Awake And Addicted Brown Luxury Watch

Coffee and chocolate, one bitter and one sweet, one is sober and one is fascinating. Their colors are so close, but their dispositions are vastly different. Smart watchmakers have seen this for a long time, and have developed models with coffee or chocolate as the main color of the dial. Whether it’s coffee or chocolate, it’s mouthwatering. When the brand seizes the most basic desire of human beings to develop the design, the popularity of the corresponding models can be imagined.
I’m all coffee, some people like strong black coffee, some people like to add something; the name is ‘chocolate’, and often it’s not all chocolate. Therefore, when the watch is paired with bright diamonds, it is like adding sugar to coffee or adding nuts to chocolate. If you only love that purity, don’t hesitate to choose a watch that has no piecemeal design. It must be the classic of the times, even if it is not outdated for many years.
Patek Philippe Super Classic 3738 Rose Gold Watch
除了 Except for two slender hands on the surface, it is difficult for you to have any deeper impression on this watch. But when you gently take it under a 10x magnifying glass, you will find that every detail of it is processed perfectly. At this time you have to pay tribute to the Patek Philippe brand. Did you know that this watch is polished by hand under the microscope from the inside to the outside? Of course, no flaws are visible to the naked eye. If you have to pick a bone from an egg, find an electron microscope.

IWC pilot energy indicator
The pilot series is a classic series of IWC. In 2007, several precious metal models of rose gold were introduced. Strange to say, IWC is a top brand that doesn’t pay much attention to the women’s market. Their famous slogan is: a watch specially designed for men. But in Europe and the United States, people prefer the IWC brand, and abounding women can wear a large watch. Who can explain the principles of fashion?