Pakida Philippe Women’s Watch Buying Complete Guide

Rabbit has been harassed by my female fans recently, saying, ‘Well, what about PP (patek Philippe) complex function female watch, why not write, I have prepared a budget of 500,000 …’ Although PP women’s watches are less than men’s watches, it is quite a painstaking effort to write it as a buying guide. After all, women buying watches are not the same as men and cannot be considered with conventional male thinking. Today, rabbits will mainly focus on women’s watches with complex functions, and finally bring a few popular simple models, to help you set up your own purchase plan according to your budget and future plans. Let’s briefly talk about the history of PP female watches. After all, many people have the impression that male watches are stronger. Historically, the first customer of Patek Philippe to have a sales record was a lady. In 1839, Mrs. Goscinska bought three Patek Philippe timepieces. In the same year, Patek Philippe began to produce timepieces with complex functions, usually two-minute timekeeping (timekeeping and timekeeping) or calendar function. Russian princess Zubów then bought a time-keeping watch, engraved with her family coat of arms, decorated with a miniature enamel garland pattern. In 1851 Patek Philippe harvested the Queen Victoria couple at the World Expo in London. Queen Victoria bought a powder blue pocket watch. Since then, Patek Philippe has opened the door to European courts. In 1865, Queen Louise of Denmark bought a keyless pocket watch and gave it to her husband, King Christian IX of Denmark, to commemorate the 25th wedding anniversary. In 1868, the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary broke the norm, and Patek Philippe customized a timepiece that she could wear on her wrist. In 1916, the Patek Philippe ladies’ watch for the first time made a platinum case and made the first 5-minute timepiece for women. After 1930, women have basically accepted this new form of watches, which can also be regarded as the prelude to modern watches. After talking about history, of course, we must go straight to the topic and tell you the truth first. A female reader came to ask me before and wanted to buy a PP female watch, but her male friend (also the owner of the PP watch) recommended a male nautilus (this girl is also cruel enough to pick the drill directly, and it is not intended to be with men at all Grab steel models). I can imagine how domineering the girls are, but in fact, most of them are inappropriate. When I was preparing to buy PP around 2013, the first choice was Ref 5712 / 1A. Yes, this is the expensive style today. The Chinese public price has risen to 300,000 this year, and it can’t resist the madness of the two traffickers. At that time, 5712 was not so hard to buy today, but I finally gave it up at the moment of getting started-too big (estimated that some people would laugh at rabbits, if I bought it now, I also make money now, but first I was poor and did not have the courage to buy myself Watches I can’t wear, secondly I’m a consumer, not a watch vendor). So for a woman, fitness is more meaningful than value preservation. Moreover, most girls who are interested in PP may not be clear about all the series. In order to avoid regret after buying, they did not pick their favorite, Rabbit helped everyone to clarify the complex functions of PP female watches. At present, women’s watches with PP complication functions have these categories: 1. Astronomical display, including annual calendar, perpetual calendar, and moon phases; 2. Measuring time, including chronograph and double-second chronograph; 3. Traveler watches, including world time and travel Time; 4, ask the time. Looking back at history, the 1997 travel time watch Ref 4864 appeared, and the 1998 moon phase Ref 4857 was born, but they are all long-term discontinued models, not to mention. Let’s start with what is currently available and look at it by function. First, the moon phase function launched the Ref 4968 “Diamond Ribbon” watch in 2012. The Ref 7121 has a belt or gold bracelet model since 2013. Let’s talk about Ref 4968, which is very beautiful, but also slightly more expensive, with a public price of 410,000, because the number and setting of diamonds are arranged in a spiral from small to large, inspired by the silk ribbons of ballet. Available in rose and white gold, with manual winding. It is also the moon phase, and the price of Ref 7121 seems to be more accessible to the people. For example, Ref 7121J, more than 250,000 yuan, the rabbit happened to see a watch owner a while ago, and also borrowed a watch from her. This piece is also manually wound. There is a saying that because Ref 7121 is an official design, it may be slightly old-fashioned to wear it, but it also depends on everyone’s temperament and preferences. Second, the calendar function first talks about the perpetual calendar. The Ref 7140 was introduced in 2012. Last year, new styles were added and the colors were richer. Although the price of the perpetual calendar is 700,000, it is still good in China. Almost one shop can get one piece in two months, basically the rhythm of selling one piece. Ref 7140 uses the 240 Q movement, which is also the world’s thinnest automatic winding perpetual calendar movement, so it is very suitable for girls to wear, not heavy. Then I noticed that PP’s best-selling complication female watch is about to debut (as the watch owner, I have to clear my throat). Apparently the annual calendar, Ref 4947, is currently the most popular, but it is basically a rhythm of 2 months, and it is mixed with different materials, such as platinum and rose gold. If you have special needs, it is estimated that you have to Look at fate and wait. It is worth mentioning that the Ref 4947 newly launched last year is a Shandong silk surface with a very special texture. Let me show you the real map. 4947 was newly launched in 2015, when it came out to take over the market as a successor to 4936. Since the launch of 4936 in 2005, no matter how hot it is, the announcement of discontinuation of production at this hurdle for 10 years is also in line with PP’s consistent style. The rabbit took the opportunity to show again. Is the shirt nice? Why is the best selling calendar? In fact, it is very simple. Although we say that rich people do not consider cost-effectiveness, this is put in a large consumer environment. However, in the ‘rich’ range, there are still people who compare similarly. The public price of more than 370,000, with two functions of the calendar and the moon phase, is obviously attractive. So it is well-deserved that it is ‘the most cost-effective complication female watch of Patek Philippe’. Third: The emergence of this function of universal time and travel time (two places) is mainly due to the emergence of transatlantic flights in the 1960s. The most representative is Ref 7134, which was released in 2013, and has been discontinued. In addition, a new Ref 7130 (originally launched in 2011) was released last year, with more than 380,000. The problem is that the world’s output is too small. Generally, a shop can reach one piece in four or five months. If you like it, you must line up as soon as possible. However, this year Basel has released a new female pilot with a world time of 7,234,320,000, and can also be paired with a male watch. From June 1st, the new Basel watch will be exhibited at Beijing Yuandi. You can go and see the real thing. Fourth: Chronograph and double-second chase chronograph Ref 7059 was born in 2011, but it has been discontinued. 2011 was a very important year for Patek Philippe women’s watches. I still vaguely remember the appearance of Basel in that year. In the same year, I introduced two major seconds, world time and minute repeater in women’s watches. Complicated functions, followed by the perpetual calendar in the second year, established the pattern of female watches with complex functions. Then I had to mention the Ref 7071, a pillow-shaped chronograph, which cost more than 680,000 yuan. It was launched in 2010. Looking back now, it is the front line for the outbreak of women’s watches with complex functions. The characteristic of this watch is that it is very picky. As long as there is a little more meat on the wrist, it may not look good, but once it meets the right one, it will definitely shine. However, 7071 has been discontinued. If you really like it, you must hurry to find it. According to past experience, there is still a chance to find the goods within one year after the discontinuation. Then you can only meet in the second-hand market. This year’s new 7150 appeared, replacing the 7071. But this year has changed a lot. The bezel has been made directly round, which may also be a question of applicability. When this watch first appeared in Basel, some men said that the plate was slightly more complicated and the price was slightly more expensive, but my judgment is that it will be welcomed by the market. The price of more than 630,000 is not cheap, but it is better than the previous generation. It’s much wider (the most important thing is that women always sell their watches first, and the price / performance ratio is second). And the real thing is very delicate. PP gives me the biggest feeling is that this is a brand out of the publicity map. The real thing always looks better than the photo. This is why I have repeatedly encouraged you to go to the store. After all, watches are different from people, so much money can’t just live in PS and Meitu Xiuxiu. I believe everyone already has a certain concept of watch models, then the question comes, how do you choose the budget? In order to facilitate your choice, I must add a few popular simple models to make the choice clearer. The first is the entry Twenty ~ 4, the square watch, the second is the basic model of Calatrava, 7200, and the third is the popular Nautilus nautilus. The story of a female customer in the PP store is very exciting. After she bought a 5146 piece for her husband, she bought 4 pieces in succession. The first piece was Twenty ~ 4, and it was a gold chain model, with more than 300,000 yuan (from the starting point). It will be seen that it is really rich), the second 7200, the third 4948 (the upgraded version of 4947, with more diamonds, the price is much more expensive, more than 520,000, and once again proves not bad money, buy high-end version) The fourth piece, 7071, is the pillow-shaped chronograph. In fact, this is the way to buy for the rich. Generally, girls who strictly control the budget, Rabbit does not recommend this method. First of all, my recommendation is similar to my personal experience. I think that if your first budget can reach more than 300,000, then it is appropriate to choose one stage and one step. 4947 is a very good choice. The meaning of this ‘one step in place’ is staged. If you do not plan to buy a watch in the next 5 years, this watch will represent the peak state of your watch for a long time, and there will not be too many regret. After all going up, the price may double. The role of cost performance is reflected here. If your budget is less than 300,000, you ca n’t wait to buy it, and predict that you should buy it in the future, then 7200 and 7118 are good choices. In addition, the Gondolo series 7041R (below) is also very special, as long as you like this shape. Speaking of Nautilus, the men’s watch has been so speculative that the price of neighbouring grenades has been affected. At the auction that has just ended, a 5711 (more than 200,000 yuan) plus commission paid more than 400,000 yuan, but Women’s watches in general are relatively stable. Currently, 7118 steel watches are available in stores. And it is interesting that the best-selling female watch is the 7118 gold watch (two pieces below), which is more than 350,000 yuan, followed by the steel model, which is more than 180,000. This just shows that women really have the highest value on the face, and between ‘good-looking’ and ‘cost-effective’, they decisively favor the former. In the end, the rabbit came with a private item, probably because it was poor, but not willing to use steel watches. I think 7018 is also worth a try. The steel model has a circle of diamonds. In addition, the Twenty ~ 4 series, although very beautiful, but I personally do not think it belongs to the ‘first piece of PP’, it is more suitable for girls who buy it back and use it to match the style of clothes. The women’s watch market is very different from the men’s watch in that even the best-selling watches have low speculation, because women’s choices are too wide, they are not obsessed with technology, and there are not so many people who like to catch up with the crowd. Everyone spends their own money and buys their favorite watches, which is also a rational attitude. After all, most of the time, women wear watches to work and travel to make themselves more beautiful, rather than running the auction house all day to hold their cards, right. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!