Glashütte Original Joins Hands With Berlin Film Festival For Seven Years And Presents A New And Exciting Work

At the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, which was held from February 9th to 19th, Glashütte Original launched many new masterpieces. This year, the German watchmaker sponsored the Berlin International Film Festival for the first time as a major partner, and also founded the Glashütte Original Documentary Award-a seven-year collaboration, crowned today, Glashütte The original pays tribute to the filmmakers who always insist on themselves and move forward. During the film festival, Glashütte Original welcomed artists, journalists, and guests from the film industry in the Golden Bear Lounge. In the VIP room and select Glashütte original retail stores, visitors also saw the new Sixties Iconic Square Collection – the series shines for the first time during the Berlin International Film Festival Debut.

The red carpet moments of the 67th Berlin Film Festival

New milestones for the film festival

Film Festival Jury and Thomas Meier, Glashütte Original CEO

Deep images, thought-provoking topics, fearless heroes: this is the essence of documentary art. This year, Glashütte Original teamed up with the Berlin International Film Festival for the first time and presented awards. The newly created Glashütte Original Documentary Award is the highest point since the establishment of a partnership between the Saxony watchmaker and the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011. The best documentary prize is € 50,000 and will be officially presented at the official awards ceremony on February 18th at the Berlin Film Palace. The jury consists of three industry professionals: film critics, film festival president Daniela Michel (Mexico), Oscar and Pulitzer Prize winners, journalists, producers Laura Poitras (USA), and award-winning director Samir (Iraq /Switzerland).

Glashütte Original Handmade Trophy for Awards

The jury has nominated 16 documentaries, all produced from participating in the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival Competition, Berlin Special Screenings, Panorama, Youth Forum, New Generation and Perspective German Film Units. All films will have their world premiere during the Berlin International Film Festival, and award-winning documentary directors and producers will receive bonuses and glory trophies hand-crafted by the Glashütte Watch Factory. ‘This award is of special significance to the documentary industry and a great incentive for filmmakers. In order to complete a filming project, they sometimes have to take risks that many ordinary people cannot imagine,’ said Dieter Kosslick, president of the Berlin International Film Festival.
Start a new journey together

Glashütte Original Six Gold Square Watch on the Red Carpet

The new film award created by Glashütte Original is not only to celebrate the seven-year partnership, but also to celebrate the first time as a major partner to sponsor the festival. Thomas Meier, Glashütte’s original CEO, said: ‘There are many similarities between the art of watchmaking and the art of film. We are passionate, pursuing precision and advanced technology, and have high requirements for beauty and aesthetics. We work with every Berlin International Film Festival sincerely-this is our pride. It is important for us to expand this extraordinary partnership. Today, as a film festival’s main partner, we look forward to enabling Berlin Films The festival’s multiple charms and Glashütte’s original elegant style complement each other and shine. ‘

Glashütte Original Gold Six Zero Watch

This year’s protagonist is the Sixties Iconic Square Collection, a gold-plated six-square series watch. This colorful and special series originally created by Glashütte will be launched during the film festival. The watch incorporates design elements from a special era, and this time it shines on the red carpet and catches the eye. The collection is on display in the Golden Bear Lounge, the first time a Saxon watchmaker has shown it to the film industry and all its distinguished representatives. It is a great honor and pride for watchmakers to combine the legendary style of Glashütte’s outstanding original watches with the legendary wrists.

Glashütte Original Watchmaking Stand in the Golden Bear Lounge

Whether at a celebration at the Berlin Film Palace or in its surroundings; whether in the Golden Bear VIP Room or various events in Berlin: Glashütte Original is the 67th Berlin International Film The festival has created an unprecedented atmosphere of elegance. The pursuit of authenticity and self-remembering style not only shows the dazzling brilliance of the film festival, but also highlights the elegant elegance of the watch brand.