This Moment Creates The Next Moment Tissot Watches Witness The Epic Heroes Of The Nba Playoffs

The greatness of the 2018 NBA playoffs is enough to go down in history. This is a milestone year. The old and new dynasties in the east have changed. The traditional heroic showdown in the west has countless dramatic and miraculous hero stories. In the end, the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east defeated the Green Army and defended the eight-year dynasty after life and death; the defending champion Golden State Warriors in the west defeated the No. 1 Rockets in the regular season in the tiebreaker, and bravely entered the final threshold. On the playing field, they control every moment of themselves, make every effort to create history, and also create the glory of the next moment. As the official NBA timer, Tissot’s comprehensive basketball timing system has witnessed all the highlights of this legendary stadium. Tissot, as the official NBA partner, brings the passion and passion in this field to Porsche and Sprint. Series of NBA team special watch, heroic belief burns on your wrist.

Tissot Porsche Series / Speeder Series NBA Team Special

Fight for 48 minutes
   The wave of passion for the NBA East and West Finals has spread from Houston and Boston, reaching the other side of the ocean, touching the hearts of countless fans. The story of this series of games is based on heroes: ‘Emperor’ James led the knights to guard the eastern throne with iron will, even the young Celtic generals gave their full energy and vigor; Golden State Warriors The myth of the three-pointer is still continuing, coupled with Duran’s specific sea-god-like finishing ability, the new rockets under Paul and Harden also failed to stop their edge. At this point, the fate of the Cavaliers and the Warriors in the finals is another year.

Tissot Speeder Cavaliers / Warriors Special Watch

Tissot Celtic / Rockets Special Edition
   What does longing mean for a team? When you saw James, who was still suffering in the last second, struggled to climb up and rush to the opponent’s basket in the next second. Trek through the mire of position battles and you will understand how strong their desire is. They have a very clear meaning for the moment in their hands, and in the endless playoffs, every moment may be a ticket to victory. The ultimate desire to never give up and put all my efforts to the last moment is the ink for writing the epic of NBA heroes, and it is the sporting spirit that is engraved in the core of the Tissot watch forever.
   The Tissot watch is a team-specific watch launched by the NBA team, which combines this desire for victory with the control of time. The special series of the NBA team launched last year has incorporated all the features of the 30 teams into the design of the case back and strap. Presented on the unique dial design of the Su Chi series. Different from the colorful series of the Porsche series, the special section of the Speedway series NBA team is based on handsome and calm black, and the team’s color is quietly integrated into the ventilation hole of the leather strap. Never miss a wonderful moment of your favorite team.

Tissot Speeding Series New NBA Team Special
Decisive battle for 0.1 seconds The precise timepiece behind the legend
   At the top and side of the basket, on the Tissot chronograph, sharp numbers jump to 0.1 seconds at the same time. At this moment, James jumped for a shot at a 45-degree angle on the left and hit a two-pointer in basketball. In the playoffs, the fatal lore of the Cavaliers’ third game against the Toronto Raptors was imprinted on the hearts of countless fans. The gap between minutes and seconds is enough to determine the victory or defeat of the game, and even the fate of the players.

Tissot NBA official timer and lore moment
   Tissot watches have always stood behind the legend of the NBA, sketching the timing map with seconds. As the official designated timer of the NBA, Tissot watches break through the traditional timing role and become an integral part of the NBA. Since getting involved in sports timing in 1883, Tissot has been keenly capturing the subtle differences between minutes and seconds on the playing field and has never stopped perfecting its pursuit of sports timers. Tissot’s new timing and scoring system incorporates superb technology into the innovative interface, demonstrating its superb skills and professionalism in the field of timing.

Tissot NBA new timing and scoring system
   The new Tissot watch’s 24-second timer has an unprecedented hardware system including three modules of 24 seconds, pause and match time timer, which greatly facilitates the reading of different times by live players and spectators. The system software can simultaneously transmit the most accurate time information to all on-site score boards, relays, and information publishing equipment, and its highest accuracy can reach 0.15PPM (parts per million, that is, one millionth of a unit level), The shortest time that human eyes can capture is only 1/24 second. This allows the audience to receive the most accurate timing data, both on-site and in front of the television set thousands of miles away.

Tissot NBA new timing and scoring system
   The epic heroes of the playoffs have come to an end, but the passion and dreams they contain have not been continued. Tissot will also own all of it, grasp the minutes and seconds with accurate timepieces, and work with all basketball enthusiasts around the world to witness the legendary story of the finals together.