2011 Baume & Mercier 2011 New Chrysmer Series

Internationally renowned watch brand Baume & Mercier launches Pre-SIHH’s new 2011 Chrysler watch! The Baume & Mercier Chrysmer series is one of Baume & Mercier’s best-selling watches, with a unique combination of classic and modern design styles. It is loved by elites around the world.
The fresh and natural style of the Clesmaier series watch is suitable for any occasion: whether in a rigorous and rigorous city, or in a peaceful and tranquil environment, it can show the wearer’s unique taste. The watch perfectly inherits the tradition of simple and elegant watchmaking, and is accompanied by exquisite and outstanding Roman numeral engraving, showing the connotation of rich and low-key luxury.
The new Chrysler watch fully demonstrates the extraordinary nature of superb excellence, perfectly combining classic and timeless fashion charm with manly and heroic temperament.
Cresme series automatic timepiece
Claismak automatic time-shifting watch is a new 2011 Clesmak series watch with 42mm dial design, equipped with ‘Côtes de Genève’ decoration Dubois Depraz 14400 automatic movement.

Equipped with the noble qualities of the time-hopping function, the dial is decorated with silver ‘wheat grain’, with black Arabic numerals, and the sapphire crystal glass back is clearly visible. The oscillating weight with the brand sign PHI is extremely refined and noble. quality.
款式 This model is limited to 500 pieces and has a unique number.

Claisma series red gold dual time zone and power reserve display watch
This is another extraordinary watch launched by the 2011 Chrysmack series. Its 39mm case is made of 18K red gold, giving the watch a gentle and smooth touch. Equipped with the ‘Côtes de Genève’ Soprod 9035 self-winding movement, its noble and elegant black dial is decorated with straight lines and gold-plated hour markers. It is also equipped with the same color alligator leather strap, which shows the noble quality.

腕表 This watch has dual time zone and power reserve display function. Through the case back, you can see the oscillating weight engraved with the brand sign PHI at a glance. It perfectly shows the superb and excellent watchmaking skills and brings extraordinary enjoyment to watch lovers.

Baucherie Marie Dragon Autodate Pairs Watches Forever Eternal Choice

Time is ruthless, and the floating life will always disappear one day. Only true love can flow forever and last forever. On this Valentine’s Day, Swiss fine watch brand Carl F. Bucherer presents two Marion Long AutoDate watch pairs with classic timeless design and temperament to lovers of the world. It is a timeless testimony to true love without fear of baptism.

 Breguet Marly Dragon Men’s Watch (Stainless Steel Case with Lewis Anna Crocodile Leather Strap)

 The image of the watch is ever-changing, but for the most classic and most impressive designs, it is the big three hands that display the hours, minutes and seconds with three center hands. This design was all the rage in the 1960s, and it is still enduring today. The Bucherer Maliron AutoDate watch with a round and elegant stainless steel case and a three-handed layout shows the first feature of the Maliron series. The shape is not exaggerated, but it shows elegant and classic temperament everywhere.

 Breguet Marie Dragon Women’s Watch (Stainless Steel Case with Alligator Leather Strap)

 Among them, the men’s model is equipped with a 38mm diameter case with a built-in CFB1965 self-winding movement that drives three middle hands and a date window at 3 o’clock. Women’s styles also exude confidence and style. It has a case with a diameter of 30 mm and uses the CFB1963 self-winding movement to achieve a perfect balance between beauty and function. Classic design combined with outstanding craftsmanship and practical functions, the Maliron AutoDate watch is a watch that is worth living with you and your love forever, and witnessing the eternal watch masterpiece.

Tag Heuer Announces Results Of ‘the Autavia Cup’ Campaign

Earlier this year, Tag Heuer launched a large-scale online event, ‘THEAUTAVIACUP’, aimed at selecting traditional Autavia models that will be reissued in 2017. Autavia is one of the most representative models of TAG Heuer. The winner of this online selection is determined by the fans of the watch. TAG Heuer has just announced the winners of the ‘THEAUTAVIACUP’ event.

   The winning model, which is to be reissued in 2017, is AutaviaMark3 ‘JochenRindt’. This is a manual online watch, produced in the late 1960s, because of its connection with F1 driver Jochen Rindt is sometimes called ‘Rindt’. JochenRindt once wore this watch, but died in an accident during the practice session of the Italian Grand Prix in 1970. (Photo / Wen Watch House Xu Chaoyang)?

That Touch Of Free Couture Luxury

The original pocket watch designed by Breguet for Queen Mary to collect all the complicated functions of the year. The original product is unknown. Now this one is at the request of Mr. G. Hayek, former president of the Swatch Group. Full version reprinted in 2004
    When it comes to the era of true watch customization, time can be traced back centuries ago. Under the technological conditions at that time, mass production of clocks can be said to be an impossible task, so most clocks are considered Unique, but also has a strong personal nature. As early as the end of the 18th century, the legendary giant of the watchmaking industry, Mr. Breguet, received an order from the Guardian of Queen Marie Antoinette of France: Customizing one piece with all the details as much as possible made of gold, all the time Complicated pocket watch. Because there was no requirement for the time of making this watch, and the technology of the watch was too strict, the watch was not completed until 1827, and at this time, both Queen Mary and Master Breguet had already told others It must be said that it is a bit of regret left in history. In addition to this legendary work, the birth of the world’s first watch was also created in response to custom requirements: In 1810, Mr. Breguet was invited by Caroline Murat, Napoleon’s sister, Queen of Naples In accordance with her requirements, she designed a female clock with a bracelet as the basic shape, which has both the decorative effect of the bracelet and the timekeeping function of the clock. It is such a very individual creative idea, which has made a broader path for the development of the watch industry, and has brought tremendous influence. To commemorate this event, Breguet named its most famous women’s watch series-Reine de Naples with ‘Queen of Naples’. Until now, this series of watches is still leading Breguet’s women’s watches, occupying a large share of Breguet’s product sales.