The Wheel Of Beauty Kunlun Watch Classic Show Party

Swiss Kunlun Watch, which has a history of 50 years, recently held a classic display party at the Solomon Watch & Jewellery Store in Jinmao Fashion Lifestyle Center. The models that participated in the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2006 were unveiled one after another: the sporty Admiral’s Cup series, the highly skilled hand-painted watch, the maverick Bubbles series, a special limited edition, the luxurious gold coin watch and Creative and unique Golden Bridge watches and so on, these beautiful wheels of time make people fascinated by the beautiful time story …
Buckingham Toucan Watch
     It is worth mentioning that Kunlun Watch is proud of its hand-painted watches. Since its first launch, it has won the attention of many fashionistas. The Classical Chevalier de Monfort watch, Buckingham Birds of Paradise watch and Classical Pearl Dragon watch are all wonderful. The ingeniousness of the fine arts. Kunlun watch’s fine painting has three different techniques, including enamel painting, plane fine painting and mother-of-pearl carving and drawing. The fine painting process that has long been forgotten by the altar is highly respected by Kunlun watch. return. The colorful toucan, Toucan, lingers among the tropical frangipani flowers. The hand-painted mother-of-pearl surface brings a sense of harmony and joy, and the 18K white gold case set with 3.30 cal diamonds completes the perfect frame for a pair of birds made these two days. Toucan watch is Kunlun watch’s 2006 art series, limited to 50 models worldwide, each of which has a unique color palette.
Débutante women’s watch
     Débutante women’s watches are elegant in design, exquisite in craftsmanship, and versatile in shape, catering to the tastes and temperaments of different women. The surface of the white mother-of-pearl is lined with a diamond outer ring, shining like a starlight. The watch is equipped with a set of three rings that can be replaced, set with emerald peridot, sky blue crystal and pink crystal, worn on the wrist, which is extremely noble and elegant. Débutante also has a set of four and a set of six bracelets, which greatly enhance the freedom of companionship, and the bracelet’s fastening structure specially designed for this watch makes the replacement faster and safer. In addition to the basic three bracelets, the pretty Débutante women’s watch can also be fitted with a diamond, amethyst or golden bracelet.
Golden Bridge Timepiece
     Born 25 years ago, the Golden Bridge watch has a highly sophisticated structure, creating a revolutionary watch design pioneer for the global watchmaking industry. The watch’s sapphire crystal case back reveals the mystery of time-hand-crafted splint bridges, tiny gears, hollow black gold hands and a unique winding system with sliding springs, each part creating a floating air feel . The Golden Bridge watch successfully combines the essence of jewellery and watchmaking technology, which is the pinnacle of watchmaking. The Golden Bridge watch, which was selected by Kunlun Watch to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary, has returned with a good reputation since last year, and this year introduced two new designs with a new attitude. Kunlun watch pours this classic masterpiece with a new design concept. It combines the two elements of crystal transparency and high-quality metal: the original 950 platinum design is accompanied by the pink gold movement, which instantly warms the heart of the watch. Up, while the platinum model is set with diamonds, making the sophisticated design even more brilliant.
Admiral’s Cup 44 chronograph
     Named after the distinguished Admiral Cup of the International Sailing Grand Prix, the latest model of the series, the new 44 stopwatch from the Admiral’s Cup series, is now on display. The case diameter is 44 mm and the large 12-sided bezel is decorated with 12 distinctively colored marine bunting flags as hour markers. This chronograph stopwatch is available in 18K red gold and high-quality stainless steel. The strap is newly designed black or blue vulcanized rubber and decorated with red gold or steel Admiral’s Cup folding safety buckle. In addition, the self-winding chronograph movement in the Admiral’s Cup 44 chronograph has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Inspection Bureau for precision timers.
Bubble Royal Flush
     In the world of poker, holding a straight flush composed of big cards is invincible at any time; in the world of watches, wearing a Kunlun watch’s Bubble Royal Flush, one of which is an A flush of five flush straights, will definitely make the player Have fun! The Bubble Royal Flush is the sixth special limited edition watch from the Bubbles collection and was only produced in 2006. The chic arched sapphire crystal surface brings the fortune of this set of winning brands to the wearer, making the player attack on the table. The currency symbol on the big three-pin balance hammer reminds the player of the purpose of this thing. Polished stainless steel case, specially designed to reduce reflections to keep the brand on hand. Stainless steel or 18K red gold case with self-winding movement, both watches come with crocodile leather straps and are also available with or without diamonds.
Gold Coin Watch
     The US $ 10 Eagle Gold Coin watch produced by Kunlun Watch has been loved for many years after it was discontinued a few years ago, so it was decided to launch it again. Watchmaking with gold coins is a process that requires state-of-the-art technology-22k gold coins will be cut into two along the side of the coin and used as the surface and case back. Movement. This stunning piece of art is fixed with a solid gold ring engraved with gold coins, and a gold watch is born, each of which is hand-inserted. Although the gold coin timepiece was not originally created by Kunlun Watch, the gold coin timepiece was limited to the pocket watch style. Since the introduction of sapphire crystal in the early 1960s, Kunlun Watch has developed this distinctive image. Outstanding gold coin watch. Gold coin watches, whether it is a double eagle gold coin with a value of US $ 20 or an eagle gold coin with a value of $ 10, are regarded as masterpieces of clock technology. A favorite of business talent.

Sophisticated Cool And Sweet And Fresh, All In The New Chanel 2019 Watch

Every year at the Basel Watch Fair, I am looking forward to what kind of surprise CHANEL can bring us. Everyone knows that black and white are the most classic and representative elements of Chanel, and they always give new vitality in simplicity. At this year’s watch exhibition, the Watch House saw that many new Chanel watches have returned to the black series, which may be related to the death of Lafayette in February, bringing a grand farewell with the watch. This year’s Chanel not only launched the deep and elegant new Première Rock watch, but also applied Chanel’s signature element, tweed, to the watch design, providing another reason for women to chop their hands. But believe me, you can’t resist all watches!
   A cool piece for women

CHANEL perfume bottle N ° 5

Place Vendôme (Fonden)

   In 1987, Chanel launched the first classic watch for women-Premiere. Its octagonal dial design is inspired by the shape of the N ° 5 perfume bottle cap and the iconic silhouette of Paris’s Fontaine Place. For 30 years, it has become a classic in the field of fine watchmaking.

Première Rock watch launched in 2017, triple wrap steel and red leather strap, white mother-of-pearl dial, limited edition of 1,000 pieces
Première Rock watch launched in 2017

Première Rock watch launched in 2018, triple wrap stainless steel and gold fabric strap, mirror dial, limited edition of 1,000 pieces

New Première Rock Èdition Noire 2019 watch, triple wrap steel and black leather strap, black lacquered dial, black diamond carbon film (ADLC) coating, limited edition of 55 pieces
   Compared with the Première Rock watch launched in the previous two years, the new three-layer wrap watch launched this year is cool and cool. Black has become the main theme but not monotonous, which highlights the sparkle of the diamond on the crown.

CHANEL Flap Bag Price: RMB 27,500
Chanel new premiere rock Èdition noire watch

   The three-circle wrap watch has the least need to worry about how to match it. It is itself the most avant-garde trend. This time, the Première Rock Èdition Noire watch launched by Chanel will be unforgettable whether it is paired with Chanel’s classic bags to be an elegant lady or accompanied by red lips in leather clothes.

CHANEL Première Velours

Chanel Première Velours Diamonds

   This year’s Premiere series also launched two black velvet-textured rubber straps. The Premiere Velours watch has a black lacquered dial. The Premiere Velours Diamonds watch is set with 116 brilliant cuts weighing approximately 0.38 carats. diamond. The two watches are light and dark, each with its own style. The velvet texture of the strap is highly advanced, and it is perfect for matching with Chanel’s high-end ready-to-wear.
   Classic reproduction of tweed

Lady chanel wearing a tweed suit

The model wore a Chanel tweed suit and appeared on the American version of ‘VOGUE’ in October 1961

   Anyone who knows Chanel knows that tweed is one of the classic elements of the brand and a famous role on the fashion stage. This fabric was first produced in Scotland and was a traditional men’s fabric at the time. In the 1920s, Ms. Chanel first pioneered the use of tweed fabrics for women’s clothing design, and was then continuously innovated and carried forward in Karl Lagerfeld’s designs. This year’s BOY · FRIEND series of watches launched by Chanel applied this element to watch design, subverting the design principles of classic women’s watches.



   The BOY · FRIEND TWEEDY STRAP tweed strap watch reinterprets this classic element. The 18K gold bezel and case watch uses a black and gold tweed strap, stainless steel bezel and watch. The case watch is made of black and silver tweed. The wearable scenes of these two watches are more abundant, whether it is formal occasions or friends gathering, they show full femininity. Maybe you don’t need to wear Chinese clothes, it is enough to show taste on your wrist.

CHANEL BOY · FRIEND NEO TWEED watch, the dial is decorated with a variety of different gray tone tweed patterns, limited edition of 1,000

CHANEL BOY · FRIEND TWEED ART watch, big fire enamel dial, tweed pattern, limited edition of 20 pieces

CHANEL BOY · FRIEND TWEED ART watch, big fire enamel dial, tweed pattern, limited edition of 20 pieces

  In addition to the application on the strap, this time Chanel also used the pattern of the fabric for the dial. The BOY · FRIEND NEO TWEED watch is cool, with a low-key elegance of the tweed pattern in different gray tones; the BOY · FRIEND TWEED ART watch adds a bit of naughty, and is endowed with feminine femininity. Pink, which girl Can you refuse to wear it for a date?
   Chanel is like this. It will never be easily defined and has been surpassing conventional imagination. This spring, will you choose the cool Première or the fresh BOY · FRIEND?