The Most Expensive Watch In The World

A unique one-size chronograph watch made by the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe in 1932, the world’s unique single-button chronograph watch, was successfully auctioned at the Sotheby’s auction house in Switzerland at a high price of 1.1 million pounds. This watch has therefore become the most expensive watch in the world.
最 The most expensive watch in the world
此前 The previous owner of this watch was Count CarloFeliceTrossi, a former Ferrari driver in Italy. Troxie is deeply obsessed with extreme sports. He was a racer and kayaker and a pioneer in flying. In 1932, Troch became president of Ferrari. In 1947, Troch reached the peak of his career, when he won the Italian International Grand Prix.
‘The watch is of great symbolic importance and historical importance because it was manufactured in 1932. It was selected by Troch as a commonly used timer in motorsports and flying Use, to achieve precise timing with excellent reading capabilities. ‘
At the auction on the day, more than 200 watches were auctioned together. A Rolex watch called ‘Paul Newman’ made in 1980 was bought for £ 76,000.