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Dunkirk will be released on September 1, 2017. Let’s preview the watches worn by the characters in this movie. In this article, we will take a look at the military watches in World War I and World War II Development secrets.

Omega CK2129 watch-the watch worn by Tom Hardy in the movie ‘Dunkirk’ (1)

The two world wars that broke out in the 20th century led to continuous wars between countries and left indelible painful memories for history. For a war, the most important are those soldiers who risk their lives and even sacrifice for the country. At that time, many soldiers in the army regarded Omega watches as the combat equipment on which they depended. During the two world wars, Omega was one of the largest military watch suppliers, and its key role in the war is still widely extolled today.

1916 French Omega Poster

World War I
When World War I broke out in 1914, Omega became an ideal military watch supplier with its precision and mass production characteristics. Precise timing is the primary advantage of Omega watches. Omega’s record of accuracy in the Observatory’s repeated tests is a testament to this advantage. More importantly, Omega has amazing productivity, capable of mass-producing timepieces and pocket watches. As a result, Omega quickly became the military watch of choice for the Great Britain’s Ministry of Defence and other allied parties.

1945 Omega UK poster

When using trenches for combat, the first Omega watches made for the military became an important must-have for commanding officers. They calculated the distance between the trenches and the enemy by accurately recording the time difference between the fire and sound of the enemy’s artillery. This information is important for the military to decide when to attack.
World War II
In World War II, the prestigious Omega watch became the military’s choice again. In fact, Omega provided more than 110,000 watches for Air Force, Navy and Army soldiers of the British Ministry of Defence, strongly supporting the military operations of Air Force and Navy pilots. Britain, the United States, France, and the Greek allies all equipped soldiers with Omega watches during the war.

Omega CK2129 watch-the watch worn by Tom Hardy in the movie Dunkirk (2)

At the beginning of the Second World War, the CK2129 was the most commonly worn Omega watch by the Royal Air Force (RAF). During the mission, the watch’s unique rotating bezel can set a specific time interval, which is essential for the pilot or pilot in battle. For example, these time intervals often play a decisive role in air strikes. In addition, by turning the crown to the second gear, the watch’s rotating bezel can be locked, and even if it is accidentally hit, the timing will not be affected. Christopher at the recent release. In the film ‘Dunkirk’ directed by Christopher Nolan, Tom Hardy plays a Royal Air Force pilot who wears this watch on his wrist. At the beginning of World War II, a total of 2,000 CK2129 watches were sent to the British Ministry of Defence. The watch is equipped with a cream-colored dial, which contrasts with the Arabic numerals on the dial and pear-shaped hands, making the watch legible.

Omega UK / CK2292 watch

As the war progressed, Omega provided more watches to the British Ministry of Defence. The most famous and widely used watch was the Omega UK / CK2292 watch. This watch is mainly worn by the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. The watch is equipped with a legendary 30mm movement, which has repeatedly set records in the observatory test with accurate travel time. Omega also uses a new alloy material to make the hairspring, which enhances the magnetic resistance of the movement. When driving Hurricane and Spitfire fighters, the powerful engine is located two feet in front of the pilot, but the excellent antimagnetic performance of the Omega UK / CK2292 watch makes it able to resist the strong magnetic field generated by the engine.

Omega CK2444 Watch (1)

Towards the end of World War II, the front continued to move in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, and another Omega watch, the CK2444, became the equipment of the British Army. This watch is famous for its excellent water resistance. The British Ministry of Defence authorized Omega to print the words ‘w.w.w’ on the back of the watch, which is the abbreviation of ‘Waterproof Wrist Watch’ in English. In addition, the watch face and the case back are also printed with a broad arrow symbol of the British army.

Omega CK2444 Watch (2)

With the end of the war, the British Field Marshal Lord Montgomery, the hero of the El Alamein and Operation Overlord, had specifically requested a visit to the Omega factory in Biel, Switzerland. During the two visits, he praised Omega watches for their excellent performance in the war, as a military and individual, and sincerely thanked Omega for their support during the war when meeting with Omega representatives. Omega has also said it will continue to provide watches for the British military. More importantly, the experience of mass production of military watches during the two world wars has become an important growth platform for Omega, effectively improving its watchmaking technology and production capacity. At the same time, it was also possible for Omega to end shortly after World War II in 1948 Important reason for producing its iconic hippocampus.