Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Flagship Store Reinstalls Sheng Qi Brand Spokesperson Wu Yifan Shines On The Scene

[June 19, 2018, Shanghai] During the Shanghai International Film Festival, the flagship store of the Bulgari Hang Lung Plaza was reopened. The new decoration style originates from the gorgeousness, exquisiteness and enthusiasm of Italy. Mr. Kolia Neveux, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, Mr. Wu Yifan, the spokesperson for the Bulgari brand, and Ms. Ludovica Murazzani, the business consul of the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, attended the opening ceremony.

Bulgari Greater China Managing Director Collia and Brand Spokesman Wu Yifan Debut

  Brand spokesman Wu Yifan wore a Bvlgari antique collection series gold emerald diamond long necklace sparkling debut, with a high jewelry platinum diamond ring and Octo Finissimo watch on his wrist, demonstrating Bulgari’s ‘classic but also new life’ style attitude. Wu Yifan is a representative of the strength of the new generation of fashion ICON, or cool handsome charm, or trendy fashion, innovative, changeable and full of personality characteristics, is exactly where he fits with Bulgari. More than 130 years of Bulgari’s splendid culture and the younger generation of the East will collide with more sparks.

Bvlgari brand spokesperson Wu Yifan interprets ‘classic also has new life’
  A wonderful lion dance performance was the ‘eye-catching’ opening, expressing the best wishes for the future. The lion dance, meaning auspicious meaning, is a classic symbol of oriental culture, while Bulgari is a business card of the splendid culture of Italy. The collision between the two is exactly a portrait of the harmonious and beautiful cultural exchange between China and Italy.

(From left to right) Coria, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, Wu Yifan, Bvlgari’s Brand Spokesperson, Mu Landuo, Commercial Consul, Shanghai Consulate, Italy
  The new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store has more than 230 square meters of retail space. The decoration of the store is permeated with elegant styles originating from the Mediterranean and Italy. It is like a magnificent Roman street, opened in the essence of Rome that condenses over 2700 years of history. An intoxicating journey. The designer selects the typical marble and other stones commonly found in ancient Roman architecture, and uses modern methods to interpret the charm of classical geometric art, presenting a continuous fusion of innovation and classic.

Brand new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store
  The shop also features classic Condotti windows, Pantheon grids, octagonal stars and other Bulgari iconic elements, as well as the classic design of the brand, which make it feel like being in the Bulgari art gallery. Part of the furnishings were carefully selected by the famous architect Peter Marino and designed by the Italian designers who have deep roots in Bulgari’s history, highlighting the classic new life and avant-garde fashion style. Six huge shop windows are lined up outside the shop, rendering the eternal city of Rome in the modern city of Shanghai.

Brand new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store

Brand new Bvlgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza flagship store
  Shanghai is a fashion capital that blends eastern and western cultures for hundreds of years. Here, fashion styles from around the world are gathered. The refurbishment of the flagship store of the Bulgari Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza this time has more wonderfully demonstrated Bulgari’s Italian style and artistic personality, and fully conveyed Bulgari’s passionate life aesthetics.