Seagull Watch’ Accelerates The Layout Of ‘chinese Heart’ Resonance And Creation

On September 29, 2006, Tianjin ‘Seagull Watch Culture and Art Salon’ (specialized shop) officially opened for business. ‘Seagull Watch’ began to test the brand monopoly channel, and carried out staffing, management methods and decoration style. Exploration of software and hardware such as facilities and supporting facilities. After one and a half years of business practice, the newly formed ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch TOULBIL-LON (Tourbillon) Store’ was opened on May 27, 2008 at 311 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Kangqiao Building officially opened for business. The Hangzhou store near Hefang Street on the West Lake was also opened on June 27. The ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch TOURBILLON Tourbillon Store’ gradually opened like a chess piece. In the huge ‘checkerboard’ of China, the new chapter of ‘Seagull Watch’ self-built terminal network and layout of China was opened.
Therefore, the ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch TOULBILLON Tourbillon Store’, which is located in ‘Huafu Tiandi Shopping Center’ in Shenyang, 25 West Street in Taiyuan, and ‘Hongbo Central Shopping Plaza’ in Harbin, has been opened successively; therefore, it is distributed in the Yellow River. “Manhattan Plaza” of Jinshui Road, Jinshui District, South Zhengzhou, “Oriental Wealth Plaza” of Jiahe Road, Huli District, Xiamen, “Shenhua Commercial Building” of Nanhu Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, “Longtai International Building” of Zhongshan Road, Baixia District, Nanjing, etc. Shang’s 4 “specialty stores” opened at the same time, so the speed of opening the store once again allows people to appreciate the strength of the brand “beginning in 1955, the first watch in China, the masterpiece of Chinese original mechanical watches”, and a strong argument This shows the determination and confidence of the ‘Seagull Watch’ in the construction of the specialty store.
Starting from the specialty store located at Kangqiao Building, 311 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, the ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch TOULBILLON Tourbillon Specialty Store’ is a unified logo hanging inside and outside the store. It is clearly stated in the opening paragraph that these specialty stores are mainly based on A store that sells Tourbillon watches, one of the ‘Three Complex Institutional Watches’. The outer edge of the elegant stone structure sets off the thick sense of history and heritage of the table culture, and the reception area, maintenance and repair operation area, exhibition area, negotiation area, and VIP room are arranged in an uneven pattern. The rich layers of light are set against the next ‘Seagull Watch’, which is exquisite, clear, noble, or delicate and elegant, showing the artistic beauty of another mechanical watch.
When the world’s top brand goods regarded China as the potential largest consumer of luxury goods, the move of ‘China Famous Brand’, ‘China Well-known Trademark’ and ‘China Time-honored Brand’ ‘Seagull Watch’ may be regarded as a response International big-name watches have grabbed the ‘defense war’ of the Chinese market. The goal of ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch TOULBILLON Tourbillon Store’ refers directly to high-end, sophisticated, antique-level watch buyers, players, and collectors. At present, international brands are aggressively ‘opening up territory’, and Chinese brand princes are fighting in the mechanical watch market. Everyone is striving to seize the terminal. The ‘Seagull Watch’, which is a leader in the domestic mechanical watch industry, is now parallel to the self-built terminal in commercial stores, which is a unique approach.
‘I have a Chinese heart’ engraved in China as the iconic language of ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch TOULBILLON Tourbillon Store’, appeared on the shop sign, door and publicity screen, based on the topic of China and the eye-catching world ‘Injected with new connotation-in order for brand watches to achieve good performance in the Chinese market, it is necessary to use a’ Chinese heart ‘to study traditional Chinese culture, Chinese consumption habits, and Chinese aesthetic tastes; and If a brand wants to go to the international market, it is important to be close to international fashion trends, but it must also adhere to some very ‘self’ content, such as cost performance, patented technology, and so on.
According to the data, the ‘I have a Chinese heart’ engraved in China has appeared frequently in advertisements of periodicals and newspapers in the ‘SEA-GULL Seagull’ brand for nearly a year, and the products promoted by advertisements have repeatedly participated in the ‘Basel International Switzerland’ Watch exhibitions, ‘Hong Kong International Watch Exhibition’, ‘China International Watch Exhibition’ and many other large-scale exhibitions for the brand to win international attention for high-end mechanical watches, ‘one of the three major institutions’ title ‘Tourbillon’ series models . ‘I have a Chinese heart’ is a Chinese-style seal engraving effect. With the ‘Seagull Watch’ constantly sprinting internationally recognized ‘three complex institutions watch’ has now aroused widespread resonance in the watch industry and the Chinese circle.
According to reports, the unique decoration, cultural connotation and collection function represented by the watch are gradually being accepted by China’s rational consumption and economically wealthy people. For example, currently in China’s coastal economically developed areas, the number of watches per capita has reached 4-5, and they have begun to pay attention to wearing different brands and different styles of watches on different occasions, so that the atmosphere is consistent with identity and environment. Relevant statistics from China Customs and China Watch Association also show that with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, watch production and consumption have been showing a rapid growth trend, especially high-end craft (precious metal) complex function watches.
The industry has a ‘consumer environment’ for high-end watch sales, that is, to create a professional, noble, comfortable, and relatively closed shopping environment. From the senses to the senses, consumers are satisfied and comfortable, thus successfully completing the sales process. The shop-in-shop in the mall is also cramped and noisy, making it difficult to create such an atmosphere, and the ‘specialist shop’ can be like a star-like space and service, allowing VIPs to sip coffee, wine, and tea while fragrant with each other Exchange and appreciate the experience of precious clock watches, resulting in a good shopping feeling.
What’s more, the leisure area and VIP area specially opened by the ‘Specialty Store’ are intended to provide a venue for many watch fans to communicate, and regularly promote the mechanical clock and watch culture, including the invention and development history of the precious clock watch organization, and the collection of clock watches. Display exchanges, and even the discussion of the international mechanical watch fashion trends, to provide more comprehensive professional information for the ‘SEA-GULLL Seagull Watch’ innovation. On top of the existing ‘Seagull Watch’ information center, supplemented by ‘specialized stores’ to broaden the information channel and understand first-hand materials of the high-end target group’s consumer demand, it produces ultra-complex watches for customized intentions of more advanced customers. The current situation of product innovation in the industry that is generally concerned with the road has been changed, so that the innovation of high-end products of the ‘Seagull Watch’ can be followed, closer to the market, and meet individual needs.
If so, the ‘Seagull Watch Industry’ self-built store system today will indeed promote itself to the extreme of brand marketing-avoiding many unfavorable factors such as counters in the mall or store-in-shop in the form of numerous brands, a lot of interception, and price comparison. With the elegant and quiet environment created and the meticulous service provided by the guests, the VIPs are led into an exclusive watch museum and top clubs with unique style. As Wang Deming said, the previous watch buyers who watched time alone were being replaced by watch wearers who valued the function of accessories, watch players who valued the movement mechanism, and those who were immersed in collecting and repairing old watches. Correspondingly, the various needs of watch fans at different levels need to be met urgently. The ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watches TOULBILLON Tourbillon Store’ was created for this purpose … Self-built stores will expand the brand’s influence while giving it more levels As a supplement, it can provide services for ‘big customers’ that can not be satisfied by general shopping mall counters and shop-in-shops, and calmly open up the high-end consumer market. This is the industry’s general understanding of ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watches TOOLBILLON Tourbillon Store’.
The ‘Seagull Watch’ mechanical watch manufacturing industry has a history of more than half a century. After long-term accumulation of watch industry resources, industrial advantages are gradually emerging; and it has formed the ability to comply with the international pioneering product manufacturing level and meet market needs, especially Products with independent intellectual property rights and production technology in line with the international watch industry have further enhanced their core competitiveness in the industry. Cost, technology, scale and market advantages also give ‘Seagull Watch’ great confidence to win a wider market share. Especially now that the ‘terminal is king’, the ‘Seagull Watch’ self-built store is worthy of praise and promotion in terms of perfect execution of brand planning and pursuit of maximum sales profits.