Light Up Her Wrist! Hublot Hublot 2019 Mother’s Day Big Bang “One Touch” Watch

They are independent and confident, and have their own fashion ideas. They are elegant and charming, always glowing the extraordinary charm of women. The mother of the 21st century can be an eclectic fashion pioneer, a career elite with a unique style, or an avant-garde woman with a flamboyant personality.

  On Mother’s Day 2019, HUBLOT Hublot presents a pair of BigBang “one-button” watches that show noble temperament. It can also be matched with a variety of new straps to achieve a personalized personality that changes with your heart, and it will become a dazzling light on the mother’s wrist Light!

  The BigBang ‘One-Click’ King Gold Diamond Watch and the BigBang ‘One-Click’ King Gold White Pavé Watch both use a 39mm diameter case, and the overall shape is stylish and elegant. The bezel and case of both watches are made of 18K king gold. This unique material developed by Hublot shows a distinguished and noble atmosphere. The bezel is set with 42 diamonds, which add a touch of brilliance to the watch. BigBang’s ‘One-Click’ King Gold White Pavé Watch is also decorated with 160 gorgeous diamonds in a dense setting on the case. The star-like light shines on the wrist, helping mothers stand out at every important moment and become a crowd. The shining focus!

  At the same time, both watches are equipped with a ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system. By changing straps of different colors or materials, it adds magic to women’s daily life.

  The new strap series launched in spring and summer of 2019 was born with the support of Bischoff embroidery workshop from St. Gallen, Switzerland. This family of embroidery is famous for making precious fabrics for celebrities in the fashion industry and high fashion industry. These embroidery styles have three color schemes-mauve / Bordeaux red, green / pink, green pine / blue, and are equipped with tweed pattern or national style pattern. There are a total of six straps in pursuit of changing and colorful fashion life. Contemporary women provide a casual wear experience.

  On Mother’s Day 2019, let Hublot interpret her self-style for her mother, create every moment of her charm, and create her brilliance on the wrist!

Big Bang ‘One Click’ King Gold Watch · Black Diamond
Number: 465.OX.1180.RX.1204
Dial: Matte black dial
Case: Big Bang-39mm diameter, satin and polished 18K King Gold
Movement: automatic movement HUB1710, date window at 3 o’clock
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Number of jewels: 27
Case back: brushed satin-finished steel, sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 100 meters or 10 ATM
Bezel: Polished 18K king gold, set with 42 diamonds, weighing 1.00 carat
6 H-shaped titanium screws, polished and locked
Strap & Buckle: Black engraved natural rubber strap with ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system
18K King Gold and Black Plated Titanium Folding Clasp

Big Bang ‘One Touch’ King Gold Watch · White Pavé Diamonds
Number: 465.OE.2080.RW.1604
Dial: Matt white dial
Case: Big Bang-39mm diameter, 18K King Gold set with 160 diamonds (1.84 carats total)
Movement: automatic movement HUB1710, date window at 3 o’clock
Power reserve: about 50 hours
Number of jewels: 27
Case back: Satin-finished 18K King Gold, sapphire with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 100 meters or 10 ATM
Bezel: 18K King Gold with 42 diamonds (total 1.00 carats)
6 H-shaped titanium screws, polished and locked
Strap & Buckle: White engraved natural rubber strap with ‘one-touch’ quick-change strap system
18K King Gold Folding Clasp

It Is Another Year Of Queen’s Day, Three High-value Watches Are Recommended To You

In March, the exclusive festival for female compatriots is about to be ushered in. Do you want to send any gifts to yourself? Today, the Watch House recommends three high-value wrists. Watch as a reference, I hope you all have a happy holiday, always 18 years old.
Cartier key series WSCL0016

Product model: WSCL0016
Domestic public price: ¥ 33000
Watch diameter: 31 mm
Case thickness: 11.04 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Comment: As a practical and good-looking gift, the watch is the most suitable for the little fairies who buy it for themselves or for their fellow men. If you like which one, you can consider starting.

Tissot—2010 Iihf Ice Hockey World Championships Officer Of The 2010 International Hockey World Championships

Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1853, will once again become the official timekeeper of the 2010 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships. The competition will be held in Germany from May 7th to May 23rd. This collaboration will also demonstrate Tissot’s commitment to sports timing.
When winter comes and everything in the world is white, everyone is concerned about ice hockey and actively participate in it. Tissot has long been a partner of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships and has been the official timekeeper of the game since 1996.

François Thiébaud, President of Tissot, said: ‘It is important for us to cooperate with major sports events because it reflects the dynamic development of our brand and the perfect precision and high performance of our products. Worldwide, we Timing more than 63 sporting events, we look forward to continuing to participate in such grand events held in Cologne, Mannheim and Gelsenkirchen. Germany is a crucial market for our brand. The provision of basic timing equipment at the event will also make Tissot customers and partners in this region proud. ‘
Source: Tissot
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Rolex Commemorative Bracelet, What Is It Commemorating?

Rolex five-bead chain commonly known by domestic players. The official name of Rolex is a commemorative bracelet. Although I have been in contact with famous watches for many years, the five-bead chain has also been called for many years, but for a long time, I have been wondering why the five-bead chain is called a commemorative bracelet. What is it in memory of? I finally knew it, so today we will focus on the Rolex commemorative bracelet.

Rolex commemorative bracelet, commonly known as five-bead chain. Steel case blue and black circle GMT with commemorative bracelet.
The commemorative bracelet is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Rolex.
 Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Weissdorf. After the end of World War II in 1945, Rolex decided to mark the 40th anniversary of the brand. To commemorate the 40th anniversary, Rolex has introduced a new type of bracelet. This newly designed bracelet is completely different from the previous Rolex bracelet. The new bracelet has five links, two of which are on the edge of the bracelet and three on the middle. The three small links in the middle are polished, and the large links on both sides are brushed. The new bracelet is an all-gold bracelet, and for some time, it has been an all-gold bracelet. This bracelet launched in 1945 is a Rolex commemorative bracelet, which is also known as the ‘five-bead chain’.

Rolex Memorial Bracelet
 It can be seen that the Rolex five-bead chain is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Rolex, so it is officially named a commemorative bracelet. But we can also see that there are still some differences between the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) in history and the current one. At the beginning, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) is a gold chain, and there is no gold or steel version. But that changed a few years later.

Rolex Head Bracelet
 In 1956 (also known as 1955), Rolex introduced the head of the bracelet, which is now used by Rolex DAY DATE bracelet, the bracelet has three curved links, polished in the middle, brushed on both sides, only the gold version. Before the commemorative bracelet was also the gold chain. After the appearance of the all-gold heads bracelet, the role of the Rolex commemorative bracelet began to decline, starting to appear between gold and steel version of the commemorative bracelet. As a result, the heads-type bracelet became the top Rolex bracelet, and the commemorative bracelet became a widely used regular bracelet.

From top to bottom, Rolex oyster bracelets, commemorative bracelets and heads bracelets.
 From the appearance, the Rolex commemorative bracelet has not changed since its birth. However, in terms of structure and technology, the Rolex commemorative bracelet was upgraded. There are two relatively large upgrades:
 1. Upgrade the hollow bracelet to a solid bracelet (the models currently on sale are all solid). Rolex commemorative bracelets (including oyster bracelets) have been hollow for a long time. Starting with Rolex’s 6-digit model, it was replaced with a solid bracelet. For example, the 6-digit numbers 11XXXX, 21XXXX, and 12XXXX are solid bracelets. The previous 5 digit numbered tables, such as the 1XXXX table, 16610 are hollow.

The buckle of the old commemorative bracelet is a rectangular buckle.
 2. Replace the buckle. Earlier Rolex commemorative bracelets used a rectangular buckle with the Crown logo printed on it. Later, starting with 6-digit models (such as 116233, 116234, etc.), they were replaced with hidden buckles. The buckle only showed a small crown, which looked good. After that, starting from the log of the new generation 3235 movement (such as 126333, 126233), it was replaced with an oyster buckle, which was unified with sports. The hidden buckle is only used on DAY DATE, and the five-bead chain is no longer used.

DJ using a memorial bracelet (top) and DD using a heads bracelet (bottom).
 It should be noted here that the Rolex with a hidden buckle can be a commemorative bracelet or a heads bracelet, because the buckle is a small crown, and you need to pay attention when the small crown is opened. Because someone accidentally snapped that little crown out before. If it is lost, you need to change the entire bracelet where the crown is located, which is still more expensive.

Rolex hides the small crown on the clasp, which needs attention to prevent it from being buckled.
Rolex commemorative bracelet, ‘heat’ rose.
 In the past two years, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) has been a hot topic for Rolex. The reason is that as Rolex launches new GMT, including steel case five-bead chain red and blue rings, steel case five-bead chain blue and black rings, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) returns to Rolex sports models (formerly antique sports labor Used), and became the main bracelet on the new Rolex GMT.

A steel case five-bead chain with a red and blue ring and a steel case five-bead chain with a blue and black ring.
 According to Rolex’s latest plan:
 1. The Rolex GMT will be a two-color bezel. The previous models of single-color bezels will be discontinued.
 2. Rolex GMT will only use steel shell, rose gold and platinum materials. GMT no longer uses gold.
 3. Rolex GMT steel watches will no longer use oyster bracelets, steel case GMT will use five-bead chains. In the future, Oyster chains will only be used on all-gold and inter-gold GMT.

The blue and red rings on the oyster bracelet above are all white gold.
 That is to say, in the future, when you see the GMT of the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain), you can recognize it as a steel case GMT at a glance. Whenever you see the GMT of an oyster bracelet (here refers to the new two-color circle model, not including the old discontinued model), then it is definitely a model with gold (all gold or gold). It is important to note that if you see a GMT that is metallic silver, but it is an oyster chain, there is no doubt that this GMT is platinum (here refers to the new two-color circle model, not including the old discontinued model).

Memorial bracelet (five-bead chain) with oyster clasp.
 Among the Rolex currently on sale, the commemorative bracelet (five-bead chain) has been used from DJ to the sports GMT, and has become a major identifier of Rolex GMT. Compared with other brands of watches, Rolex has certain rules and attention to watch heritage, identification, and various combinations of elements. The commemorative bracelet has now become an important identification mark and basis of judgment after several floats.

Time Goes By Tissot Watches A New Interpretation Of Classic Women’s Fashion

Clothing is not only the embodiment of the female spirit of an era, but also the epitome of an entire era. Each dress style has its own story. The famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot has selected five women’s watches for this purpose. With the fashionable and elegant Durul series, the simple and avant-garde Tengzhi series, and the classic and innovative Le Locle series watches, the new interpretation of classic women’s style, pay tribute to contemporary women. Confident and beautiful. This is also the moment of choice by the famous actors Liu Yifei and Deepika Padukone.
British spirit strikes Tianxian to chicly interpret women’s suits
 Although women have been in suits for less than a century, this is a century that has witnessed the advancement of women’s thinking and feminism. With the advancement of women’s status, they followed suits of men in smart suits, and women’s suits came into being. When Sister Fairy wore a chic and capable black suit, the fairy and the handsome reconciled each other. Don’t say that women’s shirts are flirtatious and sexy, and sometimes the sparks from the contradiction between feminine and masculine are even more fascinating. The neat formal wear coupled with the embellishment of the Tissot Durul series red strap adds a touch of vitality to the overly serious formal wear, revealing enthusiasm in calmness.

Liu Yifei Performs Tissot Duluer Series Red Strap
Unrestrained, the little dragon girl also loves sexy leather skirts
 Leather clothing has undergone continuous changes from military to civilian, from rock to sexy, from niche to mainstream. In the leather frenzy of the 1950s, women wore British leathers and gradually developed more feminine leather skirts. When the rough leather fabric was cut into a flirtatious dress, it was worn on the beautiful Liu Yifei, creating a mysterious sexy. A gold Tissot duruhr watch on the wrist brings a touch of vitality to a gloomy leather skirt. Against the backdrop of an elegant and romantic Paris studded dial, it also exudes beauty and elegance.

Liu Yifei’s interpretation of Tissot Duluer series gold
Sunny vitality fairy sister perfect interpretation of mini skirt
 The new generation became the main force of fashion consumption in the 1960s. The fashion industry began to focus on young people. Mini skirts that ‘subvert traditional restrictions and taboos’ came into being at this time and swept the world instantly. The A-line skirt, which is the same as the mini skirt, has become a must-have item in today’s women’s wardrobes, and it adds a strong girly sense with any top. A black A-line skirt makes Liu Yifei look more youthful and smart. The Tissot Solar Series solar watch with a sense of science and technology is paired with a mini skirt to exude the youthful vitality.

Liu Yifei wears Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch
A born pair box office queen showcases a perfect match for denim and white T
 During World War I, wool underwear was particularly uncomfortable in the hot and humid environment of Europe. The emergence of cotton white underwear solved this problem in one fell swoop. Because of this, this simple clothes quickly became popular. Women were also affected in the 1970s, putting T-shirts in the office, which caused a large-scale trend for a while. To this day, pure white T-shirts with jeans can still be called a perfect match, and it is also in harmony with Deepika’s outstanding temperament. The white T-shirt matches the white strap of the Tissot Rock series. The golden bezel is decorated with retro feelings. The sun is full of charm and full of affinity. It interprets the style of the 70s to a new style.

Deepika Shows Tissot Rock Series White Strap
Passionate like fire, a Bollywood sister revisits the Disco frenzy
 The 80s was a time of enthusiasm. The enthusiastic disco trend weakened the elegant women’s aesthetics, with wide shoulders (strong) and narrow waists (sexy) coexisting. Women showed themselves more bravely, which has a distinctive era significance. Another Tissot watch ambassador, Deepika Padukone, is from Bollywood, known for her passion. Straight wide-leg pants and wide-sleeve sleeveless knitwear perfectly interpret women’s confidence and independence. The Durur women’s steel strap model has a stylish classic and vibrant Disco style, which interprets the ingenious balance of freedom and elegance.

Deepika Interprets Duluer Women’s Steel Strap
Technical Parameters
Tissot Duluer red strap RMB 5,600
-Made in Switzerland
-80-hour power reserve movement
-Domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar
-Strap: leather strap, push-button butterfly clasp
-Size: 32mm * 32mm

Tissot Duluer Series Gold RMB 6,850
-Made in Switzerland
-80-hour power reserve movement
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to 5 bar
-316L stainless steel strap, push-button butterfly clasp
-Gold model with PVD coating
-Size: 32mm * 32mm

Tissot Solar Series Watch RMB 10,050
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal touchscreen mirror
-Titanium case with black PVD coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Titanium strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm

Tissot Rock series white strap RMB 4,600
-Swiss made, automatic mechanical movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Water resistance up to 3 bar
-Leather strap, butterfly clasp
-Rose gold PVD coating
-Size: 39.3mm * 39.3mm

Tissot Duluer steel strap RMB 6,050
-Made in Switzerland
-80-hour power reserve movement
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
-Water resistance to 5 bar
-316L stainless steel strap, push-button butterfly clasp
-Size: 32mm * 32mm