Sportsmen In Hollywood Blockbusters And Their Watch Of Choice

Some people say that watches are the only accessories for men. There is nothing like a watch that shows the characteristics of a man so nicely with just one thing on the wrist. Mechanical sense, dynamic sense, rationality, wisdom, romance, luxury and restraint are all integrated into a watch that affects the pulse. That’s why, the sportsmen in the Hollywood blockbusters and watches are so hot that they can’t tell who has given them the style.
No one can deny that Hollywood has always been the most stylish handsome guy in the world. These people’s actions, including their various professions, are passed to the world through the lens, which is the benchmark of trend and charm. A unique hairstyle, a pair of cool glasses, faintly restrained and luxurious cufflinks, or the standard six-pack abs … these face lessons are nothing more than ‘cool and handsome’ to create a shape male. It’s just that any modification is less important than a weighty watch.
人 ‘Man in Black 3’ Hamilton-the third equipment of SWAT J
Hamilton, as a native brand in the United States, is naturally inextricably linked with the Hollywood movie near water tower. Not to mention that each of them is adding fuel to the American economy, and the American individual heroism alone, which they strongly advocated, has made the two doomed to fate. In recent years, with the well-known watch brands frequently throwing olive branches to the Hollywood and Chinese film markets, they have begun to value the role of movies in the watch image, only to find that Hamilton is already in the forefront of this cooperation field. According to statistics, Hamilton Watch has appeared in more than 400 Hollywood films such as ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘Man in Black’, and has a close relationship with Hollywood for nearly 60 years. Therefore, it is deservedly called ‘Hollywood Star Watch’.
Hamilton Expedition Future Watch
Now, in the popular ‘Men in Black 3’ starring Will Smith, Hamilton once again makes a heavy appearance, becoming the third equipment of SWAT J. Will Smith can be regarded as a hot old movie star, from ‘Knock for Happiness’ to ‘Everyone’s Love’, different styles, the same handsome. Now Will Smith joins ‘Man in Black’ three times, and his screen-type male image is even more popular. The black sunglasses and silver laser gun in the film became an indispensable part of SWAT J, but the sighted person tracked his eyes to the triangle-shaped scientific watch on SWAT J’s wrist. Yes, this is the third equipment of SWAT J —— Hamilton Expedition Future Watch.
未来 This futuristic expedition series that came with the ‘Men in Black 3’ in 2012 was a complete ‘face’ article. The bold stainless steel case is used, and the red second hand jumps prominently on the black mesh hollow dial surface; the bullet-shaped crown cuts into the dial very conflictingly, forming a tense shape with the original tension pattern. This is perhaps a bold and distinctive expression expressed by the Hamilton Adventure Series.
At the same time, this adventure series future watch is not only face-saving, but also equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movement, the function is impeccable. Well, if you are handsome enough, even if you ca n’t do SWAT J, Q, K … with such a cool watch, it is enough to show the spirit of American individual heroism that you adore!
钢铁 ‘Iron Man 2’ Jaeger-Tony Stark’s Bracers
唐 Robert Downey Jr., who was promoted to the front-line Hollywood actor with two ‘Iron Man’ titles, is over-addicted in the film. The Tony Stark in the film is not only a billionaire, a playboy, a weapon expert, a superhero … but also a beauty, which can make any arrogant man in the world envious. It’s a pity that there are pressures on the contrast between the two beautiful women. The image of Robert Downey Jr. is a bit inferior. ‘Sao’ is good enough, handsome or handsome!
Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT Watch
Fortunately, Tony Stark’s equipment is still enough to calm the scene. For the time being, not to mention the sci-fi steel armor from time to time, just looking at the few Jaeger-LeCoultre heavyweight watches on the wrist is enough to make up for Robert Downey’s appearance is lacking. Three Jaeger-LeCoultre watches appear in the film: the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT platinum watch, the Master Grand Tourbillon 1833 watch, and the Reverso Grande 985 watch.
MVOX3 Tourbillon GMT watch as the third generation of AMVOX can be called the heavyweight work of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The hollow part of the dial is designed with a double layer of numbers around it to express a clear sense of mechanical and dynamic. Analog date display, a large jump between the 31st of each month and the 1st of the following month. 988 movement, tourbillon, dual time zone display, analog date display, ceramic case, these classic elements have made this Iron Man wristband, even if the hero is not stylish enough, it is shocking enough! Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grand Tourbillon 1833 Watch
Master Grand Tourbillon 1833 watch is a little more gentleman and elegant compared with the cool color and sporty feeling of AMVOX3 TourbillonGMT watch. The rose gold case with a chocolate radial checkered dial and a chocolate crocodile leather strap creates a uniform, elegant warm tone. The pointer date display can be adjusted in both directions. It also has Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exclusive patent. When the date of the month is changed from 15th to 16th, the pointer will complete a jump of 30 degrees wide and will not block the hollow window at 6 o’clock. Medium graceful mechanical movement. In addition to the hours, minutes and seconds, this watch also has a 24-hour second place time display. The commemorative number ‘1833’ marked by the collection is engraved on the dial in rose gold. Limited edition of 575 pieces.
‘In the Clouds’ Omega-Ryan’s Air Timepiece
George Clooney’s ‘Flying Man’ in ‘In the Clouds’ is no longer saving the world as a hero, but an individual returning to reality-Ryan. A business suit, meticulous, handsome and stylish, a business trapeze who is busy in different time zones, knows how to enjoy high quality of life anywhere in the world, and of course knows how to have a romantic love in a timely manner. Such a watch on the wrist of a business elite is naturally sloppy. Perhaps thanks to George Clooney’s long-standing relationship with Omega, Ryan is wearing the Omega Butterfly Hour Vision watch.
米 Omega Butterfly Hour Vision Watch
HourThe Omega Butterfly Hour Vision Watch uses an 8500/8501 self-winding movement developed by Omega. It is certified by the Swiss Observatory and has a power reserve of 60 hours. Because the hour hand of this watch can be adjusted independently without affecting the operation of the minute and second hands, this watch is very suitable for business travelers traveling through different time zones. Omega Butterfly Hour Vision watches are easier to use than World Time watches. In addition, the design of this watch inherits the classic elegance of the Omega Dish Flying Series. Stainless steel case, silver dial, rhodium-plated hour ring, crossing the arched hour scale, showing a low-key gloss on the frosted dial. The frame of the calendar window at 3 o’clock is made of 18K white gold, and the minute scale circle is delicate and simple. In general, the Omega Butterfly Hour Vision watch is simple and elegant, and has good hardware strength. It is the first choice for a decisive and capable business man who is both inside and outside.

Dior Launches La Mini D De Dior Jewelry Watch

As a member of the Dior Fine Jewelry family, La Mini D de Dior is covered with gold, and the dial is decorated with bright and bright-colored decorative stones. Lapis lazuli, Su Jishi and turquoise complement the La D de Dior collection. Each is limited to 50 pieces.

When you look at the DiorLa Mini D de Dior high-end jewelry watch for a long time, you will unconsciously emerge the scene of flowers blooming in spring. It does not need to have powerful high-complexity functions, as long as the unique decorative stone mirror surface matches the elegant DIOR Gold, the dial as a whole, pure tenderness.

The new Dior Fine Watch exhibition area will be unveiled for the first time at the 2013 Baselworld 2013 on April 24. The exhibition area has an area of ​​900m2 and is divided into two floors, so the exhibition space has doubled compared with previous years. Every year, Dior high-level watches participate in the International Basel Watch Fair (Baselworld) to enhance its popularity and prestige in the luxury watchmaking world.