Forum Friends Talk About How They Have Been Playing For 12 Years! Objectively Evaluate Each Brand

Today I was invited by my friends in the Blancpain group to write about my watch experience. In fact, it was the experience of chopping 30-40 hands … Mixed forums for many years, my younger brother is a secret for everyone. Today, the mystery is revealed. My brother is only 24 years old, but I have been playing watches for a full ten years (12 years). Q: ‘Why are you mostly diving watches?’ I: ‘I was only 12 years old when I first played a watch. Children, young and vigorous, not stable enough, and often participate in outdoor activities. Only the diving watch is sturdy and durable, and it won’t break the watch if it is touched. ‘Q:’ Why do you love watches so much? ‘I:’ Actually I was 12 years old and I was a Tissot PRS200. But I started to wear watches when I was 4-5 years old. At that time, I went to kindergarten. I was neither daycare nor lodging. I was sent to 8:30 in the morning. I was picked up. After the normal child was picked up at 4:30, I stayed with the teacher on duty until 8:30 (Why parents are busy with their careers, this knot was only unlocked 5 years ago), and I found it at home by accident I took an old watch and took it to the kindergarten to ask the teacher to teach me time. I watched it every day from 4:30. The block watch until 8:30 … For me, the watch is not only a tool for watching and an ornament on my wrist. In fact, the watch is already a part of my life. ‘Back to the topic, since I was invited, write something The objective evaluation of the various brands I bought, from the beginning, to the top. Casio, no one knows this brand, the most entry-level brand, (G-shock) has shaped the entire brand with durability Image. Seiko, the most entry-level style is much cheaper than Tissot. The high-end Grand Seiko is not inferior to labor. Talk about ordinary mechanical Seiko, which is as durable as Toyota cars. The movement is very strong in shock resistance, but the machine The stability of the core is not high, unlike Swiss watches, which are fast or slow, fast and slow, and when you are lucky, you can quickly and slowly achieve 0 errors. Tissot, everyone who knows this watch knows this. Brand, entry-level brand, the cheapest metal case Swiss watch, the Tissot of the Swiss national watch is indeed very cost-effective, and the ETA system is equipped with a solid and durable movement. Oris, the level is higher than the Tissot, no quartz watch And it can create complex functions, but most of them are equipped with red 腚, ETA or SW movements, and you can buy watches with complex functions for a small amount. TAG Heuer, sports watch brand, average domestic recognition, North American recognition A well-known brand, the movement has its own production and uniform equipment, a variety of styles, can meet the different aesthetics of various types of people. Longines (Longines), I have not bought this brand of watches, but this is a conscientious watchmaking A model, there is no one of the best brands polished at the same level and the same price. Recently, it is planning to start a 4-pin retrograde, spending the top brand’s fractional price to buy the top features of top watches. Bell & Ross), history is very short, it is not easy to enter luxury brands just by unique appearance. Most of them are integrated movements. They are sold in the same case as Panerai. The watch has a very low breakdown. Breitling ), The leading brand in aviation watches, although aviation calculators are long outdated, but this tradition continues in the aviation series, which can give pilots a well-prepared and harmless role. Breitling is also a model of diving watches, Seawolf 3000 The waterproof ability of meters is enough to prove their strength. It is a very cost-effective brand among watches of the same level. Zenith, the leading brand of chronograph movements, most people know Remania, FP, and the United States. Nine-hour movement, few people know the power of Zenith’s chronograph movement. In fact, Zenith has a half-time in making chronograph movements in luxury brands. Earlier Rolex purchased in bulk when it did not have its own chronograph movement R & D capabilities. The Zenith chronograph movement was modified … Today, the originator of the 3.6W high-frequency movement, coupled with its unique design, is very popular with the public.
 Now talk about the shortcomings, 3.6W high frequency, the watch is relatively delicate, a little reckless operation of the watch will certainly not stand, coupled with the high repair and maintenance costs are difficult to be accepted by people. Panerai, originally The military watch brand has now become a shell product, ‘two needles, 47mm, overseas Chinese, bubble mirror …’ These are all synonymous with Pei. Pei was saved by Li Feng and was also harmed by Li Feng. Li Feng was rescued by the military watch when it could not support it, and it was about to go bankrupt. But now it is just a fake. Without the quality of the military watch, it has a high price. Nowadays, there are generally two types of people who buy Pei. Is attracted by a unique shell, the other is ‘Army expression’. IWC, like Pei, belongs to Richemont, but loves a wide range of toilet styles, suitable for different people’s aesthetics, the advantage is recognition High, the disadvantage is expensive, everything is expensive, the price is high, the after-sales maintenance costs are also high, and there is always a ‘tax reimbursement’ overlord clause. The last maintenance cost 8k without replacing the parts. Omega (omega ), This is my favorite brand, brand recognition The knowledge is high and the cost performance is high. The progress of o has been obvious in recent years. The stealth stop of the 2500 movement has made o leaps and bounds. 8500, 9300 to now 8900, 9900, coaxial silicon material movement, super The high antimagnetic ability and decorative polishing have become a model of the same level of cost performance. The polishing and labor 3135 are the same as the third gear, but the aesthetics o definitely exceeds the labor.
 Then there is the maintenance cost that everyone is more concerned about, 8500, 9300 is 800 Canadian dollars, the exchange rate is 5, 2500 is 500 knives. Rolex, need not say more, high awareness, durable … I say a lot of people I don’t know, the 3135 movement is a pin-shaped oscillating weight. If the maintenance is not timely or subject to large vibrations, it will cause the oscillating weight of the oscillating movement.
 As for the maintenance cost, it is relatively reasonable. It is about 3,500 yuan, and the time is relatively fast. If you buy only one watch, Rolex is a good choice. Grasso (GO), go has always been a feeling of mine, like 5, 6 It’s been years, I have n’t bought it yet. I could n’t afford it before. Now it’s not good quality control. I dare not buy it. Although go only grinds the cover plate, taking 65 and 66 as examples, double gooseneck, Geneva stripe, The gold sleeve makes the movement attractive enough … JLC, big brand, strong movement research and development capabilities, but the movement is not very polished, looking at the golden light from afar, the levels are clear, and the movement is chamfered and polished near It is far from other brands of the top brands. Jacques de Ronaldo (JD), the brand is relatively niche, the recognition is not high, in line with the style of low-key and temperament I want, although most use Blancpain 1151 movement, but The movement was polished and even surpassed Blancpain, the Geneva radiation pattern and the inner arc chamfer made the movement amazing enough. Breguet, royal descent, whether it is the case or the movement is enough to keep improving, wearing a Breguet feels like you are Aristocracy, this is very Brands are incomparable. Blancpain (JB), the brand awareness is not high, but the exceptional excellence of the movement, fully embodies the authenticity of ‘Heaven and Earth Conscience’, taking 50 浔 as an example, is the originator of diving watches , Is the only choice for diving watch enthusiasts in the top brands, from the third hand to the calendar time is not comparable to other diving watches. The following has not purchased Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, high brand recognition, a movement polishing is not good enough one Lifeng was half-dead. In recent years, the stability of the two brands’ movements was not good, but because of the high brand awareness, many people paid for it. Patek Philippe (PP), the boss of the watch is undoubted, But it’s not suitable for my big wrist. I tried it on 5119 last time. Because my fingers were too thick to be wound, I missed it. Maybe I will consider A.LA, Owl, the brand I most aspire to, The style, whether it is the function or the polishing of the movement, reflects the top of the top. Inadequate, Richeman’s overlord clause ‘maintenance and tax’, please also think of ways to consider such top watches. The above personal nonsense nonsense blind vernacular, I implore you to help correct if wrong, thank you watch Friends Forum: Brian ¥¥¥ View Brian ¥¥¥ more original content: 01,639,814