Bvlgari Daniel Roth Hollow Tourbillon Watch

Daniel Roth series skeleton tourbillon watch Tourbillon Lumière Calibre DR 780 manual movement / 64-hour power reserve / 18K rose gold material / diameter 44mm / off-centre hour / minute hands / 6 point tourbillon / sapphire Crystal Mirror, Case Back / Alligator Strap / Waterproof 30m
The final effect of the skeletonized watch is undoubtedly transparent. Achieving this goal has taken time and effort, and it is even more difficult to require an elegant and refined appearance of the movement. However, this problem is not unsolved. BVLGARI’s Daniel Roth series skeleton tourbillon watch is the answer. When you see this watch, people may think of the golden brown slim brackets as the decoration of the movement, they are like branches full of vitality, extending to every corner of the case; The screws on it made us realize that they are the ‘bone’ of the whole movement. In order to ensure the normal operation of the movement, the main splint, the bridge and the ratchet transmission of the movement have been cleverly hollowed out (each part is manually rolled and carved by craftsmen); the watch will also be ‘ The dial is integrated with the movement. The curved inner ring made of precious metal is marked with hour and minute scales. As time passes, the golden serpentine hour and minute hands gradually pass, leaving the track of time.

Shooting Shencheng The Longines Global Equestrian Championship Ends Successfully

On May 1, 2016, the famous watch brand Swiss Longines held the three-day ‘2016 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship’ at the ‘Crown of the East’ in Shanghai, China. From April 29th to May 1st, this competition, more than 40 top riders and valuable European horses gathered in the ‘Crown of the East’ Chinese Art Palace, presenting a high-level international equestrian event. Bring a top-level match enjoyment to Shencheng’s audience.

  Longines, as the overall title maker of this event, continues to serve as the official timekeeper and designated watch, inheriting the century-old refined watchmaking expertise and the elegant style of freeze-frame equestrian sports.

   The three-day competition schedule is important for the Longines Grand Prix on April 30, with a maximum obstacle height of 1.6 meters. After a fierce competition, the above picture shows the rider Abdullah Alsharbatly from Saudi Arabia riding the horse Tobalio to overcome the obstacles and win the championship with solid performance.

Mr. Huoke Nuo, President of Longines, and Miss Lin Zhiling, the brand ambassador, presented awards to the winners of the Longines Grand Prix.

  As the world’s highest-level five-star equestrian obstacle course, the Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship is the highest-level, most influential, and most highly-appreciated equestrian event ever held in Asia. It combines extreme challenges with elegance.

The elegant image ambassador of Longines Miss Ms. Lin Zhiling lively performed the full Sina watch riding series.

On the day of the event, Lin Zhiling wore a Longines rider series stainless steel diamond ladies watch watch number: L6.
  Longines’ new Riding Series watches continue the brand’s long-standing respect for equestrian sports and its emphasis on female customers. Its shapes and materials are inspired by the iconic elements of equestrian sports. Between the hands of the wrist, the Riding Series watch is like a horse with beautiful footsteps, and a beautiful waltz jumps on the wearer’s wrist. The classic Longines masterpiece series features a sophisticated moon phase display function, which reflects the characteristics of concentration, precision and experience required by equestrian sports.

  (From left to right) Ms. Tong Yao, a famous actor, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Ms. Lin Zhiling, the elegant ambassador of Longines, Mr. Huo Kenuo, global president of Longines, and well-known actors Mr. Cheng Haofeng attended the launch ceremony of the elegant wheel.

  On April 30, Longines’ elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling and brand friends Tong Yao and Cheng Haofeng took the Weibo topic # 明星 带 你 看 马术 # to relay the elegant attitude of Longines. Behind-the-scenes video deciphered the process of celebrity selection of costumes and hats, allowing viewers to understand the equestrian etiquette required to dress up to watch the equestrian competition; the quick-and-quick interaction at the event site allowed the celebrities to be tested by equestrian knowledge. # 明星 带 你 看 马术 # Let the off-site audiences feel the atmosphere and elegance of the Longines Universal Equestrian Championship. At the end of the day’s competition, the topic of Weibo topic # 明星 带 你 看 马术 # had read 10.78 million, and netizens’ hotly commented reached 12,000.

Summary: Longines and equestrian sport have a long history. Longines and equestrian sport have been associated for more than 100 years. In 1878, Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch that was enough to be recorded in history, which was popular with jockeys and equestrian lovers. In 1912, Longines became the official timekeeper of international equestrian events for the first time. Since then, Longines has been widely praised for many top equestrian sports titles. Many of its design inspirations for its knight series are also derived from equestrian sports. Its elegant appearance and precise time have been consistently recognized by market consumers.