Building A Museum On Your Wrist

On a Sunday evening in late May, I came to the Twin Villas at No. 796 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, where a grand conference and dinner are being held. This is Vacheron Constantin’s ‘A Time on the Horizon’ celebration to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ‘House of Vacheron Constantin’ in Shanghai. It took 10 years. I also participated in the opening event here 10 years ago, and 10 years passed. Ten years later, I found that the brand employees have changed a batch, from the global CEO to the chief executive officer of China, from the marketing director to the public relations manager, are no longer the original group. And I also started a new stage of my own life, and I want to come to life is also impermanence. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration, the brand brought 5 Métiers d’Art series Les Aérostiers hot-air balloon watches launched at the SIHH in Geneva earlier this year, so the event is called ‘above the horizon A wonderful journey of time. ‘ On the five-inch dial of these five watches, the master craftsman used two techniques of hand-relief and hollow enamel to restore the five hot air balloons that completed the flying feat in France from 1783-1785. It is very rare to be able to appreciate and play with these art masterpieces with your own eyes, because they are limited to 5 sets in the world, and only the Chinese market is completely divided into one set. Each watch is priced at 1.01 million yuan, and one set is 5.05 million yuan. In addition to seeing them at SIHH at the beginning of the year, I am now in Shanghai again, which is a double luck. As for those collectors who really collect these exclusive products and enjoy them exclusively, strictly speaking, these ‘sky pride’ are not only watch players, but have been promoted to the ranks of art collectors. Appreciation of the hot air balloon watch ‘Art Master Series’ emphasizes the use of traditional craftsmanship to create watches full of artistic sense, has launched a lot of wonderful masterpieces-ancient mask series, Copernicus celestial ball series, nautical explorer series, The 12 zodiac legend series, Chagall Paris Opera House series … Using metal carving, enamel painting, jewelry setting, machine-engraved carving and other techniques, create many works full of imagination and shock. Playing with these watches, it is definitely not enough to see with your eyes. You must take a magnifying glass to observe carefully, in order to enjoy the most subtle and subtle magic and amazing subtleties. In addition, you must take special care to appreciate the focus, rigor, and passion shown by the craftsmen in the creative process. As Christian Selmoni, the director of brand style and heritage, said: ‘Although we only produce a very small number of artistic watches, each one carries the brand’s own professional watchmaking craftsmanship and artistic knowledge, and we will not seek more profits. And increase production or use machine. ‘At the scene, in addition to 5 sets of Les Aérostiers hot-air balloon watches, there are many great works that are also worthy of appreciation. For example, a ‘Les Cabinotiers’ art master Jinnian Longteng watch, the opaque Burgundy red enamel dial is decorated with a hand-carved Jinlong pattern. The engraved movement seemed to rise in the air in the next second. I believe it is difficult for the Chinese to reject such a masterpiece with good meaning. The term ‘attic craftsman’ comes from Geneva in the 18th century. It refers to a group of elite watchmakers devoting themselves to working in Geneva’s light-filled attic to create exclusive custom watches for famous people. Founded in 1755 in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin takes the responsibility of upholding and inheriting the spirit of ‘loft artisans’. Today, the ‘Attic Craftsman’ is also a project for Vacheron Constantin to customize the Dream Watch according to customer needs to meet the unique pursuit of strong customers for personalization. Admire more ‘Attic Craftsman’ wonderful watches with watch face as the ultimate arena for the pursuit of artistic excellence, Vacheron Constantin is not the only one. In today’s electronic and digital products everywhere, reading time is no longer an important function of timepieces, reflecting personal taste and shaping identity, perhaps the biggest motivation for modern people to buy watches. Because of this, there are a lot of powerful watchmaking brands who have worked hard on traditional craftsmanship to create impressive art watches, and build an art hall on our wrists. Among them, Cartier is absolutely outstanding. Cartier’s master craftsmanship series is full of expectations and never disappoints. And ‘Cheetah’ is Cartier’s eternal spokesman, appearing again and again on the disk, lifelike and exuberant. See more Cartier Cheetah new watches Cartier launched this year a Révélation d’une Panthère watch is also surprising. The watch uses a double-layer mirror. The cheetah pattern groove is carved on the lower mirror, and 900 small gold beads are poured. Turn the watch, and the gold beads will roll along the carefully designed track to gradually outline the cheetah pattern. In order to make the gold beads flow slowly, a liquid is also injected into it to make the shape of the pattern more dramatic. The factory, like Cartier, is located in Girard-Perregaux, La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 2015 and 2016, a set of three ‘The Chamber of Wonders’ series watches were launched, which won a lot of attention. The first is to create three ancient maps with mosaic mosaics and micro-painting techniques using various gems, and start a fascinating adventure. The second set describes the process of human understanding of the earth and the universe. It presents the ‘geocentric theory’ of the Greek astronomer Ptolemy, the ‘heliocentric theory’ of Copernicus, a Polish astronomer, and the cosmology of the 17th to 18th centuries Coronelli’s Armillary Sphere made in Paris. All six watches are limited to 18 pieces and have a very good response. They were sold out almost at the time of the show. Founded in 1838, Jaquet Droz is celebrating its 280th anniversary this year and naturally has to celebrate it. This brand, which has been known as a ‘robot puppet’ in history, has always shown the mechanical vitality of timepieces with three-dimensional moving puppets for production activities. The highlight of this year is a timepiece parrot three-question pocket watch, which is an upgraded version of the 2015 timepiece parrot three-question watch. On the mother-of-pearl plate, many iconic landmarks of this historic city of Geneva are condensed, and the fountains, lighthouses and lakes and mountains of Geneva are reproduced in miniature. A pair of red-fronted goldfinches painted in gold carvings live on Rousseau Island on Lake Geneva, guarding the two chicks and one egg below. When the minute repeater is pressed, with the sound of the clear time, 8 exquisite automatic doll scenes are coming out one after another-tits nurture chicks, flapping wings, cascading waterfalls, and chicks breaking out of their shells … ‘ ‘Yan’ is the most appropriate adjective we can find. This year, the brand incorporated this super-complex movement into the pocket watch case and decorated it with more complicated and solemn decoration techniques. The case, bracelet, and case have reached the highest level. Chanel is another brand that has invested in the art of timepieces. Since 2012, the brand has launched the Mademoiselle Privè (women’s exclusive) series, which combines many techniques such as enamel, carving, embroidery, gemstone or mother-of-pearl inlay, and each watch is an art boutique. Every year, the brand takes inspiration from the Chinese ebony lacquer screen in Ms. Chanel’s Paris apartment, and copies it to the dark enamel plate, with patterns or flowers and leaves, or ladies, or landscapes, or birds, which are full of Chinese mood. The spirit animation has a graceful appearance and scorching its bloom. Another brand that is exclusive to women and cannot be rejected by women is Van Cleef & Arpels. This jewellery family, also from France, can be said to carry romance and poetry to the end, the dazzling stars, flowers, fairy tales and unicorns, dancing butterflies and ballerinas, and clover representing luck. … Nothing is impossible, only you can’t think of it. The brand has an item called ‘Extraordinary Dials’, and the models are often memorable. This year, the brand has performed magic again, creating two Lady Arpels Jour Féerique (Daylight Fairy) and Lady Arpels Nuit Féerique (Moonlight Fairy) watches with the theme of warm sun and bright stars. The fairy spread her wings on the disk, or bathed in the warm sunshine, or dipped in the bright starlight. Please take a closer look. The entire surface is not flat, but rather a rich three-dimensional three-dimensional composition. Through the light, the diamonds are beautiful and beautiful. Think about it, which woman can refuse?