Beauty Of Flowers, Three Beautiful Flowers Recommended

The combination of women and flowers has followed such rules from ancient times to the outside, so women and flowers have an inextricable bond. People often compare women to flowers and flowers. Liken a woman. In the field of watches, many brands have applied flowers to women’s watches to show the feminine beauty of watches. Today, the Watch House recommends several flowery women’s watches for everyone.

Amy Long Jingya 06.2188.L.6.D.27.6 watch

Watch Series: Jingya Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Steel with diamonds
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 29 mm
Domestic public price: 21300
Watch details: So is Lady. Holiness-is the first word that comes to mind when talking about lotus. The cultures of East and West are very different, but the praise to lotus is the same. In the age of social desire and impetuous stars, it is difficult to find such a clean and elegant. Different from the monotonous design of ordinary lotus-themed watches, Amy Long’s design pursues a lifelike three-dimensional sense. The Fair Lady is based on the water lilies of French Impressionist Monet. The first thing that catches the eye is a three-dimensional white lotus blooming on the entire dial. The sophisticated fine blanking process is used to perfectly display the high and low petal layering. There are 36 staggered textures. The use of two materials of metal and Fritillaria, superb skills, only the Breguet brand can do it. Secondly, looking at the case from the side, the entire watch looks like a cupped lotus tent; the studs inlaid with 12 natural diamonds are distributed on the dial like lotus seeds, and the full circle of diamonds wants to be sprinkled with lotus flowers in the morning; The crown is inlaid with 5 sapphire and red crystals, and the stars are dotted on the side, embellishing the stunning beauty of the woman; with steel blue petal-shaped hands and double arched sapphire crystals, a complete three-dimensional lotus is perfectly presented come out. Coupled with the concave grinding process at the mouth of the ring, the entire watch is delicate and slender.
Chanel J12 Series H0968 Watch

Watch series: J12 series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Ceramic-Steel
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: 42100
Watch details: gte vml 1]>
Watch Series: Rose Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 30 mm
Domestic public price: 25500
Watch details: tudor / 35774 /
Review of the watch: The Tudor Rose series is a tribute to the beauty of women. As the name suggests, it draws inspiration from the fantasy world and the night sky with charming moonlight, leading us into the world of refined elegance and unique creativity. The small central seconds hand shaped with the hollowed-out Tudor rose logo gives the watch an intriguing charm.

Summary: Flowers and women have been inextricably linked since ancient times. It is most appropriate to use flowers as a metaphor for Yi people. The three ladies’ watches recommended for everyone today are unique in design, innovative in shape and extraordinary in meaning. As a female watch within 50,000 yuan, I think it is a great choice.