Elegant And Exquisite Personality Is Clearly Tasting Bao Qilai Malilong Flyback Chronograph

Elegant and exquisite The two major characteristics of today’s quality timepieces, they not only represent the aesthetic design of the watch itself, but also the concentrated embodiment of the wearer’s taste and charm, demonstrating his overall style. In 2018, at the highly anticipated Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, the famous watch brand Bucherer from Lucerne injected fresh blood into the highly respected Maliron series, and the stainless steel case with the black dial of the Bucherer Maliron returned. The chronograph, followed by the unique watchmaking style of the series, is also equipped with a dark brown alligator leather strap, which highlights personality and flawless workmanship, as well as elegant and unique temperament. Let’s take a look at this watch together: (Timepiece model: 00.10919.08.33.01)

A new and unique choice

   The new Bucherer Mali Long flyback chronograph is the sixth model of the Mali Long series, which is designed for watch lovers who love advanced timepieces. The sculptural characteristics of the rich classic beauty of the heritage watch series have been combined with the beauty of delicate and smooth lines. Whether it’s rose gold or stainless steel models, or whether they love that dial or strap, the elegant style of the Mali Long flyback chronograph is a more colorful timepiece on the wearer’s wrist, showing his own unique style .

Watch real shot display

   The case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 43 mm. Retouched through a polishing process to reveal the beauty of smooth lines. The slightly curved lugs are connected to the case, which allows the watch to fit closer to the wrist and is ergonomically designed.

   The watch has a thickness of 14.45 millimeters. From the side, the beautiful outline and soft bezel lines are presented, which is very beautiful.

   The stainless steel chronograph button and the side of the crown case are full and delicate after detailed polishing and first-class feel. The crown is engraved with the logo of the Bucherer brand and is surrounded by a non-slip texture, which makes time adjustment more convenient.

   The well-organized dial is also a major feature of the Maliron chronograph, which makes people look very comfortable. The gradual black dial is more three-dimensional with the anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal mirror. The silver-gray polished sword-shaped hands echo the three-dimensional hour markers and minute scales, making the time indication clearer and more intuitive; the small seconds, minutes and middle chronograph seconds hands are painted in white, with the dial scales and edge of each function disk The speedometer responds, so that the timing function can also present information. The calendar display window is located at the 6 o’clock position of the watch, adding practical functions to the dial.

   Equipped with a Malilong flyback chronograph equipped with a CFB 1970 automatic chronograph movement. The precise structure of the movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal back. The movement frequency is 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), and the power reserve is 42 hours. It can also execute multiple timing programs in rapid succession, controlled by a blue gear without interference.

   The dark brown alligator leather strap with rich texture has natural cracks and brown stitching, which is mature and elegant.

   Linked stainless steel folding pin buckle makes the watch easier to wear.

Bucherer Marly Dragon flyback chronograph

Summary: The more outstanding performance and more elegant style make the new Bucherer Marie Long flyback chronograph attracted much attention at the watch exhibition. A new look at the rich experience and technology that Bucherer has accumulated since its foundation in 1888. Impressive, if you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention.

What Brand Of Watches Are Expensive? What Is The Value Of A Luxury Watch? Expensive Luxury Watch Inventory

In the rich and colorful watch world, everything from a few thousand yuan for a people’s watch to a tens of millions of luxury limited edition watch is everything. Luxury watches are a favorite for some watchers. So, which brands of watches are expensive? What types of watches will have a high collection value? What is the collectible value of luxury watches? Next, the editor introduces three expensive watches that are astonishingly luxurious.
Patek Philippe-Super Complication Chronograph 5102PR Men’s Mechanical Watch

The sky, moon phases and lunar trajectories complement each other
 The precious luxury of Patek Philippe’s watches, everyone must be aware of it, and just happened to meet the slogan of Patek Philippe: No one can own a Patek Philippe, just for the custody of the next generation. Leaving aside the most expensive tourbillon three-question perpetual calendar PP king watch, worth more than 17 million, this 5102 is not as complete as the 5002, but the price is really cheaper. The starry night sky on the dial is complex and changeable. I wonder if a few people really look at the starry sky or for pure aesthetics. For many people, the beauty of this watch is ultimately too practical.
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Hollow watch body
 The watch is expensive, of course, it is expensive. This watch is made of the top precious metal 950 platinum, and the strap is equipped with a crocodile leather strap. Of course, the advanced configuration on this material alone is certainly not at such a price. The watch also has a three-question function which is one of the three complicated functions. Among the three complicated functions, the three-question function is the most complicated and the most expensive one. From the picture above, we can also see the full skeleton processing adopted by the watch. This processing is extremely complicated and requires a lot of energy. The movement of the movement under the hollow is very fine, and domestic brand watches have to take more care in this polishing class. Of course, the brand value of watches can not be ignored, so there is such a pricing. This sells not only watches, but also an art.
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