humanity’s grand space dream. Let the continuous breakthrough of Tiger Heuer and Wu The Chinese astronauts who are afraid of challenges work together to pass on the spirit of this challenge and look forward to the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration. ‘

Mr. Liu Jizhong, Deputy Chief Commander of China’s First Mars Exploration Mission and Director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center
 Liu Jizhong, deputy commander-in-chief of China’s first Mars exploration mission and director of the Lunar Exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center, said: ‘I am very happy to cooperate with the first Swiss watchmaking brand to enter space. The concept of time is indispensable for the aerospace industry. Tiger TAG Heuer’s accurate timekeeping, especially fearless and courageous in the face of challenges, is also the life tenet of Chinese astronauts. According to the plan, China will land on Mars around 2020. Although the road ahead is difficult, Chinese astronauts will be fearless The spirit of making history makes us look forward to this exciting moment together. ‘

Mr. Zhang Rongqiao, Chief Designer of ‘First Mars Exploration Mission’
 China’s first Mars exploration will achieve ‘circle, move, and patrol’ in one step, which was not the first Mars exploration mission in the United States and Russia. China’s Mars landing patrol will be separated from the orbiter shortly after orbiting Mars. This places higher requirements on the autonomy of the Mars rover after landing. The orbital design must take into account the requirements of landing and orbiting. It is also more complex, making the task more difficult. This spirit of fearlessness fits perfectly with TAG Heuer’s brand declaration # DontCrackUnderPressure # (Don’t be afraid of challenge and achieve self), and it is also an eternal power for human development and continuous progress.

Tag Heuer Glory Becomes Partner of ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ Campaign
 Unlike the moon soft landing patrol detection, the moon is about 384,000 kilometers away from the earth on average, while Mars reaches 400 million kilometers when it is farthest from the earth. Distant distances require higher data transmission speeds, which will make the future measurement and control of the Mars rover more complicated than the control of the moon rover. On the other hand, the light intensity of Mars is small and the atmosphere of Mars can reduce the sunlight. Therefore, Mars The vehicle’s energy supply is also more difficult than a lunar rover.

China’s first Mars exploration project charges hall
 Despite difficulties, China has unprecedented ambitions for its first Mars exploration scheduled for 2020. It is necessary to investigate not only the shape, soil, environment, and atmosphere of Mars, but also the water ice distribution, physical field, and internal structure on Mars. If the lunar exploration project has opened the curtain of China entering deep space exploration, Mars exploration is the completion and realization of a real deep space exploration mission.
Summary: Tag Heuer has repeatedly set precise records and exceeded the limits of watchmaking. This cooperation with ‘China’s First Mars Exploration Mission’ has once again achieved a major challenge and fulfilled the human space dream. After the press conference, I followed Tag Heuer’s visit to the Mars Exploration Project accusation hall and pilot training grounds, and felt that the Chinese astronauts were fearless and brave in the face of challenges. Finally, let us look forward to the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration.