Fang Huayong’s Resident Shi Enchang Is Always In The Early Autumn, And I Am Grateful To The Swiss Mido Gifts For Teachers’ Day

The summer heat of midsummer is about to recede, Qiu Liang hastily arrived, you see her at the end of the long road, seem to have been dappled by the years. You remember when she smiled tenderly like the warm sun in the spring. You remember that she combed her hair meticulously before the podium in the morning. You miss the golden sunlight in the afternoon on the stone steps on both sides of the playground. The colorful world at home and abroad … The teacher in your mind is the only constant coordinate in the time and space shuttle, and has been fixed from the day of separation … In this festival of tribute to the teacher, Swiss beauty is selected Three watches that condense the classic and freeze time, remember the old days, and wish Fang Hua forever.

Smile as a warm sun, build a dream rock
——Mido Belem Sairee “SMILE Smiley” ladies watch
 Seeing her from the first glance, you are deeply attracted by the kind smile that overflows at the corner of that mouth. That pure beauty is just like the Rennes Opera House built in 1836, abandoning the flashy appearance, and embodying the gentle and simple but solemn and charming goddess; the ultimate charm conveys the essence of architectural art and the heart of the most unpretentious teacher. Swiss Mido draws inspiration from it to create the most expressive exquisite wrist-wrist watch-Belem Sairee ‘SMILE Smiley’ ladies watch. The ivory dial is decorated with a sun light pattern, representing her warm and soft heart; the chocolate dial is wrapped with rose gold time scales, which is always elegant and decent like her; the stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated case conveys delicate and soft, just as she was then Use a smile to soothe your childhood timidity and anxiety; the diamond-polished rose-gold hands, like the magical and dexterous teaching stick in her hand, lead you to swim the ocean of knowledge.
At that time, the Rennes Opera House did not have the prosperous and magnificent buildings in the urban area of ​​Paris. It was built with the most practical concepts, but the simple appearance did not cover her own light. Because of her passion and relentless pursuit of the theater art, she finally stood proud. In the world, it becomes a classic of an era. Just like a teacher, it takes you to perceive the world with the simplest mind, interpret your dreams, and build your future castle in one stroke. 38-hour power reserve, 50 meters water resistance, the most exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology, become your most solid dream-building rock. Twelve fine diamonds encircle the beauty of the past and the most moving smile in the memory.

Heart like a red diamond
——Meto Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch
 You may have hated her forever. When you are named, you will always say ‘old-fashioned’ fiercely. She was as stern as her hairpin, which was constant all year round, precise and rigorous, and could not stand the slightest difference. But after you separate, you always miss her, and the thoughtful explanations after her severe criticism; miss the sincere comments and suggestions she wrote after your composition; miss the bitter smile she showed because of your bit progress … … In your memory, she is as strong and flexible as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taking you to the endless sea and taking you to sail.

 Mido Helmsman Diamond Women’s Watch draws inspiration from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The stainless steel case is like her meticulous appearance; the black calfskin strap reveals her tenderness, always protecting your growth; eight embellishments on the dial The diamond symbolizes her red diamond-like heart, but love never indulges, strong polishing, and achieves your growth; the dial vortex ripples time and time, conveying the brilliant beauty of teachers and students; Diamond-polished hands, like her, respect your studies and life; more than 38 hours of power reserve, carefully crafted movement, 50 meters water resistance, Mido watches follow the Swiss watchmaking industry’s exquisite craftsmanship, creating excellence At the same time of performance, it is a tribute to her who never gives up lightly and achieves others with her life.

Chi Ruo Tower Mentors and Mentors-Mendo Bruna Observatory Men’s Watch
 When you met him, you were very old-fashioned. He was a few years older than you, and he had been to high altitudes you had never seen before. He has never shown his teacher’s momentum in front of you, and you have become a friend with him. He is like a Chrysler building in your heart, with masonry construction, steel bar support, and grandeur straight into the sky, you look up, yearn for, and strive to climb.

 This inspirational prototype of the Bruner Series Observatory Men’s Watch from the Chrysler Building in New York is his upright and tough incarnation. The stainless steel strap and case are born with extraordinary pride, like he made it for you. Aspirations and dreams; the 40-mm bituminous gray dial represents his calmness and wisdom, but he is still indifferent to adversity, and will always help you plan for the future; the observatory certified mechanical movement represents his arrogant identity, and every step is accurate No tolerance; more than 38 hours power reserve, 100 meters waterproof superior performance, giving him exceptional protection after wind and rain; transparent back can be seen carefully carved movement, decorated with blue screws, automatically carved Geneva ripples And the MIDO logo, just as he did to you, gave it without reservation.

Technical Information

Mido Belem Celli Women’s ‘SMILE’ Watch
Movement automatic mechanical movement ETA 2824-2, 11½ ” ‘, diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 4.60mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, NIVAROX II balance wheel . The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, the rotor is decorated with Geneva ripples and engraved with the MIDO logo. Hours, minutes, seconds, date function. Testing at three different locations validates its accuracy. More than 38 hours power reserve.
Case 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated, diameter 33mm, the case consists of 3 parts. Double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, through the transparent back can be seen carefully carved movement, engraved with the product serial number, 50 meters waterproof.
Strap Brown calfskin leather strap with crocodile pattern and PVD rose gold folding buckle.
Dial Sunlight pattern decoration, chocolate and ivory mixed colors, independent hands display, date display 6 o’clock, decorated with 12 VS-SI-TW diamonds, 8/8 full cut, 0.03 carats.
Hands Diamond Bevel Cut
Retail Price 7,300 RMB

Mido helmsman diamond ladies watch
Movement mechanical movement ETA 2671, 7¾ ” ‘, diameter 17.20mm, thickness 4.8mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE shockproof system, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, NIVAROX II balance wheel, hour minute second Date function, 38-hour power reserve.
Case 316L stainless steel, diameter 31mm, sapphire crystal glass surface, transparent back and crown can be seen in the carved movement and serial number, 50 meters waterproof.
Strap Calfskin leather strap with crocodile leather pattern and stainless steel folding buckle.
Dial Swirling Geneva wave, decorated with 8 top-quality Weston-VSSI, 0.02 carat 8/8, date window at 3 o’clock
Hands Diamond Polished
Retail Price 6,400 RMB

Mido Bruner Observatory Men’s Watch
Movement ETA2836-2 certified mechanical movement of the Observatory, 11½ ” ‘diameter, 25.60 mm, thickness 5.05 mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, ANACHRON spring, RHODIE, GLUCYDUR balance. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, the automatic oscillating weight carefully sculpts the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo, and the hours, minutes, seconds and date function adjusts its travel time accuracy in 3 directions. More than 38 hours power reserve.
Case 316L stainless steel case, diameter 40 mm; 2 parts, sapphire crystal, spiral crown and back cover; transparent back can observe the engraved movement, engraved serial number, waterproof depth to 100 meters .
Strap 316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp.
Dial Anthracite gray dial. The date and day window are at 3 o’clock.
Finger diamond polishing
Retail Price 8,900 RMB