Moon On The Wrist Sends True Love, Amy Long Watches Together To Spend The Festive Season

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is October 4th, which coincides with the National Day holiday. The family and friends banquet and the wedding celebration are interlaced, which is a good time to visit relatives and friends. Get rid of the busy working day and take advantage of this long vacation to pick up those good memories. Time carries memories, and a delicate watch that records the time can just be used to express the thoughts in your heart. Among the watch brands, the Emilion brand has always ranked among the famous watches with unique decorative arts and accurate and reliable timekeeping, and has been favored by consumers.
The elder’s grace, always remember
   With your business and life “prosperous”, do you remember the elders who cared for us and helped us? Coinciding with the festival, talking to the elders about their work and living conditions can bring a lot of joy to the elders. Send them blessings and wishes on this reunion festival of Mid-Autumn Festival. The unique double-wing design of the Emilion watch means “double wings fly”, sweet love, a rare boutique work for couples, and a good choice for parents.

   With their keen eyes, Amyron designers captured the relationship between humans and time and space. The Wings of Time series uses superb craftsmanship and simple lines to condense the memories of time on the wrist and interpret the true feelings of time. ‘Whoever speaks carelessly is rewarded with San Chunhui.’ The gratitude to the elders is placed on the watch, and the heart conveys the pulse of the wearer with the movement.

   Watch lovers who are familiar with the Swiss Emilion brand appreciate their pearl series. The models in this series mostly use materials such as gold and diamonds, which are luxurious and solemn; the square dial with smooth case lines shows a more unique charm, highlighting the wearer’s stability.
Partner’s love, long and precious
   Happy love is long and precious. One scholar said: Clocks are the only instrument that can measure the length of love. In this sense, the wrist watch is the witness and recorder of love. The watch has a precise and unselfish heart, which records every second of the love justly and accurately, and accumulates it in the middle of the dial that time passes, becoming the most precious treasure in love.
   The beginning of the emotions of all things begins with falcons and fate. The Amy Longyuan series integrates this strange and wonderful emotional concept into the design of the watch. The design of the Yuan series sublimates the fate of the watch parts, making the watch not only a beautiful accessory, but also our expectation and commitment for long-term love.
   In addition, Amyron’s contemporary luxury series models are grand and magnificent. The barrel-shaped appearance shows noble temperament, retaining the unique streamlined wing design of Amyron, breaking the dull style of traditional tonneau-shaped watches and full of vitality . With a leather strap and blue hands, this watch is exquisite and stylish. Whether it is worn alone in a business workplace or together with a couple, I believe that it can add points to the shape.

   The Emilion heritage series watch has a simple and elegant appearance, combining the elegance and fashion of the moment, low-key and classic. The unique design of the shell structure makes the inheritance series look elegant and refined, and the slim shape fits the wrist more closely on the hand, adding comfort to the couple’s daily wear.

   Every year National Day is the peak of marriage, and it is also an important memory node in the feelings of many lovers. Using the Emilion watch as a token, it locks the sweetness of time.
Friendship, deep affection
   He / she is a companion of his peers. He will encounter all kinds of scenery and people on the way to his life. Some pass by, while others become lifelong friends. Maybe it’s busy work, maybe more time to accompany the family after forming a family, and the connection with friends is always less and less. But as long as a phone call, a message, a bottle of beer can pick up that period of friendship. If you choose an exquisite watch to express your cherishment and respect for your friendship, Amy Long Jingya series women’s watch and Laimeng series men’s watch will be a good choice for your male and female friends.

   Amy Longjingya series is based on the theme of lotus. It is elegant and refined, with a water hibiscus blooming on the three-dimensional white petal-shaped dial, which is elegant and elegant. The dial is inlaid with twelve natural diamonds, which is agile and natural. The Jingya series designed by women specifically praises the beautiful qualities of women’s elegance and elegance. Give a good compliment to a female friend and thank her for being with her.

   Amy Long Leimen series men’s watch design is concise, resolute shape shows men’s charm. This watch’s case has smooth lines, simple atmosphere, and no complicated decoration, just like this friendship, pure and precious.
   Each series of Emilion brand has its own characteristics. If you need more detailed introduction and preferential consultation of each Emilion series watch, welcome to visit Emilion offline stores or through’s own store and Tmall flagship store for consultation.