Swatch And Joana Vasconcelos To Create Unique Artist-specific Watches

At the 56th Venice International Art Biennale, a well-known contemporary Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos created a magical art installation for Swatch’s pavilion-the charming artificial garden ‘Eden’ Giardino dell ‘Eden). Now, Swatch and Joana Vasconcelos have once again expanded their artistic collaboration by launching a unique artist-special limited edition watch that ‘seems simple.’ This watch is a tribute to timeless elegance, a tribute to handmade craftsmanship, and a tribute and praise for the ultimate craftsmanship. It is also the first special watch of the artist with handmade elements launched by Swatch.

   To complete this unique project, Joana Vasconcelos collaborated with artisans from northern Portugal, all of whom are ancient gold and silver wire craftsmen. They created the gold dial of each watch by hand according to Joana’s original manuscript. This watch will be limited to 999 pieces. For this project, they also specially developed a set of fine gold and silver craftsmanship to help them achieve the exquisiteness and lightness of watchmaking. After finishing the filigree process, each watch will be finally hand assembled by Swatch’s watchmaker.
   “This project is very exciting for me,” said Joana Vasconcelos. “Accepting Swatch’s invitation to create a watch for daily wear is a challenge for me. As an artist, most of my work is based on manual craftsmanship. Combining it with industrial materials creates a true ‘luxury’-that is, transforming daily necessities into elegant cultural artworks. And this time in cooperation with Swatch to design watches is to transform my works into daily wear, It makes me very happy to wear and experience every moment. ‘
   The ‘seemingly simple’ design by Joana Vasconcelos has a special packaging design, whose unique style reminds people of uniquely made jewelry boxes. The black velvet box is decorated with gold trim, and the cover is designed with a perforated eyelet, through which the dial of this watch can be seen.

SUOZ212S looks simple
Style: New Gent
Dial: Handmade gold and silver dial with PVD gold plating
Case: smooth solid black plastic
Bracelet: matte black silicone strap and buckle ring with black plastic buckle
The number is limited to 999 pieces worldwide, and each watch has a unique version number (001 to 999) which will appear in the watch and special box.