At This Moment, Use ‘core’ To Confess Tissot Watches To Create ‘520 Love Confession Experience Station’ Witness Surprise Proposal Marriage

When ‘520’ became a romantic code to open the door to love, it was upgraded to a carnival party bravely expressed by urban lovers on May 20th. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot watches cherishes its brave attitude in pursuit of love, and created the “Tissot 520 Love Confession Experience Station” in Hefei Intime Center and Shenzhen Vientiane World to help every love confess with a “core”. On the evening of May 20th, more couples assisted in the proposal of the Tissot watch movie, inviting each other to join hands in this life with ‘520’ as the secret code. Witnessed by the time of Tissot watches, the sweet love of 520 moved from love to marriage, from heartbeat to eternity. This is undoubtedly the surprise egg in the 520 activity.

Confession bus stops for love
  In the digital age, numbers are full of the secrets of love. People hide ‘I love you’ in the number 520, and Tissot watches choose to hide 520 in time. Tissot watches created the ‘Tissot 520 Love Confession Experience Station’ and designed a romantic confession bus that belongs to 520, and witnessed the wonderful journey of each love with time. Here, you can take a romantic confession bus, shout the words of love to the person you love, or stand by the time post, upgrade the paper love letter to a confession, and send your lovers. Each form is only with love. Related, every form is ‘I love you’.

Tissot watches create ‘Tissot 520 Love Confession Experience Station’

  At the same time, Tissot also unveiled a 520 limited-time theme store with an urban atmosphere. With a vibrant urbanity, the Carson Zhen I series presents every beautiful and romantic urban love, and hopes that love will last as long as the wrist movement.

Tissot Carson I Watch

  The 520 limited-time theme store style is inspired by the daily commuting scenes of urban youth, and is decorated as a bus stop for people’s daily travel. As soon as you step into the store, a dynamic urban atmosphere looms towards you. Urban bus heads and bus stop signs are displayed on both sides, and romantic urban love spreads in the store inadvertently.

Tissot watches create 520 limited-time theme store

Cinema proposal surprise eggs
  The confession bus set off, and the light of love was dreamy. In the evening of 520, Tissot watch ingeniously arranged the 520 film special. Surprisingly, as the movie subtitles scroll, the world of light and shadow comes to an end, and the love story is staged. A boy bravely showed love, confessed to her girlfriend with a handful of red roses, and sent her an invitation to life, and when the girl took the bouquet to express ‘I would’, the audience instantly set off a romantic climax.

Couples propose marriage in Tissot 520 surprise

  The movie is the art of time, 24 frames per second, and love is the story of time. The phrase ‘I want’ is a lifetime. This brave confession is undoubtedly the surprise egg of the 520 event. 520 has come to an end, but ‘I love you’ has just begun.

Technical Parameters:

Tissot Carson Zhen Men’s Watch
Reference price: RMB 5,450
-Made in Switzerland
-Mechanical power 80 movement
-Rose gold PVD-coated steel case with polished details
-Sapphire glass and transparent case back with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-Calf leather strap
-Size: 40mm * 40mm

Tissot Carson Zhen Women’s Watch
Reference price: RMB 5,850
-Made in Switzerland
-Automatic movement, 44-hour power reserve
-Sapphire glass and transparent case back with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-Stainless steel strap with standard buckle
-8 natural Westelton diamonds, 0.04 carat
-Size: 30mm * 30mm