Live For Fun, Listen To The Watch Singing

Just before the Swiss National Day, IWC launched a very special symphony performance video. In this video, the watchmaking workshop becomes a simple grand theater, and Swiss national treasure master watchmaker Kurt Klaus becomes the conductor and forms an orchestra with 6 watchmakers to play the national anthem. The instruments they use are trombones, drums, gongs, xylophones that are small and exquisitely comparable to complex movements … only played with the help of watchmaking tools. No one doubts the sincerity and seriousness of this video. Watches are inherently great arts connected with music. The ticking ticking of a watch is a harmonious sound that goes hand in hand with time.

 Oris limited edition for Chet Baker

Oris introduced a special limited edition for musician Chet Baker’s musical talent.


Parmigiani TONDA WOODSTOCK watch: A tribute to the Woodstock Music Festival in the United States. The American flag and acoustic guitar are presented with precious craftsmanship, and the hollow tourbillon is like the acoustic guitar mouth.

Musical note at a glance

When you see a watchmaker expressing a clear love for music, the wonderful feeling is like finding a science student reading poetry. However, Mr. Parmigiani, a master watchmaker who is good at antique watch repair, It can be said quite well: ‘I like the sound of Gibson acoustic guitar!’ And in his latest watch works, the extremely complicated ‘wood inlay craftsmanship’ has been used to create the shape of his favorite guitar.

Arty A son of sound

Arty A son of sound: The case simulates the shape of an electric bass head, and the four crowns simulate the four knobs on the electric bass head.

Also passionate about music is the MB & F team, who incorporated three popular songs and three rock songs in the latest music box mechanical works, and envisioned that one day they might try to perform heavy metals.

 Master Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series

The Jaeger-LeCoultre superb traditional standard pointer three-question master series watch: using a patented crystal gong developed exclusively to create a crisp and full-bodied timepiece sound, as harsh as debugging instrument sounds.

It’s hard to say whether the fine sound and steady rhythm of the watch made the watchmaker fall in love with music that also pays attention to volume, sound and rhythm. But one thing is for sure. From the perspective of brand marketing, whether it is elegant and classical music, humorous jazz music or passionate rock music, it is a good theme to stimulate consumers’ shopping desire and use them for watches. There will always be a small group of people who will become your fans.

Oris Chet Baker limited watch: The dial is decorated with the musical score ‘My Funny Valentine’ by musician Chet baker.

Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif: belongs to the jazz series. The disc is simulated with vinyl records. The hour markers are replaced by notes. The bass clef is decorated at 9 o’clock.

The common technique is to place the treble clef and staff on the dial. The visual effect of the notes is no less than the crazy Arabic numbers of Frank Muller. If you are interested, you can sing the melody to the dial-maybe it is hidden here. Some little secrets from designers. With a low-key model, the side of the case becomes a good stage, notes and musical instruments attached to it, indicating their ‘art identity’. Of course, the watches cooperating with musicians and music events obviously need more space to present the commemorative LOGO. At this time, the convenience of the watch back cover and automatic tourbillon is the best choice. All in all, this kind of tactics all implicitly expresses their own differences.