Unique Watch For Charity Ball Lange Zeitwerk Series

Lange made a unique LANGE ZEITWERK watch for the Kidz Horizon Charity Ball held in Singapore this year. This white gold LANGE ZEITWERK with grey dial debuted in Asia for the first time.
 In August 2009, Duncan Wang, a Chinese-American businessman and watch collector, died at the age of 44. As Duncan was fascinated by watches and philanthropy, his parents and friends living in Singapore came up with the most appropriate way to remember him. A year later, the first Duncan watch was auctioned in Singapore to raise money for the children’s charity The Kidz Horizon Appeal. The organization, founded by Dr. Liu Meiling in 2004, raises medical expenses for children with chronic diseases such as cancer or AIDS, so that children whose families cannot afford the medical expenses can also get the treatment they need.
The unique LANGE ZEITWERK watch, made especially for this year’s Kidz Horizon charity ball.
 Both Dr. Liu and Duncan have always appreciated Lange watches, and one of Lange’s limited edition watches has naturally become the Duncan watch of the year. This year, a special LANGE ZEITWERK with a uniquely sculpted and grey dial will be auctioned at the Kidz Horizon Appeal Charity Ball held on August 27, 2011 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Ballroom in Singapore. When Lange Chief Executive Wilhelm Schmid was invited to donate a unique Lange watch for the Kidz Horizon charity auction, he and his colleagues were excited because they knew it was the most important thing to do: care about the society in which we live. , Especially the younger generation, is the root of the history and value of the Lange brand. The main goal of the Lange Watch Factory was to help young people in poor areas solve their unemployment problems.
 LANGE ZEITWERK is different from other watches in that it stands for absolute firmness. The watch’s logo is considered too large, and the dial shows the current time unambiguously. It just jumped lightly and jumped from this minute to the next in an instant. At the full hour, the three dials of the watch will jump forward at the same time. The constant power escapement system between the barrel and the balance wheel generates switching power, while ensuring that the power to the balance wheel remains stable throughout the power reserve period. This unique version of the design highlights the contrast between light and dark, with a white gold case lined with a gray dial and white numerals, a black alligator strap and a solid white gold folding buckle. The bottom of the watch is specially engraved with ‘1/1 SGP 2011’ to witness its uniqueness and its commemorative items.

LANGE ZEITWERK information
Model 140.049F
Caliber L043.1 calibre, hand-finished, in accordance with Lange’s most accurate standards, decorated and set by hand; five position fine-tuning; 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver; manual Engraved balance wheel splint; jumping minute display; constant power escapement
数目 Number of movement parts 388
Gemstone 66
黄金 Screw fixed gold sleeve 2
Escapement system Lever escapement system
Vibration-resistant Glucydur? Balance wheel * with eccentric weight; self-made super-quality balance spring with additional system to be patented (balanced spring), 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour, accurate beat adjustment system, side Square fixing screws and gooseneck springs
36Power reserve reaches 36 hours when fully refined
Function jump type hour and minute display, stop seconds function, small second hand, power reserve indicator
The crown of the operating part is set and timed.
Case diameter: 41.9 mm; thickness: 12.6 mm
Movement size diameter: 33.6 mm; thickness: 9.3 mm
Case platinum
Dial solid silver, grey
Time Bridge German Silver
Hand gold rhodium plated
Sapphire crystal on glass mirror and case back (hardness level 9)
Band Stitch Alligator Leather Strap, Black
Buckle Solid White Gold Lange Folding Buckle

Limited edition of 1 piece, specially engraved with ‘1/1 SGP 2011’

Rolex Cal. 1570 Classic Mechanical Movement

It is a high-quality movement with excellent design, superior performance, accurate travel time, and durability. It is definitely to be introduced to friends who love watches and must also be possessed during the collection of your watches.
Seeking ‘representation’, since ‘core’ is the most important
In order to meet the needs of emerging markets and business considerations, modern new watches mostly adopt the ‘mass production’ model, or a new research and development to use computer testing to simulate the 30-year service life, but after all, computer testing and actual There is a big difference in use. Everyone’s living environment and wearing conditions are different. If used in ‘dangerous conditions’, current watches are very easy to hang. It is often heard that a certain high-end brand watch is not allowed to travel at any time, the direction difference is more than ten seconds, and the serious is that the refining is not smooth or even stopped, as well as the escapement system such as failure of the horse and the fall of the hairspring. Recently, a high-end brand has set a price of at least 20,000 US dollars. Its speed adjustment is only the design of the speed needle. It is said that the self-made movement is at this level? At least it should be thread trimming to be worthy of consumers.
The new models are also in a state of design. For example, the hand needs to turn the crown by fingers to make the movement, but the dragon heart is as thin as a thread needle. The design of the bearing is also often in a condition. When the problem occurs, the maintenance cost is astonishingly high. This logic is really unreasonable. The author’s collection includes new and old watches, as well as many antique watches. There are many new watches, large performance changes, low-key old watches with connotations, antique watches with classic appearance, and a sincere and high-quality ‘core’. It is worth playing and owning the watch. Although there are not many people playing old things, the number is also decreasing. If you want to have a movement, you must be fast. The most recommended one is 1570.
‘Red Wheel’ A synonym for Rolex
The Rolex 15 series of movements came out in the late 1950s. There are at least ten models in the entire series. The movements are numbered from 1520 to 1580, the vibration frequency is 18000 and 19800. There are two types of balance wheels, most of which have observatory certification. In particular, all use the ‘Red Wheel’, the most recognizable Rolex movement, which has become almost synonymous with Rolex. ‘Red Wheel Tsai’ is an important component of the automatic refining system. It has two arc-shaped anti-reverse devices to prevent the saw-shaped gear from advancing or stopping. It cannot drive the red clutch wheel. Furthermore, it achieves the action of two-way refining, which not only has low noise during operation, but also has good refining efficiency. The design of the red wheel is unique to Rolex. It has the characteristics of anti-wear and low noise. As long as it is equipped with a ‘red wheel’ Rolex watch, it is very valuable. Among so many models, 1570 is the most classic and high quality.

The vibration frequency of 1570 is 19800. Generally, the quality of the movement must be distinguished. The escapement mechanism is one of the keys. The 1570 uses a screw balance wheel. The four screws on the inside of the balance wheel can be used to fine-tune the speed. The Rolex Microstella system works very well. Well, the precision can reach one second, and the grade is very high. Especially with the double-layer hairspring (1570 mostly made of blue steel) that Rolex has always used, it shows the traditional watchmaking technology. So far, Rolex has fully replaced the double-layer hairspring, which is unique among all brands and is very remarkable.
How good is 1570? Master Yu of Taipei’s best watches is highly respected. Xiaoyu is famous in Taiwan’s watch industry. He has repaired countless old antiques and touched most new watches. He is critical of the movement. Xiaoyu is He is famous for recording many detailed parts drawings of disassembled movements in his camera. There are high-quality designs and bad structures. As long as the clocks are good, Xiaoyu will share them with you. Don’t be fooled by his small shop, but sparrows are small and have all the internal organs. What watches have not been seen? Haven’t they repaired them? PP, Rolex, Omega and other brands are the best for him. What kind of lathes? Homemade parts? Xiao Yuzheng is right
1570 = Durable and accurate
The reason why Xiaoyu evaluates the 1570 so high is that he has accumulated decades of maintenance experience. The Rolex watch has the lowest failure rate among all brands. Among them, 1570 is the best in Xiaoyu’s eyes. A good movement is necessary in addition to the accuracy of the time. Conditions, sturdy and durable is the king. Rolex launched the 1570 that was mainly used in ‘daily watches’. Its conditions are durable, accurate, and easy to maintain. These 1570 elements are all available. The most proud of it is that the automatic core is very sturdy. The automatic refining mechanism of the 1570 is not a ball bearing currently commonly used. It carries the automatic disk with the automatic core. As long as it is used normally, there is not much problem because the design is a two-way refining Therefore, the performance of the smelting is good, and the fixing screws of the screed are also extremely strong and sturdy. Everything is designed for durability.

Rolex 1803 with 15 series movement
There is also a watch worthy of collection equipped with the Rolex 15 family movement. It is a 1803 with calendar and week display performance. The level of 1803 is higher than that of 1601. It is only made of precious metal. The ‘open skylight’ model belongs to the higher level in the Rolex series. So far, many improved models have been developed. Among them, 1803 is most worthy of collection because it is used The best 15 series movements of Rolex. In addition, the 1560 movement in the 15 series has a hairspring anti-stretch bar above the balance wheel of the escapement mechanism. This design is to prevent the hairspring from jumping off when it is impacted. It may be stuck on the hairspring head and affect the movement of the movement. This design It can also be seen in the early chronograph movement 722, this structure is extremely rare for other brands.
The first-generation classic 1570 is hailed as one of the highest-quality movements of the twentieth century. It is designed and manufactured in full accordance with the essence of traditional watchmaking. Double-layer hairspring, Microstella fine-tuning mechanism, ‘red wheel’, and durable performance After nearly 50 years of hardening, its average failure rate is relatively low, and it is almost an invincible player in the world. If you want to find an opponent of 1570, only PP 460 can compete. I believe that for another 50 years, 1570 Still durable and precise, the flavor is still there. Now you can find a 1601 equipped with a 1570 movement at the second watch store or website, because it is the best watch in the world for a thousand dollars, and it is worth owning and collecting.

The New Superfast Porsche 919 Limited Edition By Chopard

Chopard, the official timing partner of Porsche Motorsport, is celebrating the return of Porsche Motorsport to the 24-hour Le Mans with a special Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 limited edition watch.

 From 1970 to 1998, Porsche scored well in the 24-hour Le Mans competition, winning a total of 16 championships, and this record is still unbeatable. At the moment of return in 2014, Porsche sent two prototype cars specially developed by the original racing department: the 919 Hybrid to participate in the race, and was divided into two groups by six drivers. The driver lineup included Romain Dumas (France), Neel Jani ( Switzerland), Marc Lieb (Germany), and Timo Bernhard (Germany), Brendon Hartley (New Zealand), Mark Webber (Australia).

 As for the new Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 limited edition watch, based on the Chopard Superfast watch, 45mm stainless steel case, equipped with a 03.05-M self-winding movement, with COSC Swiss official observatory certification, power reserve of 60 hours, and Timing function for flyback. The exterior design is inspired by the new Porsche 919 Hybrid. The stripe design of the dial is derived from the racer’s diverter. The 12-hour time dial at 9 o’clock is decorated with the striking 919 wording. Bald tire shape from the racing world.

 Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can enjoy the rotation of the 3.05-M self-winding movement. At the same time, it is decorated with ‘Official Timing Partner Porsche Motorsport’ and a limited number. Chopard’s new Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 limited edition watch, limited to a total of 919.

 03.05-M self-winding movement, certified by the COSC Swiss Observatory, 60 hours power reserve, flyback timing function, and has a special board texture. Chopard’s new Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 limited edition watch, limited to a total of 919.

Technical parameters of the Chopard Porsche 919 Limited Edition
Reference number: 168535-3002
Function: chronograph, flyback function
Display functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date, chronograph seconds, 30-minute counter, 12-hour counter
Certification: Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) certification
Limited edition: 919
Movement: Chopard 03.05-M

Simple And Charming Small Blue Plate Vacheron Constantin Stainless Steel Blue Plate Watch Tasting

The first time I heard ‘Across the Sea’ was a movie ‘Across the Sea’ played by my brother (Cheung Kwok Wing) and Fa (Chow Yun Fat) in 1991. It has many classic bridges and scenes. It was quickly welcomed by everyone and became a classic. The Vacheron Constantin series has been around for a long time, and the series has started its creation many years ago. In 2016, Vacheron Constantin took inspiration from the brand’s legendary classic “Model 222” watches. Based on the spirit of travel and an attitude of looking at the world, it combined a variety of exquisite craftsmanship to create a new generation of vertical and horizontal watches. There is a simple and charming small blue dial watch introduced by the watch home editor today. (Watch model: 4500V / 110A-B128)

New horizontal and vertical remodeling classic series

    Vacheron Constantin reinvents its iconic classic series, the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series. This time, the five new watches (12 models) launched by Vacheron Constantin adhere to the principles of casual elegance and rugged practicality. They are all equipped with the brand’s own movements-including three new movements-a new generation of self-winding timepieces that reflect the spirit of travel. Among them, each new watch has the shadow of the traditional brand “222 model”, which is not only a tribute to classics, but also a great step forward in the inheritance and innovation of timepieces.
Antimagnetic soft iron protects the watch

Watch case and dial display
   41 mm stainless steel case with 11 mm thickness. Equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron device and screw-in crown, it can protect the watch from magnetic interference and escort the precise travel time. The polished stainless steel case has smooth lines and beautiful shapes, and can be perfectly connected with the bracelet / strap, which adds a point of appreciation to the watch.
Blue dial like lake water

Watch dial display
   The simple blue dial with sunburst satin-brushed crystal blue has velvety smooth edges. Through the dial, you can see the reflection of the hands on the blue dial. The watch looks like a clear lake, very beautiful. The 18K gold hour markers, hour and minute hands have a white luminous coating. Myopia can also read the time in a dark environment, ensuring the best readability.

Watch crown display

   The stainless steel crown has a non-slip texture design. After the sanding process, the lines are smooth and delicate, and the hand feels good. The crown is decorated with the Vacheron Constantin Maltese logo, adding a unique aesthetic to the watch.

Watch lug display
   The lugs, which are also made of stainless steel, are beautiful through the sanding process. The soft stainless steel has a good texture and is naturally connected to the bracelet / belt, adding to the overall quality.
‘Core’ in the Geneva Seal

Watch movement display

    The back-through process design allows direct observation of the movement. Equipped with 5100 self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, including 172 parts, 37 gems, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), 22K gold rotor (with wind rose compass pattern) ), Dual barrels (to ensure that the speed regulation mechanism receives stable power output) can ensure a power reserve of more than 60 hours, and its waterproof level is 150 meters. The movement is engraved with the Geneva Seal certification to ensure the accuracy of the time.

Watch strap display

   This watch comes with a dark blue rubber strap attached to a stainless steel pin buckle. The pin buckle is also decorated with a half of the Maltese logo, which is beautiful and also increases the safety of the watch, and it does not easily slip off the wrist.
The versatility of the watch starts with three straps

Three straps

   The watch comes with three rubber, stainless steel and crocodile leather straps / chains that can be replaced, which makes the watch extremely flexible and versatile. Enjoy a comfortable wearing experience no matter where you are.

Watch overall display

Summary: The brand new Overseas works with the imprint of Geneva will become a brand masterpiece sailing in the 21st century. The classic and simple small blue plate is sunny and atmospheric, and has great male charm. The three removable / replaceable straps / bracelets are also new. A highlight of the world. Watch price: RMB 149000