Omega 300m Diving Chronograph Men’s Watch

OMEGA 300M Diving Chronograph Men’s Watch
Stainless steel case and steel bracelet
Number: 2225.80.00
Price: 27,230 RMB
Movement: OMEGA 1164
Self-winding chronograph movement with satin-plated finish.
Power reserve: 44 hours

Crystal surface
Arc-shaped anti-reflective, anti-wear sapphire crystal

Case and dial
Stainless steel case
Blue dial

Water resistance: 300 meters
1000 feet

Case diameter: 41.5 mm

Date display
Timing function
Certified by the Swiss Observatory
Small seconds dial

OMEGA watches have developed a number of series, such as the fashionable OMEGA Constellation series, OMEGA Omega disc flying series (De Ville), and professional watch OMEGA Omega hippocampus series, OMEGA Omega Speedmaster series and so on. In addition, large video matrix scoreboards in modern sports fields around the world are also one of OMEGA’s inventions. OMEGA believes that the five letters that make up ‘OMEGA’ may explain the characteristics that make the brand proud of its peers: that is, O is Olympics, M is Mega-precision, and E is Elegance (Elegant), G stands for Geography, and A stands for Astronaut.

2015 Basel Watch Show Rolex Introduces New Watches And New Generation Movements

Rolex grandly launched new watches and a new generation of mechanical movements at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2015, setting a new benchmark in precision timepieces, surpassing the Swiss Observatory-certified precision timepieces (COSC) Level. This year Rolex presents several innovative inventions, one of which is a patented high-tech strap called OYSTERFLEX. The inside of this strap is metal, and the outer layer is covered with rubber injection molding. In addition, Rolex has introduced a number of exquisite new dials, showing the ingenious combination of high technology and traditional craftsmanship. From the movement, the case, to the strap, Rolex has fully mastered all aspects of watchmaking technology. These innovative inventions can be regarded as outstanding examples.
Day of the week 40 and 3255 movement

   The Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar is well-known by celebrities and prominent figures, and therefore enjoys the reputation of ‘the table of heads of state’. Rolex launched a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Day-of-the-Day calendars, incorporating this prestigious model with a new design, including a 40mm case and a new 3255 mechanical movement that set new standards in chronometer performance. In the late 1950s, Rolex launched the ‘Superlative Chronometer’, a superlative chronometer, which established its status as a symbol of excellence and prestige. The new day-of-the-week calendar model is even higher and keeps improving.

   The new-generation 3255 calibre showcases outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship and has 14 patents. It is excellent in precision, power reserve, shock resistance, antimagnetic, convenience and reliability, easy to use, and very reliable. This movement is equipped with Rolex’s newly designed patented Chronergy escapement, which is energy efficient and reliable. The new day-of-the-week calendar is available in 950 platinum, 18 ct yellow, white gold, or eternal rose gold, and is complemented by a number of sophisticated new dials that fully demonstrate the essence of reinterpretation.
Women’s Diary 28 with Silicon Hairspring

   Rolex introduces a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Women’s Date watches, featuring a redesigned case with a diameter increased to 28 mm, and a 2236 mechanical movement equipped with Rolex’s patented Syloxi silicon spring, providing the performance of a top chronometer. The new generation of women’s diary is available in 950 platinum, 18 ct yellow or everose gold with a new design dial.
Accurate new benchmark
   In terms of precision timepiece performance, the next-generation day calendar and women’s date models represent Rolex’s most innovative technology. Both watches are equipped with the latest movements developed by Rolex, movements 3255 and 2236, respectively, setting new benchmarks in accuracy, which is twice as high as precision timepieces certified by the Observatory (COSC). Rolex has developed new methods and high-tech equipment to simulate the real life situation of the wearer, so as to test the accuracy of the top chronometer precision timepieces. In addition to these unique timing tests, all Rolex movements are systematically sent to the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center for certification. Rolex testing is not limited to the movement, but also includes watches with assembled movements and cases. The movement is tested in this new way, so Rolex timepieces are extremely accurate.
Yacht-Master with OYSTERFLEX strap

   Rolex introduces the new oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master classic new 18 ct eternal rose gold black watch with classic nautical watch, especially equipped with a patented Oysterflex strap developed by Rolex. This innovative design combines the ruggedness and reliability of a metal strap with the flexibility, comfort and beauty of a rubber strap. The subtlety of the strap is that the inner part is made of super-stretch metal sheet, while the outer layer is covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding.
   The new Yacht-Master is available in 40 mm diameter and 37 mm new sizes. Its 18 ct eternal rose gold oyster case features a rotating bezel, and new matte black Cerachrom ceramic dials set off polished three-dimensional figures.
New Oyster Perpetual

   Rolex introduced the new Oyster Perpetual series. In addition to the 39 mm model, there are also 26, 31 and 34 mm models with unique new dials. The new models complement the 31- and 36-mm Oyster Perpetual movements launched in 2014 to form a collection that includes a variety of sizes and attractive dials, fully highlighting Rolex’s legendary image.
Log pearl lady’s type 39 with superb gem setting

   Rolex presents three new Oyster Perpetual Diary Pearl Lady watches, each with a new 39 mm case. Every 18 ct yellow or white gold watch subtly blends Rolex’s watchmaking craftsmanship with the charm of gold and colored gemstones. These exquisite jewellery watches are equipped with the new 3235 movement and a gorgeous outer ring, which is set with 48 gradient-cut square-cut sapphires-blue to magenta, blue to green and orange to yellow. Building each group of natural gemstones and achieving the perfect gradient color effect, the process is complicated and difficult, but in exchange for beautiful results, the gemstone outer ring of each watch is unique and extraordinary.
Gellini Cellini Time

   For the classic Cellini series, Rolex has launched four gemini-set cellini timepieces with a 39mm 18 ct white gold or eternal rose gold case and a diamond or single outer ring or double outer ring to choose from. The double outer ring style consists of a diamond-set outer ring and a classic triangular pitted outer ring. On the black lacquered dial, 11 diamonds are set at one end of the hour markers, making them dazzling. The diamond-set single bezel is paired with a pink or rhodium-white dial with sun light effects and set with extended hour markers.
   The above is the cutting-edge information of the Rolex Pavilion at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015 prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

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Unique Movado Weekly Calendar Automatic Watch Real Shot

MOVADO—a famous Swiss watch brand and one of the world’s top watchmakers. It is famous for its iconic Museum® dial and its modern design. Since its establishment in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1881, Movado has won more than 100 patents and more than 200 international awards for the artistry and innovation of its watch designs. The unique beauty and timeless design make Movado timepieces famous all over the world. Let’s take a look at the unique Movado watch with weekly calendar display function.

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2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic:

The Piaget Extremely Lady Watch: The Charismatic Classic

Precision metalwork with charming oval dial, Piaget Extremely Lady watch back to the 1960s-a period that subverts all traditions and ushers in a period of complete liberation. With its fascinating design, ingenious materials, and vivid color contrast, Piaget has become a pioneer of fashion. Boldly try all kinds of hard gems and make full use of the top jewelry craftsmanship. Piaget has demonstrated with extraordinary excellence that after a bold and creative design, a simple watch can be turned into an exquisite work of art.
Preview the new Piaget watch with legendary glory

Piaget global brand spokesperson Jessica Chastain enjoys Extremely Lady watches

   In those years of advocating freedom, the most dazzling celebrities and the most influential fashion pioneers gathered in the vibrant and trendy sacred place, praising the beauty of life in a unique and free spirited way. Piaget Society found original features that perfectly matched the concept of creative freedom that was admired at the time. Each design work was an invitation from Piaget to members of Piaget Society, inviting them to enter the ‘Sunny side of life’ and enjoy a unique lifestyle And the art of life filled with dazzling moments.

Comparison of the Extremely Lady watch with the original design
   The Extremely Lady watch, once famous for subversing traditional oval gemstone dials and delicate gold straps, has become a Piaget classic symbolizing the spirit of the times. That year, when it appeared on the wrists of fashion pioneers, it became the best footnote of its bold and uninhibited fashion style. Today, the Extremely Lady watch with elegant elegance and dazzling brilliance will return with a new look at the 2018 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie.

Hand-engraved luxury fur-like texture on the Extremely Lady watch strap

   In addition to ultra-thin movements and jewellery watches, the original design of the gold bracelet is also one of Piaget’s iconic classic innovations between the 1960s and 70s. In line with the fashionable and avant-garde design, Piaget has inherited a long history of superb metalworking, creating delicate textures on rare and precious gold surfaces. The new Extremely Lady watch is inspired by the fine and rich micro-fur fur. The finely crafted gold strap is like a high-end rare luxury fur. It is extremely soft and delicate. The 18K rose gold luxury fur-trimmed strap is even more dazzling against the mother-of-pearl dial set with 24 dazzling diamonds.

   This timeless and fashionable new charm watch perfectly shows Piaget’s free exploration of shape, texture and color, and also symbolizes the brand’s endless pursuit of beauty.

Time Icon Oval

   In the time when the dress code was extremely rigorous and even slightly old-fashioned, a woman exuded the unique spiritual charm of the 1960s. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, dressed in a light suit and skirt and oversized with dark sunglasses, broke all stereotypes and left a personal imprint in the history of fashion. As a casual and fashionable look, she chose an Oval watch with an unconventional oval design and diamonds and emeralds on the emerald dial.
   On the soft strap, the decorative design known as ‘court-style totem’ has a silky smooth texture and fine texture like tree bark. This gold watch is a classic example of Piaget style. Around the green oval dial, tightly set diamonds and four emeralds radiate, and in 1967 successfully won the favor of Jacqueline, then the first lady of the United States. Unrestrained, eye-catching and extremely elegant, this legendary watch also symbolizes the charming charm of an idol of the era that is often imitated but never surpassed.
   In 1996, this watch was bought back by Piaget and included in the brand’s collection.

Watch parameters

Extremely Lady Watch
18K Rose Gold
Set with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.46 carats)
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K Rose Gold Luxury Fur Pattern
Sheet buckle
Equipped with 56P Piaget quartz movement