The ‘wildness’ Of The Leather Strap

What material strap you choose depends mainly on what style of watch you wear. I prefer casual watches, so most of my watches are leather straps. As for the leather strap, everyone has different preferences. The types of leather I like include: ostrich, pigskin, lizard, and calf. I think that a colorful strap can make the wearer look energetic, and it can also attract the attention of others in the first place. More importantly, the colorful leather strap can make the dial with relatively few “changes” present different characteristics, and it should be constantly changed.
     Of the watches I have worn, Rolex’s Jubilee and Oyster straps are more comfortable to wear as far as the strap is concerned. However, the leather strap is better visually. The black alligator strap has an incurable appeal to me. It is undeniable that the black alligator leather (commonly American alligator) strap can match the watch case design of all styles and complications. The black alligator leather strap is also the most secure and suitable choice for high-end watches because of its ‘wildness’.

     In most cases I will choose an alligator leather strap. But not all watches are suitable for crocodile leather straps. For example, diving watches. No watch designer will design alligator leather straps on a diving watch to be tested underwater. Conversely, the most common diving watches are rubber straps that are resistant to water and corrosion. At the same time, some watches use stainless steel or stainless steel with rubber materials. Even if I personally have my own preferences in the choice of strap, this does not prevent me from making a choice based on the function of the specific watch.