Omega Classic Haima Red Gold Watch

Omega’s new OMEGA Red Gold watch is an elegant addition to the original Seamaster Planet Ocean series of sports watches originally launched in 2005. temperament. The warm gold color gives the 2007 Ocean Universe Professional Dive Watch the fine and elegant feel. This cosmic coaxial escapement red gold watch is another classic since the Hippocampus 300 watch launched in 1957, and it is also the first seahorse series watch in red gold.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe Escapement Red Gold Watch
Omega launched the Hippocampal Ocean Universe Co-Axial Chronograph for the first time in 2005. The bold and bold orange-red used on its dial and bezel has become one of the most important features of this model, causing an unprecedented sensation in the global watch industry. In 2006, due to the enthusiastic pursuit of the market, Omega launched the second marine universe series-column-wheel chronograph. Today, the hippocampus is welcoming the birth of a red gold watch series.
The hippocampus is an important element in the watch culture inherited by Omega, and it is also the most sporty series in Omega watches. For more than 50 years, the history that has been closely related to the ocean has made it a favorite of the eyebrows on the arena. American swimmer Michael Phelps and British female navigator Ellen MacArthur are all hippocampus wrists Loyal fans of the table. The Hippocampus series watches are fully capable of meeting the most severe environmental challenges at sea. The strong waterproof case and one-way bezel are unique characteristics. The smooth chain bracelet, clear and easy-to-read dial, one-way bezel and embossed hippocampus logo engraved on the back of the 18K red gold case, which are tightly stitched, all remind us of the design source of the Ocean Universe series.
The case of the Hippocampus Ocean Universe Escapement Red Gold Series watch has two sizes of 42 mm and 45.5 mm, of which the 45.5 mm watch is even more exquisite and gorgeous. Compared with ordinary professional diving watches, the two chronograph watches have added more personalized functions and are waterproof to a depth of 600 meters. These professional diving chronographs also have many other detailed features-a tight crown and case back, a Helium Escape Valve, a tubular unidirectional rotating bezel and highly clear hands.
The helium exhaust valve is located at 10 o’clock, and the word ‘He’ (helium chemical element symbol) is embossed on it. The helium exhaust valve helps the helium particles that have penetrated into the watch due to the water pressure during the dive to be discharged when the pressure is reduced, thereby enhancing the protection of the watch. The red gold timing button under the black aluminum ring can still work normally at a depth of 600 meters. At the same time, the double-sided anti-reflective arched wear-resistant crystal watch makes the dial clear and easy to read.
The previous Ocean Universe series only has a sporty matte dial to choose from, while the new red gold series uses an elegant all-black semi-matte dial. The red gold Omega logo is the biggest highlight. The red-gold luminous hour hand contrasts with the figures at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The chronograph’s calendar window is located between 4 and 5 o’clock, while other models’ calendar windows are located above the 3 o’clock position. In order to match the red of the arched arrow hour, minute and second hands, the luminous material uses white instead of green, which was previously commonly used.
Small seconds dial, 12-hour and 30-minute chronograph small dials are located at 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively, and use gold as the background color. The black aluminum 60-minute track on the unidirectional rotating bezel is also decorated in red gold.
The chronograph is equipped with a 3313 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 52 hours. The column wheel mechanism complements the performance of the chronograph. When the chronograph function is activated, it can ensure that the second hand moves smoothly, and provides accurate stop and reset functions without affecting the main chronograph performance of the watch.
Non-chronograph models have a 2500 automatic winding movement. All marine universe red gold series are equipped with a coaxial escapement. This unique Omega technology can greatly reduce the friction of the watch mechanical movement. , Overall improve the long-term stability and accuracy of the movement. Both of these movements have been certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), and the cardless balance with hairspring ensures the watch’s precise timing quality. Although the new case back is hard and flat, the rhodium-plated movement exudes a luxurious quality: the bridge is spirally polished, decorated with Geneva patterns and gold-plated engraving. Exquisite round, fluted and gold-plated patterns. Embossed hippocampus logo on the spiral case back.
These three different watches (45.5mm automatic chronograph, 45.5mm automatic and 42mm automatic) are equipped with all-black alligator leather straps or Omega’s exclusive screw and chain needle system. Bracelet (smooth side treated). The strap or bracelet fits perfectly into the case, enhancing the comfort and beauty of the watch. An easy-to-use folding safety clasp is also available.

Start Your Appointment! Swatch Bellamy Pay Watch

From the ‘art canvas on the wrist’ to the mechanical watch ‘device 51’ made with only 51 parts, to the touch-screen watch ‘intelligent design tracking sports performance anytime, anywhere’ Touch the series Zero One ‘, Swatch always changes people’s living habits with its spirit of innovation.

 Now, Swatch joins hands with China UnionPay and Bank of Communications to launch the first payment watch ‘Swatch Bellamy’, leading the new trend of payment!

Both a watch and a bank card!

 ‘Swatch Bellamy’, it is both a watch and an IC debit card from Bank of Communications. The watch’s built-in chip utilizes innovative NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which requires no network support and no payment software. It can directly complete payment at millions of POS machines at home and abroad with the UnionPay Quick Pass logo. , China UnionPay recommends merchants including Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs, McDonald’s, Carrefour, and the whole family.
 As far as financial functions are concerned, Swatch Bellamy Payment Watches can realize financial functions such as consumption, deposit, cash withdrawal, transfer, online banking and mobile banking.
Five reasons you like it!

1 Pioneer
Swatch’s first contactless payment watch incorporates innovative NFC (near field communication) technology, allowing consumers to use merchants’ POS terminals with ‘flash payment’ functions to implement instant payment, leading the new payment trend.
2 Convenient
You do n’t need any network support when downloading transactions, and you do n’t need to download or use any payment software. In addition, the watch does not need to be charged, and it does not consume the watch’s power at the time of payment. The Swatch standard battery can store electricity for up to two years and it is waterproof to 30 meters.
3 Efficiency
You can pay with your wrist anytime, anywhere, and you can pay instantly on millions of POS machines at home and abroad with the UnionPay Quick Pass logo. At designated merchants, a single purchase of less than 300 yuan can be exempt from secrets and visas, further speeding up the payment process.
4 Free
Wearing a Bellamy Payment Watch is like putting a bank card on your wrist, making it more convenient to carry around.
Enjoy paying anytime, anywhere.
5 Trust
It is a 100% Swiss-made Swatch and a Bank of Communications Pacific Debit Card equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Through the China UnionPay payment service platform, it realizes a secure and reliable payment experience.
Four premiere, cool and low-key
 The first four models listed on the market are simple and neat, using Swatch’s classic original models. There are four colors: black, red, white, and blue. The “tick life” on the white dial is very intriguing. At the same time, the back of the strap is also printed with the logos of the partners China UnionPay and Bank of Communications, implying a secure and reliable cooperation platform as a solid backing.
Swatch Bellamy Pay Watches now open for appointments!
The Swatch Bellamy Pay Watch will be available for pre-orders from now until January 17, 2016, priced at RMB 580.
Path 1: Swatch’s designated stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Consumers go directly to the store, register and fill out customer information to complete the appointment process (no need to bring ID and no prepayment). At that time, the store will call the consumer to notify the store to pay the fee and collect the pick-up voucher (by telephone appointment, with the pick-up voucher and the user’s real-name ID to the designated outlet of the Bank of Communications to open the card and collect the watch).
Path 2: Bank of Communications official website → Online application and download → Debit card application → Debit card (payment watch) application.
* Please pay attention to Swatch’s official WeChat and send the word ‘Reservation’ in the dialog box to get detailed information of Swatch designated stores and Bank of Communications designated outlets immediately.
Where does the name ‘Bellamy’ come from?
In the American writer Edward Bellamy’s 1888 novel ‘Review: 2000-1887’, he imagined a utopian world that would replace cash with credit / debit cards in the future. As the first writer to describe such cards, Bellamy was 40 years earlier than everyone else.

Nicole Geely’s Goddess Visits Omega’s ‘her Beautiful Time’ Russia Exhibition

OMEGA’s ‘Her Beautiful Times’ exhibition was grandly opened in St. Petersburg, and invited the movie superstar Nicole Keith as a special guest. The Omega women’s watch craft exhibitions around the world will make the Marble Palace more brilliant. Adhering to the signature Omega style, the exhibition kicked off with special cocktail parties and dinners, and invited international VIPs, media friends, and Oscar filmmaker Nicole Kidney to join the celebration.

Omega’s ‘Her Beautiful Time’ exhibition opened in St. Petersburg, Russia, and invited the superstar Nicole Kea

Omega President and Chief Executive Officer Raynald Aeschlimann welcomed Nicole Keith to St. Petersburg and praised her: ‘Willing to take risks to create truly original works’, he went on to say, ‘Our friend and we are celebrating tonight There is a clear complementarity between things. Nicole perfectly embodies the woman in mind when Omega watchmakers started to build women’s watches more than a century ago: talented, charming, resourceful and independent. ‘

Nicole Kidney and Omega President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann take a group photo at the Marble Palace

After expressing gratitude to Mr. Aeschlimann for the compliments and greeting the guests, Nicole Gill went back to praise: ‘There is no doubt that the beauty of the exhibition is incredible-they are absolutely works of art. But when you When considering how Omega strives to create watches for women that not only have elegant decoration but also have precise performance, we know that Omega respects women, and for me, it makes those watches more outstanding and moving. ‘

Early Omega Women’s Watch Promotion Poster

The talented actress often wore an antique Omega wrist to represent the red carpet, and she was familiar with those watches because she had already attended two ‘Her Beautiful Times’ exhibitions in Milan and Shanghai. The ‘Her Beautiful Time’ world tour has also traveled to Paris and Sydney, and it is not the first time that it has been held in Russia (the Omega Women’s Watch Craft Celebration Exhibition opened at the GUM department store in Moscow in 2016).

Early Lèpine Pendant Watch

Early Ladymatic watches

Early Mystery Watch

The Omega ‘Her Beautiful Time’ exhibition presents the evolution of Omega women’s watches and changes in style through early Lèpine pendant watches, representative Ladymatic watches, ‘mysterious watches’ and today’s latest works. The latest Omega models on display include the Trésor watch, the Sea Terra Aqua Terra watch, and the indispensable Legendary Lady watch. These masterpieces of watches and clocks are also paired with antique artworks and classic Omega advertisements, showing various female styles in various life styles and fashions over the years.
The venue of the latest ‘Her Beautiful Time’ exhibition adds a real sense of drama to the exhibition. The granite and marble of the famous neoclassical palace in St. Petersburg constitute an excellent background, which clearly and conspicuously sets off the classic female watch of Omega.


Stainless steel, gold material / 8700 automatic movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / hour setting diamonds / C.O.S.C. certification / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 27mm / reference price: 60,000 RMB

DeVille Ladymatic

Sedna ™ gold material / 8521 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / model diamonds / mother-of-pearl dial / COSC certification / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 34mm / Reference price: NT $ 249,000 RMB


Stainless steel material / Quartz movement / Hour and minute display / Diamond setting / Sapphire crystal / Waterproof 30 meters / Diameter 36mm / Reference price: 33,000 RMB

Aqua Terra

Stainless steel, Sedna ™ gold material / 8800 automatic movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / C.O.S.C. certification / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 150 meters / table diameter 38mm / reference price: 52,000 RMB


Stainless steel, Sedna ™ gold material / 3300 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / COSC certification / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 100 meters / 38mm diameter / reference price: 69,000 RMB- —