Lin Yijie’s Battle For Gobi In Zenith Follow-up Report

Follow-up report on the 3200 km Gobi journey
Lin Yijie’s battle for the Gobi will soon reach its end

 Following the news of Lin Yijie’s accidental injury on his way through the Gobi, the blessings from outside parties finally came to the most exciting news-at present, Lin Yijie’s team has successfully reached the Mongolian border at the China-Mongolia border (West Berkurum).

 Lin Yijie was accidentally injured on his way through the Gobi, and still insisted that the pain continued to advance.

 In the morning of July 20, Lin Yijie persisted in his injury. Although his injury has improved, when Lin Yijie runs more than 70 kilometers a day, his feet can only move forward slowly. At the same time, he experiences high temperatures in Gobi. High temperatures and hot winds above 46 degrees Celsius occasionally encountered heavy storms and rain, but still did not blow Lin Yijie’s team confidence and maintained a steady pace along the way. Until now, he has been advancing with a goal of more than 80 kilometers per day for two consecutive weeks.

                   Lin Yijie was on his way to the Gobi Desert.

 At present, the team cannot pass through the Mongolian side (Xiberkulun Pass), so according to the original plan, after traveling overnight to the Erlianhot border and entering China, it took another two days to drive to the Chinese border across the Mongolian border (Czech border). It will start on July 24th from the Ceke border crossing to cross the last terminal of the Gobi, Jiayuguan. The Gobi Team is currently expected to arrive at the Jiayu Pass on July 31. Let us wish Lin Yijie the accomplishment of the Gobi crossing.

Small And Stable Tasting Tissot Rock Series Stainless Steel Watch

Tissot has developed to this day, with its spirit of continuous innovation in the field and ultra-high cost performance of watches, has become one of the immortal brands in the watch altar. The Tissot Rock series, which is loved by table friends, fully displays the elegant design with its meticulous details. Today, the Watch House brings you a Tissot-Rock series watch, the official model: the official model: T41.1.483.33.

   Located in the small town of Lille in the canton of Neuchâtel in western Switzerland, it is the location of Tissot’s headquarters in the Swiss Jura, and it is also a popular name for Tissot. I believe that the first watch of many watch house watch friends is the Le Locle series.

39.3 mm stainless steel case

   The 39.3 mm stainless steel case is small and small, yet easy to navigate without sacrificing refinement. The white dial of the watch is elegant and exquisite. The silver Roman numerals and the hour and minute hands embellish this watch with a noble temperament. Equipped with ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement, stable and accurate.

Gear-shaped steel crown

   The gear-shaped stainless steel crown is comfortable and the top of the polished crown is engraved with the capital letter ‘T’ of the brand Tissot.

Drop-shaped bracelet

   The stainless steel bracelet uses 5 rows of drop-shaped bracelets in the middle, and a slightly wider bracelet on the outside. All are polished and polished to show the intention of the brand details.

Case thickness is 9.75 mm

   The thickness of the case is 9.75 mm, and the thickness is moderate. The side is treated with matte brushed sanding on the side. The simple and delicate case treatment makes this watch more solid. The slightly curved bezel is polished and rounded.

Lug cut lines are simple and clear

   The cut lines of the lugs are concise and clear, and subtle arcs are drawn to fit the wrist and be flush with the first part of the bracelet to ensure comfortable wearing. The polished lugs exude metallic luster.

Stainless steel butterfly clasp

   The stainless steel butterfly clasp is symmetrical to the left and right. A frosted Tissot logo and 1853 are printed on the top of the clasp, which is easy to wear.

Exquisite Paris studs across the board

   The black dial, exquisite Paris studs between the dials, is exquisite and beautiful. Inlaid with silver Roman numerals, the hour markers add classic charm to the watch. The silver willow-shaped hour and minute hands and the black second hand design make the watch more beautiful and clear. At 12 o’clock, the white Tissot English logo and the word 1853 are displayed. At 6 o’clock, the white italics is written in English.

Cal. 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement

   The case design is exceptionally exquisite, and the steel-backed caseback is engraved with the brand logo and watch series information, exquisite and outstanding. Through the sapphire crystal glass of the case back, you can see the ETA’s long-established Cal.2824-2 automatic mechanical movement. The movement has a diameter of 25.60 mm and a thickness of 4.60 mm. The minimum power reserve is 38 hours. 25 rubies, frequency of shock 28,800 times per hour, using two-way automatic winding, accurate and stable travel time.

Summary: This black Leroc stainless steel watch has always been one of Tissot’s most popular models. The design is modest and elegant, and the stainless steel bracelet is very suitable for wearing all year round. Compared to the white dial, black is more stable, and it is not obtrusive in daily life or work wear. Cal.2824-2 movement is ETA’s master movement, many watches are using this movement, the stability is undoubted, very suitable for beginners to choose.