Three Tennis Players Gather At Tag Heuer Paris Tennis Charity Tournament

In support of Theodora, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing smiles to children, TAG Heuer organized a unique tennis charity match in the Parisian Champs Elysees store. This is another powerful interpretation of TAG Heuer’s ‘Fear of Challenge without Challenge’.

   Paris, May 18, 2015-The French Open in Roland Garros is about to start. In response to the charity call of TAG Heuer, famous tennis player TAG Heuer brand ambassador Maria Shah Rabova and Nishikori staged a special and wonderful charity challenge in front of the audience on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Former French Open champion Zhang Depei also participated as a referee.

   Theodora, a non-profit organization that aims to build beliefs and bring smiles to children in pain, has joined hands with TAG Heuer to host this unique charity challenge-players take turns playing tennis with foam. TAG Heuer’s goal in front of the store window. The competition stipulates that the player who hits the most goals within a limited time wins. Zhang Depei scored for both sides of the game as a referee, while two tennis champions Sharapova and Nishikori each coached a children’s team, hitting as many targets on the window as possible within the time period.

   After the competition, Mathieu Selzer, TAG Heuer’s French brand director, represented TAG Heuer on behalf of TAG Heuer and donated 10,000 Euros to Theodora in support. Theodora is committed to reducing the psychological burden on children among sick children. They often organize professionally trained clowns to visit autistic children and other children in need of special care and bring them happy performances.

   Maria Sharapova: TAG Heuer Global Brand Ambassador, 2014 French Open Open Championship, WTA ranked second, won trophies 34 times on the World Tour, including 5 Grand Slam titles.

Tissot Launches The 160th Anniversary Replica Commemorative Watch

Tissot was founded in 1853 in the town of Leloc, Switzerland, and inherits the superb Swiss watchmaking profession. It has swept over 160 countries around the world with endless creativity, and has become a leading global watch brand to In terms of volume, Tissot watches are more stable in the world’s largest professional watch brand. To celebrate the 160th anniversary of Tissot watches, Tissot watches has created the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Remembrance Watch’ to the brand. A tribute to the century’s superior watchmaking history has once again made the world witness the unique charm of the TISSOT Navigator series of watches launched by Tissot for the 100th anniversary.

 Tissot’s 160th anniversary presents the brand’s immortal classic

 ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Remembrance Watch’ features: 24 time zones clearly marked in English capitals, and at the same time accurately grasp the time display of 24 regions around the world. It is an indispensable best companion for business and travellers. With the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Watch’ as the 160th anniversary gift of Tissot, it also marks the ambition and achievements of Tissot to expand the world to the world .

 160th Anniversary Tissot Pilot Watch

 24 global time zones at a glance

In 1953, when Tissot celebrated its centennial, it launched the first replica watch of the TISSOT Navigator series, which expounded the brand’s global vision and spirit. In 2013, the 160th anniversary of the brand, Tissot launched the evocative classic again , Published the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Remembrance Watch’ and ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Remembrance Watch’ are equipped with the Swiss COSC official certified automatic movement, and have passed the official certification in the accuracy of timing The ultra-high standard of Tissot watches shows the professional craftsmanship of Tissot watches over the past century, so that business people can accurately grasp the time around the world.

 160th Anniversary Tissot Pilot Watch

In addition, the biggest feature of this watch is the 24-hour time zone display. The timeless silver dial clearly displays the time in 24 regions around the world with eye-catching capital letters. The wearer only needs to set the watch to In the time zone of a certain country, the time in the other 23 regions can be displayed on the surface, which makes it easy to review at a glance. It is suitable for business people who often travel everywhere. In busy schedules, you can easily grasp the global time. Overcoming the confusing jet lag problem, the ‘TISSOT Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Replica Watch’ perfectly embodies the brand spirit of Tissot-it is committed to providing consumers with precision timing tools that are indispensable, becoming the brand’s 160th anniversary offer.