Blooming ‘peacock’ Tasting Glashütte Original Pavonina Collection Ladies Watch

Most of my impressions of Glashütte watches are men’s watches with rigorous design, simple low-key and fine workmanship, but in fact this traditional German brand also has a tender side. Since 2013, Glashütte launched the new Pavonina women’s watch series, bringing us many beautifully designed and charming women’s watches.

  The word ‘Pavonina’ is derived from the Latin word pavoninus, which means ‘peacock’, blooming with dazzling colors and eye-catching brilliance. The Pavonina series watches use charming design to create a stunning and charming appearance, reflecting the characteristics of today’s women with thousands of faces and expressing their high respect for women. Today, the Watch House will bring you a Pavonina series ladies watch, the official model is: 1-03-01-04-15-01.

  This series is to commemorate the modern women who first entered the social stage in the 1920s. Women began to be self-reliant, went out alone, put on short skirts and cut their hairstyles. They broke through the old traditions and were free to combine wisdom with strength, tenderness and tenderness. The unique pillow-shaped case design, 31 * 31 mm case, a total of 98 diamonds of 0.38 carats are manually set on a precision-milled, brown cold enamel dial to form a distinctive peacock tail. The flanks of the case are gently undulating and decorated with 114 brilliant diamonds along the line, forming an open ring.

  The gear-shaped crown in 18k red gold is polished, and the top of the crown is set with a 0.03 carat diamond. Polished side case with gentle diamond setting undulations, smooth lines.

  The brown patent leather strap, with an 18k red gold pin buckle, is easy to wear. The combination of brown belt and 18k red gold is more solemn.

  The 7.5 mm thick case is more suitable for women to wear, easy to control, and meets their pursuit of lightness. The lines on the sides are smooth and soft, and the polished 18k red gold case is more noble and elegant.

  The strap and case are linked by an 18k red gold link, which is decorated with 21 fine diamonds, which is about 0.07 carats.

  The round dial of brown cold enamel is exquisite and luxurious in design. The delicate texture forms a distinctive peacock tail. The golden texture is inlaid with 98 brilliant diamonds totaling 0.38 carats, as if it is a delicate work of art. The date is displayed at 6 o’clock on the dial, and the red-gold leaf-shaped hands in the center are easy to read.

  The bottom adopts a dense bottom design, and the round metal is brushed and polished. The watch is equipped with Calibre 03-01 quartz movement for precise movement. In particular, this watch provides three times the standard antimagnetic protection, protecting this sensitive mechanism from the interference of modern mobile electronic devices, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the watch’s travel time.

  Summary: The first impression of this Pavonina watch is elegance and luxury. The not-heavy case is set with exquisite diamonds, satisfying women’s pursuit of smaller, more elegant and easier-to-use watches. All in all, this is a watch with excellent appearance and practicality. It is a very good choice for women who pursue both beauty and comfort. The current domestic price of this watch is 205,000 yuan.