Baida Feiliyuandi Settled In Shanghai

Patek Philippe Star Caliber 2000 Pocket Watch

 Patek Philippe ‘Shanghai’ World Time Limited Edition Platinum

‘No one can really own Patek Philippe, just for the next generation of custody.’ This is the classic slogan of Patek Philippe. Every Patek Philippe consumer believes that every Patek Philippe watch is designed, manufactured and tested to pass it on from generation to generation.

The next day, the Patek Philippe Residence was settled in Shanghai, replacing its Shanghai store, becoming the second “home” of Patek Philippe with a history of 174 years outside Geneva.

‘We want to create a place for Chinese consumers that is different from other specialty stores or stores. The intimate hospitality of Patek Philippe will make them feel at home and comfortable. This reflects our foothold. Market strategies for service to enhance customer experience, and brand commitment to China. ‘

Inheriting family history and brand value

I walked into the Patek Philippe Palace, as if coming to a quiet and beautiful garden world. The 100-year-old Lo Hansong, the 200-year-old magnolia … are full of greenery, and the flashy noise of the city is suddenly thrown out of the clouds.

After more than two years of design, restoration and preparation, the Patek Philippe Residence is similar to the distinguished experience of the Patek Philippe Geneva Salon, facing Chinese consumers with the highest specifications, creating a precedent for Patek Philippe in Asia. Yuandi focuses on the display of various world-renowned Patek Philippe timepieces, allowing more watch lovers to experience the uniqueness and temperament of Patek Philippe first-hand while admiring the beauty of many precision timepieces.

Today, the Patek Philippe Residence has replaced the Shanghai store, becoming the only place in the world named ‘Maison’ for Patek Philippe. Currently, Patek Philippe has three salons worldwide, located in Geneva, London and Paris. Compared with Salon, ‘Pakida Philippe Yuandi’ has a unique status. It strengthens the ‘service-oriented’ market strategy and brand commitment in China. At the same time, the building of the “Baidu Philippe Residence” located on the Bund source was formerly the official residence of the British Consulate General in Shanghai. The special geographical location and historical background have better shaped the unique image of Patek Philippe.

全新 New upgrade of customer service center

For the rapidly growing Chinese market in the high-end consumer sector, Patek Philippe has adopted a stable and service-oriented market strategy and has two customer service centers in Shanghai and Beijing. Designed to provide Chinese consumers with the most professional lifelong services from the brand.

With the opening of Patek Philippe Yuandi, Patek Philippe Shanghai Customer Service Center was newly upgraded. From the original Bund 18 store, it was relocated to the new independent site of Yifeng Bund Yuandi, which covers an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters. The interior space is strictly in accordance with the global uniform standards of Geneva headquarters, creating a completely transparent and dust-free repair room, providing the best ‘medical’ environment for watchmakers and every watch. All maintenance and inspection equipment of the service center are imported from Patek Philippe’s Geneva headquarters, and the Geneva professional team in Shanghai completes the installation and testing in person.

It is understood that the Patek Philippe China customer service team is composed of professional watch technology teams from different countries such as China and Switzerland, and has received strict and complete multi-level training system for watchmakers from Patek Philippe for at least 4 weeks. Increasing the difficulty level by level. All professional training is held at the Patek Philippe Geneva Training Center, designed to give every Patek Philippe watch technical professional a high degree of control over every watch skill.

推 Limited edition for Yuandi

Patek Philippe specially designed a limited edition ‘Shanghai’ world timetable model in rose gold and white gold (25 pieces each) to celebrate the opening of Yuandi. Its 24-hour dial is marked with the red ‘Shanghai’ in the east eight district instead of the usual display. ‘Hong Kong’.

Jumbo timepieces on display for one month

To celebrate the opening of the Patek Philippe Residence, the brand set up a one-month special exhibition featuring 23 hand-crafted precious artworks including filigree enamel dome clocks, hand-carved Baccarat crystal dome clocks, hand-carved pocket watches and Unique high jewelry watch. With 21 special features, the legendary Star Caliber 2000 is the third most complicated pocket watch in the world. These timepieces are unique artistic treasures and are specially transported from Geneva to Shanghai.